American Idol 12 – Hollywood Rounds Pt 3 – What the Critics Say

Here’s what critics around the interwebs are saying about last night’s American Idol 12 Hollywood  Rounds Pt 3  Read my recap here.

Catfights And Spotlights: “Idol” Brings The Ladies To Hollywood – A lot of the reason that this season of American Idol has seemed so much better than previous years is the pacing. A week was shaved off the audition episodes, resulting in the axing of the often-excruciating “Best Of The Rest” audition episode, which seemed to be the producers’ way of squeezing in extra “funny” contestants and indulgent asides from the judges. But the expansion of Hollywood Week to not one but two weeks’ worth of episodes—one devoted to the male contestants, the other to the female hopefuls—caused me to pause. – Read more at Popdust

American Idol Recap: Somebodies That We Used to Know – Hollywood Week continues! Or, really: Hollywood Week stops, rewinds, and replays last week’s episodes. You see, they have broken up the boys and the girls this year, so now we have to endure the drama and emotion of the solo round, the group round, and the other solo round all over again. And also the thing where the kids walk into their hotel rooms for the first time and leap excitedly onto their beds. Why do these people do this? Do they normally sleep on hay? – Read more at

#idol #hollywoodweek #idolgirls #idolgroupnight #idolgirlgroups #wronglyrics – As with anyone continuing to watch American Idol during the twilight of its years, it can sometimes feel like a chore. If only the episodes were…1:30, perhaps? Anything. Any. On the bright side, Hollywood Week (#hollywoodweek) continues on, and Ryan Seacrest wants to make it clear that THIS year the GIRLS are more talented than ever. The GREATEST performances YOU WILL HAVE SEEN IN YEARS. Everyone [who gets a paycheck from this show] wants a girl. Everyone. American Idol will make sure everything with a penis goes home before a girl this year. And we’re off to a terrible start. – Read more at TopIdolBlog

‘American Idol’ recap: Talk to the Inked-Up Hand – Wednesday’s two-hour Hollywood Round 2.0 showcased “some of the greatest female performances we’ve ever seen,” according to Ryan Seacrest, who served up painfully few lines this episode and, at times, the illusion of an all-denim outfit. I wouldn’t go that far — sure, we saw some standouts tonight in Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, Rachel Hale, and Angela Miller — but it was not an off-the-charts remarkable collection of tryouts in any way. Quirk monster Kez Ban did hock what sounded like the World’s Biggest Female Loogie into an open-air trash can. Maybe that’s what Ryan meant. Ryan is so silly! – Read more at

American Idol Recap: Who Run the World? Girls! – American Idol wants a female winner worse than Simon Cowell wants you to believe in the steroid-induced relevance of The X Factor: USA. It wants a female winner more desperately than Randy Jackson needs to repeat his fifth-grade vocabulary lessons. It wants a Kelly Clarkson-Fantasia Barrino-Carrie Underwood-Jordin Sparks “I Believe This Is My Moment in Heaven” moment with the burning intensity of Jennifer Lopez’s jealousy listening to the dulcet tones of Haley Reinhart. (File that last memory under: #YouAndI #NeverForget.) Ryan Seacrest wasn’t bashful about pushing this agenda, either. “It’s clear Idol has never seen this much talent from the lay-dees,” he chirped, pronouncing the last word of that sentence like The Bachelor host Chris Harrison watching 25 mildly inebriated chicas exit rows of limousines in the hopes of snagging a marriage proposal from some blandly handsome lugnut. – Read more at TV Line

‘American Idol’ Hollywood Round: Girls get their turn – Last week, American Idol’s producers couldn’t wait to show guys singing badly, forgetting their words and acting horribly. Tonight, faced with an apparent surplus of female talent, they picked their nightmare contestants carefully — and then sent them through the rounds anyway. Kez Ban, the hat-wearing fire-eater who auditioned with I’ve Got No Strings, continued to make her presence known during Wednesday’s Hollywood Round, refusing to sing anything with her group that wasn’t California Dreamin’ (she eventually compromised on Be My Baby). Then she disrupted rehearsals to the point where her fellow singers abandoned her to rehearse on their own. – Read more at USAToday

Idol’ Hollywood Week Girls’ Night: Some Lyrics That I Used To Know – After last week’s less-than-impressive Hollywood Week group episode with “American Idol’s” Season 12 guys, this week it was the ladies’ time to shine. And with far more female than male contestants this year–and with Ryan Seacrest’s desperate insistence that this’ll be the year that a girl finally wins (hey, didn’t Ryan say that last year? and the year before?)–the stakes seemed much higher than they did last week. But was the overall talent level higher? Was this really “the best girls we’d ever seen,” as Ryan so boldly declared? Well, no. Many of the girls certainly didn’t have any better luck remembering their lyrics, even when writing the words on their hands; it’s a good thing they weren’t auditioning on an “Idol” season still starring judge Simon Cowell (lyric-flubbing was always Simon’s biggest pet peeve), or on “Don’t Forget The Lyrics,” for that matter, because they would have never survived. – Read more at Reality Rocks

‘American Idol’ Recap: Hollywood Week Flies Off the Rails – “I would love it to be a girl this year,” quoth Keith Urban before American Idol’s crop of lady sing-testants took the stage during Hollywood Week. Wouldn’t we all. It’s about time a woman took home the Idol title, given the monotonous string of sensitive, super-bland dude singer-songwriters who’ve eclipsed superior rivals to win top honors, bragging rights and a record deal that may or may not fall through once those 15 minutes are over. (See: Kris Allen, David Cook, Phillip Phillips in 2014.) – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

‘American Idol’ Recap: Ladies Shine Despite Some #WrongLyrics – After years of male dominance, “American Idol” may finally have some leading ladies. Candice Glover and Angela Miller led a night of preliminary solo and group performances, establishing themselves as the front runners of a group at which they were already near the forefront. But in order to do so, they and at least a thousand others (or that’s what it seemed like) had to make it through some cuts that I’m pretty sure Ryan Seacrest called brutal at some point, followed by a group night that probably featured the exact same moments you’re thinking it produced: personalities clashed, someone forgot the words, catty remarks, a singer came back onstage after their elimination to complain, et cetera, et cetera. – Read more at Billboard

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