American Idol 11 – San Diego Auditions – What the Critics Say

Check out a round-up of recaps from around the net. What are the critics and pundits saying about last night’s American Idol auditions in Pittsburgh.  Read more below!

‘American Idol’ recap: Fly Girls – I can’t believe how rude those football players were, making us wait for American Idol like that. During a special post-Sunday Night Football broadcast, Top Gun enthusiast Ryan Seacrest herded his fellow naval/volleyball superstars Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson onto the deck of the historic U.S.S. Midway in San Diego. He sold this unlikely television event as “AN AUDITION UNLIKE ANY OTHER,” which was another way of letting us know, “We’re on an aircraft carrier!” – Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’: Post-NFL Sunday Special – Talk about a tough act to follow: Two nail-biting NFL playoff games were ahead of a special Sunday edition of “American Idol” featuring auditions from San Diego, taped outdoors aboard the U.S.S. Midway. Steven kind of summed it up when he said sarcastically, “I can’t wait to hear 40 people sing the same Adele song for six bleeping hours.” Then there was the noise from the water – disruptive boats, horns, cannons and planes interrupted many singers. – Wall Street Journal

Late-night ‘Idol’ guest? Jim Carrey’s daughter – The NFL is a harsh boss. It can offer opportunities for huge successes … and also take those opportunities away with its innate unpredictability. “American Idol” had to be hoping for more lenient treatment than it got from the Lords of Football, but its rare Sunday Night showcase turned into a late-night talk show thanks to the NFC Championship Game going into overtime. By the time the New York Giants slipped past the San Francisco 49ers and the postgame discussions were completed, it was 10:57 p.m. on the East Coast and the audience was bleary-eyed and likely headed for bed. – MSNBC

American Idol – Auditions #3 – I was pretty prepared to hate tonight’s episode solely for the fact that it was on late, but it turned out to be pretty entertaining, thanks to some promising contestants, some irritating ones (love-to-hate is almost as good as true love) and the failure that was the producers’ decision to set the auditions on an open-air noisy aircraft carrier. – AV Club

‘American Idol’ 2012: Special Sunday episode features another Bikini Girl, and Jim Carrey’s daughter – So, the ratings for the first two Season 11 episodes of “American Idol” last week were not ideal, and Fox is hoping for a big number after the Sunday night football game. The good news is that the playoff game’s thrilling overitme ending likely has a ginormous audience. However, that means an hour-delayed, 11 p.m. start time on the East Coast, so there’s no telling how many people still want to be awake, or how many New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers fans have resumed normal breathing patterns. – Washington Post

‘American Idol’ recap: San Diego makes some noise – “American Idol” fans who stayed up past that extended nail-biter of a football game in which the New York Giants beat the San Francisco 49ers for a Super Bowl spot and were still interested in singing after listening to Steven Tyler’s rendition of the national anthem in Sunday’s previous championship game, where the New England Patriots also earned a Super Bowl spot by toppling the Baltimore Ravens (I actually kind of admired the “Idol” judge’s unconventional take — and he mostly remembered the words) – as well as football fans too zonked out to reach for the remote – were treated to what we were warned at the outset would be an “Idol” audition episode “unlike any other. – LA Times

‘American Idol’ Recap: Highway to the Danger Zone – The first contestant sets the mood for the patriotic display that is about to unfurl on the vessel. Jennifer Diley is a sushi bar waitress from Ohio who has decided that showing up on national television in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny Proud-to-be-an-American bikini is a wise life choice. Her diminutive outfit has so little fabric to offer that she has no choice but to plaster her contestant number on her bare stomach, which is undoubtedly very exfoliating. Faced with such desperate cries for attention, Ryan Seacrest has no choice but to objectify her. Twice. When Jennifer appears in front of the judges, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson are intrigued enough by her attire to give her two chances to sing, but she squanders them both with a voice that is made for silent films. Predictably, Jennifer Lopez’s face looks like she is saying, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” – Rollingstone

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