Alejandro Aranda Shares Struggles with Weight Issues, Self-Image

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Alejandro Aranda aka Scarypoolparty has always been honest about his mental health struggles. Now, he posts on social media to share his struggles with food and weight.

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“To be honest,I’ve always struggled with my weight and overall outlook on life,” Alejandro writes. “When I get stressed I binge eat and treat myself poorly. Every little problem I have I overreact and freak out and put it out on the table and it causes me to feel like I’m meant to fail.”

Anxiety and self-image have been issues for most of Alejandro’s life. “Since I was a kid I’ve always struggled with a positive mentality.”

Self-image issues made functioning day-to-day painful. “And honestly when I got my first job it was really bad for me. I got treated bad in every job I had. From fast food to warehouse work etc.”

Each day I grew more sad

As a result, Alejandro hid behind defenses, using food to numb the pain. “And it caused me to put up a wall. That had me in defense mode all the time,” he explained. “I would get on my lunch break and go to McDonald’s and eat myself sick and after work I would do the same. Every day I would feel like my identity was going away. And I had no meaning. Each day I grew more sad. And would cry during my shift and just feel terrible.”

His life is better, but Alejandro shares that he still struggles. “There are days when I still get back into that mentality. And honestly I just wanted to say that I don’t want to do that anymore. And the past couple of years I’ve been really really trying to change my outlook on life and bring down that wall.”

“Life is so hard sometimes But that’s okay!”

“I wanna focus on being positive,” he says. “And laughing with friends and family. Life is so hard sometimes
But that’s okay!”

The singer reaches out to people who might be going through some of the same issues. “And if you’re like me and overthink everything, Just know that your not alone. I hope for a bright future and also I hope that all of you are doing okay.Keep your head up and be you. Just sending love <3. Thanks for the support. And thank you for being dope.”


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Alejandro has been on social media more in the past few months, sharing funny bits of songs, where he spoofs fast food places, and reimagines familiar songs and genres, but humorously. And as always, he posts snips of his amazing guitar picking and bits of new songs. He’s also been sharing clips of his American Idol performances, sharing how scared he was at the time! But still taking the stage to perform, and ultimately impressing the judges and fans so much, he finished season 17 in second place behind Laine Hardy.

He recently cancelled an acoustic tour. But has regrouped. Scarypoolparty will be out on the road with Haiden as support, beginning November 25 in Dallas Texas. Tickets are available now HERE.


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  1. Alejandro’s skill and musicality is unmatched even beyond the idol bubble. Often times people this talented come with other types of issues like anxiety. I’m glad he has music. Music will always be his friend and a way for him to connect with the world, something it seems he has struggled to do throughout his life. I hope he finds his happiness one day.

  2. I’m not a fan of oversharing, but in this case I think it’s good Alejandro is being honest with his fans, so they can understand and be patient with him.

  3. There’s really no need for his fans to feel deprived, as he’s been prolific. He’s probably single-handedly put out as much music as all the other ABC idols combined.

  4. I didn’t say his fans were deprived of music. But Alejandro has had a number of cancellations & reschedulings for events/concerts — more than seems typical. Understanding more about what is going on in his life is helpful. Not that he owes his fans an explanation, but I thought he did a nice job of explaining. My post wasn’t intended to be critical.

  5. Yes. When it comes to music, Alejandro is incredibly prolific. He’s constantly uploading stuff on social media.

    For folks who don’t know:

    He’s cancelled more concerts dates than the average artist. He made up his European tour over the summer, and it was a HUGE accomplishment for him to fly to and from Europe and get through the entire tour without quitting.

    He has also been posting about his American Idol experiences. Every minute of the competition was filled with anxiety for him.

    He’s fine creating in isolation. Getting out into the world is a struggle for him.

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