Amazing Race 21 – Week 2 – Recap

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Eliminated: Amy and Daniel

It’s another week of Amazing Race ready to go. I was going to watch Sunday Night Football first but The Saints make me depressed so pressing play on the DVR. Let’s start with last week’s order of finish:

1.       Team Ego
2.       Team Extreme
3.       Team Fierce
4.       Team Twin
5.       Team Monster Truck
6.       Team Rocker
7.       Team Goat
8.       Team Sub
9.       Team Longhorn
10.   Team Chippendale
Team Lumberjack (Eliminated)

We start with a quick recap showing that Team Ego has the chance to win $2 Million dollars. I still don’t see this happening but here we go.

Team Ego departs at 5:35am. Teams will start by flying to Surabaya, Indonesia which is apparently known as the “City of Heroes“. They fail to say why it is the “City of Heroes“ so I guess I`ll need to Wiki it later. Once in Indonesia teams must proceed across a bridge and to the Alun Alun Stadium for the first clue. This week the Express Pass is in play for the winner of this leg. This is a great prize since it allows the holder to skip a challenge and can help when the Double U-Turn is in play. Ryan notes that he is sweating behind the knee cap. Apparently this is what happens to leaders with big targets on their back.

They are followed by Team Extreme, Team Fierce, Team Twin who think they have an advantage because beggars are their homeboys. The other teams leave in the order that they finished.

This week shows a lot of footage at the airport which means something will happen. It starts with Team Monster Truck taking a chance and flying to Hong Kong, leaving at 8:20am and then try to get a connection.  They are the only team to take this flight and it leaves almost two hours ahead of the other teams. They only downside is that they fail to check on possible lay overs in Hong Kong and they end up being held back for four hours. At first I thought maybe the lay over information was not available but the show made show to show the other teams discovering the four hour lay over and sticking with the flight to Jakarta flight with the connection to Indonesia. All the other teams take this flight and leave at 10:05am.

All other teams flying to Jakarta first and then mad dash to get a quick flight. Team Rocker quickly places their bets on Standby while other teams try to make decisions to go for stand by or stay with the crowd.

Once they land there is a mad dash to look into earlier flights. The Rockers take a chance and go straight to the stand by counter to try to get on the 4:35pm flight and get an one hour jump on everyone else. This chance pays off as Team Rocker is the only team on this flight.

The show then jumps back to Team Monster Truck relaxing with no clue what ranking they currently have. But they note that at least they are running their own race. Running your own race is nice and all but this early in the game they should just stay with the crowd.

Team Rocker arrives first in Indonesia with all other teams being one hour behind and Team Monster Truck still in Hong Kong. I have the feeling that the Stadium will be closed until the morning so it`ll even out all the teams anyways.

And I am right as teams have to grab a number as they arrive and the next challenge does not happen until 8am. Team Ego and Team Extreme seem to be getting friendly while Team Twins and Team Longhorn start making agreements. It`s nice to see teams working together as long as they realize at some point they`ll need to eliminate these people. Especially if the teams prove to be strong competitors.

All teams waiting until 8am to start the next part of the leg and now that Team Monster Truck knows they are in last they comment how they like being in last. That should change when they are eventually eliminated.

As the morning arrives teams find out they must race bulls while being given a drive on a scooter. Apparently it`s one of those challenges were all you have to do is participate to move on. They don`t even have to drive the scooter so there is no skill at all involved. I always hate these challenges but those Bulls can run really fast. The next clue sends the teams to Genteng Kali Bridge to find the next clue. Teams have to find an obvious bundle of red and yellow balloons.

This clue involves the next Roadblock. One teammate must pedal a bike and make  animal balloons for kids. It’s kind of weird seeing adults approach kids especially Team Rocker. I have a laugh out loud moment as one member of Team Twin expresses disappointment that Who Likes To Party does not involve tequila so she can’t do this challenge.

