American Idol 11 – Top 5 Results – Recap, Videos and Photos

Skylar Laine is eliminated

Tonight’s American Idol Top 5 results show features performances by Idol alum, Carrie Underwood and Brit pop band, Coldplay.  Carrie will perform live, while Coldplay taped their song earlier today.

Then, watch as the next Idol finalist is sent home!  This competition is truly anybody’s to grab. It’s going to a nail biter tonight, so make sure to join us for results.

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I’ll be live blogging all the action at Entertainment Weekly. Join me   there, will you? After, I’ll be back with a recap. Watch this space for photos and videos.

Entertainment Weekly Live Blog

Well. No sooner do I declare a new favorite after my first love, Elise Testone is eliminated–a week later she’s gone too!  Bye bye Skylar Laine. You were the best performer of everyone left, other than Joshua Ledet. I really believed you would be the last girl standing, until this week after Hollie Cavanagh broke out, and Jessica Sanchez exhibited some staying power despite her earlier elimination.  I predicted you would leave this week, but I was hoping HOPING to be wrong.

Actually I had my fingers crossed that the hopelessly outclassed Phil Phillips would be heading back to Georgia. Nope. And as the sole contestant who has not hit the bottom 3/2 yet, I’m back to fearing that he may be  untouchable. In other words–to quote the immortal Triumph–the Idol stage is there for Phil…to poop on.

That’s pretty much what he did Wednesday night with two bad performances that were far and away the worst of the night.  If stinking up the joint can’t land him at least in the bottom, what will?  So, I’m basically on the anybody-but-phil train.  I would be perfectly happy with anybody who is left winning–as long as their last name isn’t the same  as their first.

I’d like to add–no disrespect to Phil. He seems like a really nice, likable guy, with a fun sense of humor, but he would be a TERRIBLE winner.  A win by a fifth white guy would telegraph loud and clear that every other demographic can just resign themselves to never taking the crown. White guys with HAC leanings are like the Kenyans of American Idol. We’ll just speculate on which one will outlast the rest. THAT is not a contest people! Fans of music that isn’t from strummy dudes could get fed up and stop watching.  At this moment in time, I’m looking out for the long term prospects of the show I love.

And besides, I could see Phil butting heads with the label. He’s demonstrated that he’s a music guy who does not take kindly to efforts to mold him. If he was completely unwilling to let go of his gray shirts when it was suggested he might want to spiff himself up, I can’t even imagine his reaction when some suit tells him his tunes aren’t poppy enough.

And lastly. Phil is obviously uncomfortable and in poor health. He needs to go home and take care of his issues before the tour begins. I wonder sometimes if he’ll even be able to make it to the bitter end.


There were nearly 60 million votes tonight.   We go straight to some results. Joshua Ledet takes center stage. As always, a video recap and Jimmy’s critique first.

  • Jimmy on Joshua: “Joshua’s performance last night is going to be a tough one to beat. He started with “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” and it was very very good, he moved great, and he sang it great. Really just fantastic. On the other hand, when he sang “To Love Somebody”, the sky opened. As far as I’m concerned, this year, that was the best performance on American Idol What he did with the song at rehearsal–he went out and learned the song that he had never heard before, came back in 15 minutes and just re-arranged it–it sounded like he was singing it for 30 years. Steven Van Zandt was floored. And Steven’s been around a long time. Do you know how difficult this is? Could you imagine Randy Jackson as a jockey, winning the Kentucky Derby. Of course, Joshua is safe tonight. Jennifer, Randy–you’re right. This kid deserves greatness and we at Interscope are going to do everything we can to not drop this ball.

Randy asks Joshua how he learned the song so quickly. He didn’t know it. He was kind of iffy on the song until he and Michael Orland went to the back and worked on it.  Ryan asks what kind of album Josh would like to make, and he answers, “Something with music that speaks to people, not just something that plays over the radio…something that has a message every time and can touch people.”   Well…good luck with that.

Congratulations, Joshua. Not is Jimmy is going  sign you, but you aren’t going anywhere! After a long pause Ryan tells Joshua he is SAFE.

After the break, it’s time for the Ford video commercial. Set to “Dream Life”,  the kids walk through a MAGIC DOOR and enter a fantasy world.  Once again, Phil Phillips appears to be missing. Maybe he was supposed to play the giant (whose face we never see) who chases them in the fantasy world.

