American Idol 10 Austin Auditions Recap Roundup

Idol Recap: The Ayes of Texas Are Upon You

Tonight’s one-hour installment of American Idol felt a little like the Very Special Oprah episode that culminated with the talk-show titan pointing to members of her audience and gleefully declaring “You get a car! And you get a car! And you get a car!” Except, instead of passing out Pontiac G6 sedans, Idol was distributing Golden Tickets to seemingly everyone who showed up for the Austin, TX, auditions. And, of course, instead of Oprah’s “vehicles for everyone” mantra, we got Steven Tyler dropping a truckload of f-bombs at the end of Day One.

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Austin Brings Country Charm to ‘American Idol’

American Idol headed to Austin, Texas for Wednesday night’s (Feb. 2) episode, and the show’s third-ever trip to the city paid off, with 50 hopefuls getting tickets to Hollywood and contestants John Wayne Schulz and Janelle Arthur bringing their country charm.

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‘American Idol’ recap: Cattle Call

On Wednesday’s Austin, Texas auditions episode of American Idol, a few promising bumpkins made it through, a teenage fowl impersonator stalked Ryan Seacrest, and the producers milked Steven Tyler’s obvious star power for all it was worth. They gotta stop doing that. As Seacrest teased yesterday over the radio, a card apologizing for “LAST WEEK’S OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOR BY STEVEN TYLER” did indeed appear at the top of the show. Then a second later, Steven Tyler swore again, or was about to. It was all pretty lame and confusing. Just let him swear! You don’t need to make it a thing.

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‘American Idol’ Auditions: Austin Recap

‘American Idol’s’ third visit to the Texas capital in 10 seasons was full of surprises, shenanigans and second chances.

The hour started with a much hyped apology (via Ryan Seacrest’s Twitter account) from Steven Tyler that amounted to little more than a lame joke. Yes, we know Steven has a potty mouth and a well-earned reputation for rather uncouth antics, but after all the debate over the portrayal of Milwaukee contestant Chris Medina’s brain-damaged fiancee, many thought the mea culpa might have something to do with that. Instead, we got to watch Steven mouth the F-bomb. Oh, ‘Idol, ‘ after 10 years, you still don’t realize that humor is not your strong suit.

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‘American Idol’ Austin auditions recap: scat this!

I absolutely loved Casey Abrams, the 19-year-old from California who can scat like Ray Charles reincarnated. The cowboy John Wayne Schulz impressed me, too, as do the lovey-dovey couple. Janelle Arthur left a good impression on me, too.

This time, Ryan told us how many made it through: 50. (We have no idea how many made it through in Nashville and Milwaukee.)



‘American Idol’ Austin Auditions Turn Up Country Crooners, ‘Power Couple’

“American Idol” touched down in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday night (February 2), and as you might expect, the audition room was full of big hats, cowboy boots and some country charm that really worked its magic on the judges.

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Episode 5: ‘American Idol’s’ Austin Power

Austin, Texas is one of the world’s premier music hubs, home to the South By Southwest and Austin City Limits festivals and more clubs ‘n’ pubs per city block than probably any other town in America. It also boasts the proud motto, “Keep Austin Weird.” So I figured this’d be a solid episode: Hopefully there’d be plenty of promising musical talent, and in the keeping-Austin-weird department, if the town’s oddballs didn’t deliver…well, Steven Tyler surely would. (He magnificently arrived at the auditions in a skull-&-crossbones-emblazoned, horse-drawn carriage, for instance. Of course he did.)

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‘Idol’ Recap: John Wayne, Barbie & Ken … and Naughty, Naught Steven Tyler

The Austin auditions opened up with what sure seemed to be an tongue-in-cheek apology for Steven Tyler’s “outrageous behavior” last week. They couldn’t have been too sorry, because it was immediately followed by a clip of the adorably incorrigible Tyler offering up words rhyming with contestant Jake Muck’s last name.

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American Idol: The best(ish) of Texas

Hey, American Idol, let’s get one thing straight. The entirety of Texas does not two-step or line dance. Those people were tired, hungry and probably delirious.

Tonight’s auditions hit Austin, where we got a cheeky apology for Steven Tyler’s behavior, a Marc Anthony cameo, multiple longhorn shots, a giant Armadillo and some pretty decent talent.

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‘American Idol’: Season 10, episode 5 (Austin auditions)

“American Idol’s” two-hour audition episodes are behind us, and Wednesday night’s audition episode will be a streamlined hour, focusing on the very best Austin, Texas has to offer.

And yet, the show has time to open with a card that says:

American Idol would like to apologize for last week’s outrageous behavior by Steven Tyler.

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‘American Idol’ Season 10: The Austin Auditions, TV Recap

If ‘pervy’ were a dial, Steven Tyler turned it way down tonight.

A muted, polite, controlled Steven Tyler (how boring) was on display at the judges’ table this week following the producers’ apology for his “behavior” last week. Bob Barker would be happy — Steven Tyler has been neutered. Viewers at home – just a big yawn.

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Austin Dour: American Idol 10 Auditions giddy up in Texas

Steven Tyler thinks Jennifer Lopez is crazy b/c the way her face is pulled back

In Texas (I think), we even see someone holding an I Heart Cows sign. Ha. Ha ha. But I can see why Idol is going to Austin rather than Dallas in search of viable music talent. It’s a shame Steven Tyler didn’t stay at the La Quinta! I love the La Quinta in Austin.

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Austin Auditions Recap: “I Can Do a Chicken”

American Idol’s Austin auditions were kind of boring. But the show was an hour, so I proclaim it the best Wednesday night episode yet since I didn’t have to waste 2 hours watching it. The first person up in Austin is Corey Levoy, who tries to concoct a sob story about how he didn’t meet his sister until he was 16. How did you ever survive? When Corey mentions that his sister would be harsh, the judges want her to help judge as well. If she was truly harsh, she would tell him his version of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” was way too nasally. It’s not horrible, but it’s kind of irritating to listen to. Corey gets 4 “heck yeses” which encourages him to tell the judges that he has a J-Lo booty. It’s not called a J-Lo booty when you eat too much, it’s called extra weight.

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‘American Idol’ Recap: All Hail John Wayne Schulz (And His Mother)

Come one! Come all! Spend a few seconds in front of the new (and improved) “American Idol” panel and regardless of your singing abilities, you will get a Golden Ticket to Hollywood!

Are you an over-caffeinated 17-year old Seacrest stalker, more than willing to hit on any and all of the judges before shakily warbling a song with the lyrics, “I’m down on my knees”? Perfect! “Idol” wants you in Hollywood, Courtney Penry! (And please bring your deranged chicken impression.)

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Paul F. Tompkins on American Idol’s Austin Auditions

Hello, Idolliputians! Here we are in Austin, the city that exists so Texas can feel separate not only from America, but also from a part of Texas itself. The episode opens with a title card, upon which is a disclaimer stating Steven Tyler is just too, too outrageous and has been asked to tone it down. Blah blah blah, next thing we see, Steven Tyler almost says “fuck.” Look, I know that not all of entertainment is geared toward me. It wouldn’t be fair if it were. But if you find this guy’s shtick entertaining, YOU ARE NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH. Yes, I am saying it goes beyond personal taste and it is incumbent upon you to find better things funny. I don’t know how you will do this. Have a Flowers for Algernon operation, something. Please. There’s so much more out there for you, if only you weren’t the way you are.

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