Amazing Race 22 Episode 9 Discussion and Recap *Updated with Poll*

We are down to the final five as the season winds down to the season finale.  Get ready for another exciting leg. We have had some close legs throughout the race and the teams are all pretty evenly matched overall.

Last week’s results:

  1. Max Bichler and Katie Bichler (The Newlyweds)
  2. Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena (Team YouTube)
  3. Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle (The Stealing Angels)
  4. Bates Battaglia and Anthony Battaglia (Team Hockey)
  5. Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere (The Derby Moms)

Come back later for my recap and as always feel free to discuss the show below.



We start off in Berlin with the Newlyweds checking out there new Ford Fusions. We start off at 2:02am and are off to Edinburgh, Scotland. They must get into a Ford Fiesta and drive to Gosford House for their next clue. There is a caution that there is a U-Turn ahead.


Max and Katie are not sure if the airport is open so they head to a business center to grab tickets. The Newlyweds remind the viewers that there is an alliance to U-Turn the Derby Moms or Team YouTube. Heading to the business center first helps them as they are aware of an earlier flight to Scotland.


The rest of the teams head straight to the airport which opens at 5am. Once the ticket counters open up Team YouTube and The Derby Moms quickly snatch up tickets on a flight that arrives at 1pm. Max and Katie keep quiet and grab tickets for a flight that arrives at 10:40am. The next flight arrives at 4pm.


Team Hockey takes a chance and asks for any possible earlier flights. They get lucky as there are tickets available on the 10:45am flight and Stealing Angels also grab tickets. This pisses off Max and Katie since they thought they would have a huge lead.


We are then treated to Team YouTube celebrating that they are on the “First” flight. It would be sad if they weren’t so annoying. I do feel sorry for the Derby Moms.


The first three teams arrive in Scotland and are off on the road to Gosford House. They are really driving the point that there is an alliance for the U-Turn which makes me think someone will turn on the other teams. My money is on The Newlyweds.

Stealing Angels are having double driving but only because they are driving with the parking brake on.


The Newlyweds arrive at the Roadblock first followed by Bates and Anthony. Teams will need to play bagpipes while marching around the house. Max and Bates head in for the Road Block. While they start learning how to play Stealing Angels arrive and get started.


Max finishes first and the Newlyweds are now off to Craigmillar Castle to search the fire places for the next clue. They are followed by Bates and Anthony who also finish the roadblock on the first try. Stealing Angels are not as lucky as they mess up and have to start over.


I really like the friendship between The Hockey Players and Stealing Angels. There is a nice playful energy between the teams.


The second flight arrives and the happiness they feel about being in first and second is short lived as they realize there is only two fords left at the airport. Any joy that had is gone as they hit the road in 4th and 5th.


As the teams are on their way Stealing Angels are on their 7th attempt as Caroline finally finishes and falls in exhaustion and joy.


Back on the road Bates and Anthony reach the castle first and start searching the fireplaces. We are also shown that this is where the Derby Moms will need to perform their speed bump. After searching a few fireplaces they find the clue for the Detour.


  • Tasty Puddin’: Teams must fill an Oxen’s intestine with various internal organs and spices. Once they finish four portions they will get a taste and their next clue.
  • Whiskey Rollin’: Teams must roll eight whiskey barrels up an alley way. Once they deliver all eight barrels they will get their next clue.


Team Hockey head to Whiskey Rollin’ while Max and Katis try Tasty Puddin’. Max thinks it will be good to do opposite challenges and correctly assumes that Bates and Anthony will go with the barrels.


The Derby Moms and Team YouTube arrive at the Roadblock. Meghan assumes that playing the Trumpet will make this challenge easy. Just a hunch but I think she may be crazy wrong.


Stealing Angels arrive at the castle and seem to be searching for clue box rather than searching in the fire places. Bates and Anthony start rolling but then choose to carry the barrels. I had to rewind to the instructions to clarify if Phil said they had to roll the barrels. He said they just had to deliver them so carrying them should be ok.


They deliver two barrels as Max and Katie arrive and start making the pudding’. Both challenges also take place at the same village which makes it easier for those who are U-Turned.  Bates and Anthony pass by the Inn where the Newlyweds are working. They have delivered six barrels as they finish the tutorial and get started. While they are making the dish they are treated poetry from a Robert Burns impersonator.


Beth says that you need a lot of hot air for this Roadblock which Mona has. She is right as Mona does it in two tries. Meghan for her part is having trouble keeping the pressure and apparently it is not as easy as she thought it would be. Who knew the bag pipe would be hard to play?


She finally decides to give it a try and gets it done. They are off for the next clue. Back at the Detour Bates and Anthony finish first and are off to Duddingston Kirk for their next clue. The Newlyweds finish shortly afterwards.


At Duddingston Kirk the Hockey Players U-Turn Meghan and Joey as per their alliance agreement. They are now off to Niddry Street South for the next pit stop. It’s not a blind U-Turn this time so teams will know who did the deed. They are followed by the Newlyweds who U-Turn the Derby Moms.


Mona and Beth have to perform the Speed Bump. They have to play Skittle which is Scotland Bowling. Each have to bowl a strike to continue the race. Also Skittle balls don’t have holes so harder to throw.


Bates and Anthony have a hard time parking and are passed by the Newlyweds who arrive in first. They will $10000 each. The Hockey Players finish in second as Stealing Angels finish the Detour and are off to the Pit Stop.


The Derby Moms get some pointers and bowl their strikes. They finish the Speed Bump and arrive at the castle at the same time as Team YouTube. Both teams find clues and are off to make some haggis.


Meanwhile Stealing Angels finish in third.


It’s a race to make some haggis. The Derby Moms destroy the challenge and are off to Duddingston Kirk where they find out they were U-Turned  are off to roll the whiskey barrels. They know they need to rush to keep the head start on Joey and Meghan who are still making haggis.


Since the barrels have to be rolled past the inn where the haggis is being made the Derby Moms try to go by quietly but Joey sees them and knows they were U-Turned. Team YouTube finishes the Haggis and know they were U-Turned but at this point they are 4 barrels behind the Derby Moms.


Mona and Beth are on their last two as Team YouTube is doing one barrel at a time. If Derby Moms can beat their driving issues they should be save. Bad for them they do have some issues but still finish in 4th which means Team YouTube must have been way behind.


Team YouTube arrives in last and are eliminated from the race.


We are now down to the final four teams. Next week is the two hour Season Finale and it looks like multiple teams will be having issues during challenges. Who will cross the finish line first and win the Amazing Race.


I’ll see you next Sunday!