Lexi finishes first for Team Longhorn followed by Team Extreme, Team Twins, Team Rocker, Team Chippendale, Team Ego, and Team Goat. Teams are now heading to Wijaya Motor Shop where they must complete the season’s first Detour:

  • Ice by the Pound: Deliver 10- 65lbs blocks of ice. The have to get ice, slide through factory, place on truck and deliver it to a store. Once all ice is delivered they get there next clue.
  • Fish by the Barrel: Teams must sort through fish and stock Fish to set up a store. Once ready for business they will get clue.

Team Longhorn and Team Twins arrive first with Longhorns choosing Ice and Twins choosing fish. These Twins are not divas but are badass. They seem like divas to me.

Team Fierce and Team Monster Truck finally finish the first task with Team Sub having trouble with the Balloon animals.  Everyone else is done and Will has not finished a single balloon animal yet. I have the second laugh out loud moment when the camera pans to the kids who look pissed at Will’s skills at making balloon animals. I can see this turning into one of those Amazing Race moments with the sun setting and the kids shivering as Will tries to complete the task. Gary then shows that he believes in Will so Will starts pumping out the animals.

Elsewhere Team Fierce and Team Monster Truck show how quickly a bad taxi driver can ruin you as they drive in the wrong direction of where they need to be. Team Rocker has some bad luck as well as their driver takes them to Wijawa Tire rather then Wijawa Motor.

Team Longhorn is breezing through the Ice challenge while the Twins are doing the smart thing and asking for information on the fish. As Team Longhorm drives off Team Chippendale, Team  Ego and Team Goat start showing up and all choose to do Ice. This all happens while Team Monster Truck is being a horrible back seat driver and is yelling at taxi driver being lost.

Team Longhorn working on delivering the ice as Team Twin finishes the Fish challenge and leave in first looking for the next Pit Stop. The last team “MAY” be eliminated

My preseason pick of Team Twin get to the Pit Stop first and Phil lets them know they stink and thanks them for bringing the stink with them. They also get the Express Pass.  They stink like fish but are team number 1. Team Longhorn jumps up to Team 2 and celebrate with Team Twin.

Team Chippendale start delivering Ice with Team Ego right behind them as Team Fierce and Team Goat start doing the Ice detour. Team Sub are taking the taxi drive of shame except they have no clue that Team Extreme and Team Monster truck are lost and they are still in it.

Team Chippendale is team three followed by Team Ego in fourth and Team Goat in Fifth.

We then go back to Team Extreme and Team Monster Truck who are still lost and trying to find where they are. Abbie asks to call Information and is told there is no information in Indonesia. I like seeing people deal with bad taxi drivers because it really shows what type of people they are. Team Extreme seems to stay calm through the ordeal while Team Monster Truck (or at least Rob) starts yelling and getting angry. It’s not often you see two teams get such bad drivers on the same leg.

With Team Extreme still trying to find the right way to the next clue Team Sub somehow shows up for the Detour at the same time as Team Monster Truck. Both choose to do Ice.

Team Rocker finish Sixth and I start feeling sad for Will who is beating himself up thinking he is in last as they drive to drop off the ice. Team Extreme finally make it to Wijawa Motors and choose Ice as Team Fierce finish as Team 7.

Team Monster Truck and Team Sub start delivering ice as Team Extreme starts driving toward the drop off point. Team Monster Truck finished eights and then Team Sub takes a slow walk to the end as the producers make it seem as Team Extreme has a chance to out run them to the end. I kind of wish they would have been out run because it would show how teams should always run because you can never be sure if there is a team behind you.

Team Sub is shocked to discover they are Team 9 and proves my point on why you never stop running on the Amazing Race no matter how far you think you are behind. I like Team Sub but I think Team Extreme could have truly challenged to win the race if they didn’t have the bad luck with the taxi. I was actually disappointed to see them finish in last and get eliminated.

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