American Idol 11 – Galveston Auditions – What the Critics Say

Check out a round-up of recaps from around the net. What are the critics and pundits saying about last night’s American Idol auditions in Galveston. Read more below!

‘American Idol’ recap: The Revolution is Here – Welcome to Texas. Here you’ll find more tragic Scotty McCreery impersonators, a woman accidentally punching Ryan Seacrest in the mouth (!), and, incredulously, not one but two delusional males attempting to sing “Unbreak My Heart.” You’ll also find a blue-tongued swamp creature who angrily insists he is the leader — nay, the embodiment — of a revolution, yet cannot name a single aspect of the current world that is problematic. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…an excuse to play Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro.” Hooray! – Entertainment Weekly

American Idol Houston Recap: Space! Cowboys! – The X Factor‘s opening credits might take place in an animated outer-space hellscape, but Nigel Lythgoe would like to remind you that American Idol is so omnipresent, it beams its audition-episode intros directly from the International Space Station. At first glance, this might not seem like the finest use of your tax dollars, but think about it: Your life would suck without Kelly Clarkson. – TV Line

American Idol Recap: It’s Just So Phenomenon – Have you ever tried to watch American Idol without the benefit of the fast-forward button? In real time, like the Flintstones or your parents would? If you don’t absolutely have to, I cannot recommend it. I have been exhausted and crabby all day today just thinking about the forced humor and occasional singing I’d be facing tonight. Maybe that’s why ratings have slipped so far so fast: American Idol will suck the life right out of even a happy, music-loving guy. Feel free to use that as a pull quote for your promotional materials, Fox. – Vulture

J.Lo gripes at fellow ‘Idol’ judges: Your hearing is bad! – “American Idol” took its show on the road to Texas for Thursday’s episode, by way of the International Space Station. Sadly, the astronaut in charge of kicking off the show gave a conventional introduction and didn’t go with a riff on “Star Trek.” After all, he could have said: “Space: The final frontier. These are the voyages of the ‘Idol’ auditions. Its four-week mission: to explore strange new cities, to seek out new talent and folks who got cut in previous years, to boldly go where every ‘Idol’ season has gone before.” – The Clicker

‘American Idol’ Season 11 Texas Auditions: the 8 Most Memorable Singers – If Wednesday’s American Idol auditions in Aspen focused on a low level of talent at a high mountain altitude (see: Magic Cyclops), then the Thursday round in Galveston-Houston was a toned-down antidote to the musical trainwreckitude. Rather than mostly highlighting the worst singers, the episode redirected the spotlight to Hollywood-ready hopefuls who could — Randy Jackson-ism alert — really sing. – The Hollywood Reporter

‘American Idol’: The Texas Mess – Isn’t everything in Texas supposed to be bigger? Don’t all you down there wear big hats and big shoes and drive big cars and have big kids (not like “big” big, just big) and eat big food and have big cats and stuff? I once ordered a tourism catalog from the Texas tourism board and it took three UPS to carry it up to my apartment. Everything’s big! So how come last night’s Houston/Galveston episode of American Idol felt so small? I blame Randy and Steven. – Atlantic Wire

Messing with Texas: ‘American Idol’ Goes to Galveston – Sob stories are nothing new on “American Idol.” And there were plenty of ’em on Thursday’s Galveston, Texas, episode, including the usual suspects like a struggling single mom and an ex-“Idol”-contestant trying out for a second time. And sure, there were some nutty auditioners as well, including not one but two wannabe William Hungs caterwauling Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart” (ack! unbreak my ears!) and countless wannabe Scotty McCreerys croaking out “Your Man” (aka the “babylockthemdoors” song). But there was ONE sob story that I’d truly never seen on “Idol” before, in all 11 seasons: a singer who was born without ears. – Yahoo Music

‘American Idol,’ The Auditions Hit Texas: TV Recap – “American Idol” hit the state of Texas and added a twist of outer space with a good luck to the contestants from the international space station. Some of the contestants tonight were more than out there. They haven’t paraded out the really dismal voices, from the really wacky characters…that is, until tonight. Phong Vu sang “Unbreak My Heart” and it was tough enough to listen to him bellow; then he went one step further and showed the judges some of his “iconic moves.” They simply said thanks. – Wall Street Journal

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