American Idol 10 Finale – Recap Roundup

‘Something Pitchy:’ ‘American Idol’ Season 10 Ends on a High Note

Find out what myself, Rickey Yaneza ( and MJ Santilli (MJs Big Blog) have to say as we put season 10 to bed and look ahead at what’s next for ‘American Idol, ‘ as well Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, in this post-finale edition of AOL TV’s ‘American Idol’ talk show ‘Something Pitchy!’

TV Squad

‘American Idol’ on the scene for finale results show: Prom dresses, Tom Jones lyrics, and exhaustion, oh my!

Where is probably the one and only place in the world where you can find Midwestern ladies in prom/bridesmaid dresses, people speaking a wide variety of languages, poster board signs covered in blinking lights, dozens of cowboy hats, and a mish-mash of the oddball celebrities? The American Idol season finale, of course! I was there last night as the show went down at downtown LA’s Nokia Theater, and the only way to really describe what was going on is to call it exactly what it was: a crazy spectacle. I’m not exaggerating: Moms were really prowling around in prom/bridesmaid dresses! (True: Things such as this make me really happy.) I love that, for some, the American Idol finale is something on par with a seminal life event like a wedding. To each his own, I suppose! But I digress. On to my other observations…


Live at American Idol: Grand Finale Kicked Major Ass!

Words can’t describe our relief that Wednesday’s finale show was a slam dunk in terms of entertainment. In sharp contrast to Tuesday’s final performance show, the Nokia Theatre was crackling with excitement. It felt super packed, the audience felt warm and the old, familiar, cozy, Idol fuzzies were wrapping the room in one big celebratory hug.

Prior to going live, judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were introduced to the audience as they took their seats. The crowd went wild as the three waved enthusiastically and flashed genuine, excited grins to everyone.

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American Idol Season Finale Recap: Low and Steady Wins the Race

Sometimes I seriously question my obsession with American Idol. After all, there’s no other show on television that consistently causes spikes in my blood pressure — whether it’s from the blind fury I feel toward the show’s inept and inconsistent judging panel, the frustration I experience with its thoroughly uninspired theme nights and song lists, or the rolling rage of wondering things like “Where the frak is Pia Toscano’s finale duet?”

TV Line

Great Scott! McCreery wins ‘American Idol’

Lock the doors and turn the lights down low, America. The teenager with the baritone is your new Fox-crowned superstar.

After four months and ten million “in it to win it!” pronouncements from Randy Jackson, “American Idol” named Scotty McCreery as the winner of season 10. The 17-year-old topped fellow teenager Lauren Alaina in the finale, winning the most votes out of the 122 million-plus cast.


The Season 10 ‘American Idol’ Finale’s Most Memorable Moments

On Wednesday night, a new American Idol was crowned. Congrats, Scotty McCreery. But this news was actually anti-climactic compared to everything else that occurred in the 117 minutes leading up to Ryan Seacrest’s big announcement. If anything, there were so many great performances by the contestants who didn’t make it to the finale, it was enough to make viewers wonder if they’d voted wrong when they elected the final two. Perhaps this was not the agenda “Idol” producers had in mind when they planned this show…but their loss was our gain, because we were all treated to a night of fine Idolicious entertainment.

Reality Rocks

American Idol Unleashes the Confetti and the Star Power

So! The American Idol finale has passed us all by, and after a season of frustration over ever-green contestants and non-judging it was nice to see some professionalism creep into the proceedings. This was, of course, largely the result of the night being wall-to-wall carpeted with big names from pop of all stripes—Gaga, Beyoncé, U2, and so on. (I suppose you could throw Steven Tyler in there as well, although dude is on notice with me not just for this season, but for singing “Dream On” and bringing back long-repressed memories of the Gokey Scream last night.) But it could have been worse, and, hell, it has been worse in the past.


Five Big Idol Don’ts—Are You Listening, Scotty McCreery?

1. Don’t Be What You Weren’t: Let’s say you’re Ruben Studdard, and you sell yourself to Idol watchers as the dress-casual Luther Vandross. Then you release your first album, and you go hip-hop—or, worse, “faux” hip-hop in the judgment of some critics. Then you release your second album, and you go gospel. Then you release your third album (and, by this point, you are most fortunate to do so), and you finally—finally!—get down to business. Unfortunately, this late in the game, there isn’t much business to be had.

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Its Not Unusual: American Idol 10 FINALE TIME

There are many things wrong with American Idol. One of which may be Ryan Seacrest in a tuxedo. Little man in a bow tie. Such a tiny bow tie? Like ones worn by old timey soda jerks or boxing officiators. Has anyone seen Don King lately? Oh damn my ADD. But I already know who won the whole shebang and frankly I’m really just watching for the highlights, er…the TOM JONES MEDLEY.

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A Shockingly Entertaining Idol Finale!

t’s Idol Finals. I missed half the season and I’m still exhausted. The only question I have is which old has-beens are they going to cart on-stage tonight? I’m going with Captain and Tenille, the surviving members of Village People and possibly Peaches and Herb, with an outside chance of Pat Boone.

Aww, an awful group sing-along. I missed these, what with all the good TV on Thursday nights. Good to see Worsters Paul, Jacob and Casey grouped together. Casey’s almost as terrible at these as Blind Scott. Go Casey and your three left feet.

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