Coldplay takes the stage to play their massively boring hit, “Paradise”. Zzzz.  The song ends, and Chris Martin sits at the piano like he’s going to play some more. Which, he is. We won’t see that until later in the show.

Coldplay – Paradise – American Idol 2012 by IdolxMuzic

Back from break, and more results. Hollie Cavanagh and Phillip Phillips take center stage. Recap and Jimmy’s comments are next.

  • Jimmy on Hollie – “This is a critical week for Hollie. We all know that she needed a game changer. When it came to “River Deep Mountain High”, I believed she pulled it off. She didn’t approach it like ‘I’m going to go slay Tina Turner’ one of the great soul sexy singers of all time. She approached it like ‘I’m a pop girl, I know who I am, and I’m going to pay homage to Tina Turner’. It was the most believable I’ve seen her on this show yet. In terms of “Bleeding Love”, Hollie did a very competent job. I didn’t love it. But I didn’t dislike it. Hypothetically, if we had given Hollie this song for her first single, she would have handled it and it would have been a hit. But was it magical? No. The judges seemed to to love both songs equally. I didn’t. She killed “River Deep Mountain High”. She was neutral on “Bleeding Love”. Therefore, I believe she’s safe for the week.”

Ryan asks Hollie where her “seemingly sudden” boost of confidence came from.   “I think just taking in everything the judges have said, especially Jimmy as well,” says Hollie, “You have to step it up with the competition. It was just time to go for it.” She giggles nervously.

  • Jimmy on Phillip – “First, Phillip should be commended. Because the way he’s feeling right now, most people would have quit. He’s just that strong a personality and that strong a character.  This week, I think he did two very bland songs. In life, you have to be willing to fail in order to really win. I feel Phil’s been coasting. He’s going to have to do something right now and change that. He should be in the bottom two. But he has so many assets for so many weeks, and he had all those assets with him again last night, that he probably won’t be. But in my opinion, performances alone? (throat slit motion with his thumb).”

The crowd is BOOING Jimmy, who is laughing in the audience.  “Harsh, Jimmy, Harsh!” says Ryan.  “Are you chewing gum?” Ryan asks Phil, who, looking guilty, takes the wad out of his mouth and sticks it on Ryan’s notes.  Ryan playfully attempts to chuck it over to Jimmy. Hardy har har. “MATT,” says Ryan,  (Does Kieran have the night off?) “Dim the lights.” Hollie…unfortunately you are in the bottom two tonight. Phillip is SAFE.   Are you effing kidding me?  Truly, truly, the Idol stage is PHIL PHILLIPS’ TO POOP ON. Hollie heads over to the stools. Ugh.

Carrie Underwood, looking like a Goddess in a flowing dress takes the stage under a spotlight and sea of fog to sing the title track from her new album, Blown Away.  Wow. Nothing about this song sounds even remotely country. Carrie is totally going for that cross over audience.  There was definitely a trip to Spray a Tan before she headed to Idol.  She sounds a little hoarse pimping her upcoming fall tour after her performance.

More results! Skylar Laine  and Jessica Sanchez take center stage. Recap and Jimmy’s comments are coming up.

  • Jimmy on Skylar – “Every now and then you run into an artist that’s really polite. But you know, what they are saying inside is ‘I don’t care what you think, I’m going to win’. She’s a fighter. She suits up and shows up every night. She had great energy on “Fortunate Son.” I believe that she could have understood the lyrics a little bit more, because those lyrics are very very very powerful. But she sang it really live, it was exciting. I think she did well. As far as “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me”, Jennifer thought it was a performance that could win the entire thing. Did I believe that? Not at all. It had Nashville, but it had Vegas and Broadway in it. It had people on a bench, the moon. It was very strange to me. It wasn’t that darkness that Dusty Springfield had when she sang the song.  So, that’s the one performance that I’ve seen her do that I really wasn’t thrilled with. She doesn’t deserve to go home because of that, but it was less than I know she’s capable of. In order for Skylar to get to the finals, she’s going to have to find that crushing song that wins the night. And she hasn’t done that in awhile.”

