American Idol 12- Mac’s Top 5 Power List

This is definitely the best Top 5 ever. Last season, people rolled their eyes at the inclusion of Hollie, and before that it was Jacob Lusk. But this year, the five strongest contenders made the top 5.

5) Janelle Arthur- She’s the weakest vocalist, and she’s battling against a likely uptick for the almost-eliminated Amber Holcomb. If she doesn’t have a breakout performance this week, Janelle Arthur will likely be the contestant getting the save this week. They still have to use the save, so calm down. No one is going home on Thursday. There will be two weeks of the top 5 girls. Being “eliminated” this week will likely work in Janelle’s favor, as it’s highly unlikely that would happen to her the following week. That could launch her into the Top 4 or 3. Which is why I think someone else might actually get eliminated this week… which is…

4) Angie Miller- She wasn’t in the top 2 last week, and now that we’re down to five, it just feels like Angie could be at risk. If she were to be the bottom girl this week, she would get the save, and likely be safe until at least the top 3 (sending home probably Amber and Janelle). It would be the wake up call her fanbase needs, much like how Candice not being in the Top 3 two weeks ago launched her into the Top 2 this past week. Of course, if Angie rocks it out on the piano… maybe Janelle will go home. I have a hard time believing Angie can be sent home on a week she plays the piano.

3) Amber Holcomb- The judges are bathing her with their tongues. She was in the bottom two last week. She can’t win the competition, but she’s not likely to be the girl at risk this week. She’s going to have to bring it every week if she plans on staying in for more than one more week. In the real world, she’s 5th place on any long term power list, but for this week, she’s up higher because she has almost no chance of being the lowest vote getter.

2) Kree Harrison- Kree got overshadowed by Candice’s fantastic performances last week. She also had a terrific week with two great performances, but it was Candice that everyone was buzzing about. Maybe Kree can turn the tables again and launch back into first place. Hopefully she won’t be a shock boot, because Kree deserves to compete in the finale. She’s way more consistent than the three girls below her, and a Kree/Candice finale would be epic.

1) Candice Glover- The girl everyone is talking about. She’ll be riding high this week, even though she can’t close the show. Thanks to all the evening news, talk shows, and web series that covered her rendition of Love Song, Candice’s exposure is considerably higher than everyone elses. She’s leading the pack right now, undeniably.

Let’s see how this show goes this week. One thing is for sure… it’s gonna sound great now that Lazaro is gone.

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