American Idol 12 – Las Vegas Sudden Death Girls Part 1 – What the Critics Say

AMERICAN IDOL: Kree Harrison performs in the Sudden Death Round of AMERICAN IDOL airing Wednesday, Feb. 20 (8:00-10:00PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright / FOX.

Here’s what critics around the interwebs are saying about last night’s American Idol 12 Las Vegas Sudden Death Girls Pt 1. Read my recap here.

American Idol Recap: Sudden Death Takes Forever

Tonight! It’s a sudden death round, wherein ten women will sing and five will go home. So how does that work? Do we decide? Do the judges? Does the live audience? What the hell is going on here? Ryan throws to Randy to explain the particulars, and here’s how he breaks it down: “Ten girls will sing, five will go home.” Thanks for the clarification, Randy. (Some clunky host copy reveals that the judges will be making the call tonight. In the very likely event of a tie, Jimmy Iovine will cast the deciding vote. They could also solve the deadlock problem by dismissing Randy’s vote entirely. For years, there has been no reason for Randy Jackson to be here; now there are several very good reasons why he shouldn’t. Four judges is just too many.) Read more at

‘American Idol’ recap: Sudden Death Becomes Her – Welcome to Las Vegas, land of sudden death. We’re not quite live (performances were taped the night before), but there’s a sorely missed energy in the air and especially on the judges’ panel. I’m loving them! Ten performances in two hours allows for a LOT of “rawwwwwr talent”s from a lovesick Keith Urban, brutally honest missives from Señora Ladybug Nicki Minaj, surprisingly zesty complete sentences from Randy Jackson, and unbridled self-centered rambling from Mariah Carey. – Read more at TV Recaps

American Idol Vegas Round (Part 1) Recap: Sudden Death and the Maidens [Updated] – A few of the details might’ve varied, but tonight’s installment of American Idol was, at its coal-black, mercenary heart, a less dusty reenactment of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. Oh, sure, Ryan Seacrest went with his standard, “This…is American Idol!” intro (as opposed to the more ominous “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dyin’ time’s here“). And no, there weren’t any feral, bloodthirsty ragamuffins in the front row (just some smiling or occasional booing family members of the contestants). But there was indeed a chiseled Australian dude (sporting better highlights, a more exacting ear, and a shaper sense of humor) and a dominatrix overlord (played by Nicki Minaj instead of Tina Turner). – Read more at

The judges show “no mercy” as the first five semifinalists are sent home in Las Vegas. – For the first time ever, American Idol is hosting “sudden death” rounds in Las Vegas, where the remaining semifinalists get to perform in front of a live audience. For the next two weeks, the remaining 40 singers will be whittled down to 20, and the judges aren’t messing around. “One song, one choice, no mercy,” said Ryan Seacrest as the singers readied themselves to take the stage at The Mirage in Las Vegas. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

“American Idol” Enters The Elimination Chamber In Las Vegas – Idol has moved from Hollywood to Las Vegas, and things are getting serious. Tonight is the first night of the four-episode Sudden Death round—where the judges select five singers to move on to the Top 20 from a round of ten—and it’s happening in front of a live audience! (Those people in attendance were actually at a taping on Tuesday night, but, you know, technicalities.) Ryan Seacrest promises that we will see the most brutal cuts of the year! We are introduced to the judges not only with their stage names, but with their Twitter handles. Keith Urban is Nicki Minaj has blonde hair. Randy Jackson has a red and white suit that could very well be some bonus product placement for Coke. Are you happy with your choices so far, Mariah Carey? “I was very attached to certain people, and we all had to agree. And now it’s going to be even tougher, so get ready.” She laughs. Jimmy Iovine gets to be the tiebreaker! “Jimmy is much tougher than he looks,” says Ryan Seacrest, perhaps because of the Interscope honcho’s hat. – Read more at Popdust

‘American Idol’ Vegas Rounds, Part 1: Girls’ Night Out – This Wednesday, “American Idol” headed to Vegas, baby, Vegas, where of course showgirl-style divas like new judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj fit right in. But the new judges weren’t the only Season 12 format change in effect: For the first time in “Idol” Vegas rounds history, the show took place in front of a live audience (inside the Cirque Du Soleil theater at the Mirage resort), with separate groupings of 10 contestants competing for coveted spots in the top 20. On Wednesday, this season’s kickoff Vegas episode, the first batch of 10 girls sang for their lives, and by the end of the show, only five–as selected by the judges, after an uncomfortably voyeuristic Green Mile process–survived. – Read more at

‘American Idol’ Recap: ‘Sudden Death’ Means The End For Five Singers – “American Idol” debuted a new twist on its semifinal format Wednesday, with 10 singers performing live and five of them getting cut by the end of the two-hour episode. Welcome to sudden death, “Idol”-style. And if you thought Las Vegas was harsh and unforgiving after a long night of partying, that is nothing compared to the punishments doled out by the judges to half the singers who hit the stage during part one of Girls’ night.
Just ask Shubha Vedula, Jenny Beth Willis, Brandy Hotard, Kamaria Ousley and the one-named Isabelle, all of whom were cut after their performances Wednesday. Meanwhile, Angela Miller, Kree Harrison, Adriana Latonio, Tenna Torres and Amber Holcomb graduated to the next round, but will face another cut before they leave Las Vegas. – Read more at MTV

‘American Idol’ Recap: Kree Harrison Surges to the Front in Lackluster Round – OK, there’s four episodes of this to get through, but I’m going to try to only say this once: not a fan of the new “American Idol” Las Vegas format. In recent years, the competition took a few handfuls of contestants to Sin City right after the Hollywood round, cutting the field even further before reaching the live shows in which about 24-25 singers performed for America’s vote. It was another sidestep before the more meaningful part of the show, but it worked. In 2013, “Idol” has changed to allow 40 singers — 20 male, 20 female — to Vegas. But rather than show the highlights of the round and get closer to heading back to California, this year they’re shining a spotlight on all 40 contestants. Over a four night period, 10 singers will perform an evening, with the judges cutting the group to just five each night. It’s filmed in front of an audience, giving it a feel of live show lite. – Read more at

Sudden Death, Round One: The ‘American Idol’ recap – American Idol made its first round of Sudden Death cuts Wednesday, and at least two of the five women who survived are probably headed for the finals. Massachusetts teens Angela Miller and Kree Harrison impressed both the judges and, for the first time, a live audience, as 10 women from the Top 40 sang on the stage of The Mirage in Las Vegas. They joined Idol’s first Alaskan contestant, Adriana Latonio; returning teen Amber Holcomb; and former Camp Maria attendee Tenna Torres as the first singers named to the Season 12 semifinals. Miller, who performed an original song last week, sang a rendition of Jessie J’s Nobody’s Perfect that had Randy Jackson gushing: “I think America is witnessing the building of a superstar.” – Read more at USA Today

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