Ryan asks Skyler what she thinks she’ll need to do in order to win the night if she’s still in the competition next week. “I always like to do a rocking song,” she says, “Maybe I just need to choose a bigger ballad. I don’t know. I gotta figure it out.” She giggles.

  • Jimmy on Jessica – “Jessica singing “You are so Beautiful” was just that. Beautiful. I loved every part of it. She took you on a journey of that song and she just brought it right to you and handed it to you. It was magnificent. But where I take issue is the other song. I think we all know by now, that I believe Jessica is technically the best singer in the competition. But last night, was a travesty. She took on Tina Turner, she added Beyonce–that dress was too mature for her. I believe there were a lot of people at home last night that felt uncomfortable. At rehearsal, Steven wanted to talk her out of doing “Proud Mary”. I didn’t back him on that. I should have. She came dressed like a teenager. And when she sang “Proud Mary”, it kind of looked alright. But when she got to the show, it turned into burlesque. Stylists–what are we doing? You’re torpedoing this girl. As far as Jessica and Hollie both taking on Tina Turner songs–Hollie’s presentation won the night. Jessica’s was too mature, too racy, just lot the plot. And I think that’s going to hurt her.”

Ryan asks Jlo (She of the modest outfits!) what she thought about Jessica’s dress. Jennifer thinks her mature dress may be too much for some people to swallow across middle America.  People in show business have a whole different standard, Jlo explains.  Jlo could understand how some would think it was a little too much. Randy agrees, but says it was more the performance that he didn’t like.

Enough of that! After the nationwide vote…Jessica is SAFE and one step closer to the finale.  Skyler is in the bottom 2 tonight. Dang.

Back from break, and Jennifer Lopez can’t decide whether to stay out in the audience where she was hanging with Jimmy, or go back to her seat. She decides to help Ryan introduce Coldplay’s second song, “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.” This song, I like.  The performance ends under a rain of confetti.  Back to Ryan, and hilariously he’s also under falling confetti. It’s  a fake scene meant to fool the audience, as the band taped their performances earlier.  Aw. Skyler looks sick to her stomach.

Coldplay live on American Idol 2012 Results by HumanSlinky

We’re back and it’s time for results.  Ryan asks Randy Jackson for his reaction to the bottom two. “Dude, I’m sad every Thursday because I love all of them. I think this is the best Top 5 we’ve ever had on the show.” The crowd breaks into applause. “Honestly? Big props to all of you. They both sang their faces off last night.”

Jennifer Lopez says, “I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me and told me how much they enjoyed Wednesday night’s show. That’s you guys.  You put on an amazing show for America every week. It’s hard to lose anybody.  The Top 3, I’ll say–they deserve to be there. Do they deserve to be there too? It’s a toss up. Losing anybody is very tough right now.” NO. Phil is clearly out of his league, but whatever. Jessica looks like she’s going to burst into tears at any moment.

Steven Tyler says, “At first we tried to understand you guys and name it, but now we’re experiencing it and feeling it. You all are so great. Top 5 has never been better than this. Never. And than you for letting us feel your music.”  Really Steven? You are familiar with the Top 5s of all 11 seasons of Idol? *snort*.

After the lengthy time killers, it’s time to eliminate. “After nearly 60 million votes, have decided, that the person who goes home tonight is…Skylar LaineSkylar is eliminated! Steven shakes his head, while Jlo scrunches up her face. Hollie hugs Skylar super tight.  “We love you Skylar!” come screams from the audience.  Hollie won’t let go of Skylar. She’s saying goodbye to her friend and roomate. The judges slowly get out of their chairs. Randy turns around and waves the crowd to their feet.  Hollie finally breaks away from Skylar, crying.  Ryan has to kind of shoo her back to the couches.  He holds up Skylar’s hand like a prizefighter’s, “Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Skylar Laine! Take a look at her journey.”  The good bye video rolls.

“The fearless Skylar Laine,” Ryan declares, before he hands the mic to her to sing out with a rousing “Gun Powder and Lead.” Oh look. Jlo’s got something in her eye!  Skylar has time to finish. After, Phil Phillips is the first to hug her, and the others follow. And we’re out.

1 of 5 Voted Off, p4 ~ American Idol 2012 by HumanSlinky


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