AGT: The Champions 2020 Recap – Auditions 3 Live Blog (VIDEO)

 Pictured: V. Unbeatable — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Forty memorable and fan-favorite acts from AGT and Got Talent competitions around the globe are competing on season 2 of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

On week 3 airing Monday January 20 on NBC, 10 acts will perform for judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, returning judge Heidi Klum, and new judge, Britain’s Got Talent panelist and former Mystique member, Alesha Dixon. Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews hosts. 

AGT: The Champions Week 3 Spoilers (Michael Grimm, V Unbeatable)

In each of the four weeks of audition performances, 10 acts will perform, but only four acts will advance to the semifinals. Two will be voted through by a panel of “AGT” Superfans from each of the 50 states; one will be the Judges’ Choice; and one will receive a Golden Buzzer to advance straight to the finale. 

WE HAVE SPOILERS! If you want to know who wins? Click this link. BUT DO NOT SPOIL THE RESULTS HERE! Keep chatter in the spoiler comments.


Oh. Since Simon stole Howie’s golden buzzer last week, Howie has it back this week. Simon warns him to hit the button fast. Or he’ll steal it again. Sheesh.

Alexa Lauenburger – Dog Act – She WON Germany’s Got Talent in 2017.  She also competed on Britain’s Got Talent last year. Heidi is thrilled to meet a fellow German. She is so happy about it, that she lets out a yodel. They converse a little in German–with subtitles! So, this is your typical dog act: Jumping through hoops, leaping over Alexa, etc. The doggos are super cute as doggos typically are. Still, kudos to her–she’s only 11 years old and already a talented trainer. The dogs end the bit in a conga line, before running off the stage. Howie calls her truly amazing, and truly a champion. She brought joy to Alesha’s heart. Hm. It’s interesting that Simon and Alesha never mention her BGT stint. 

Tyler Butler-Figueroa – Violinist – Twelve year old Tyler competed on AGT in 2019, and made it all the way to the final. Also, he was Simon’s Golden Buzzer. He’s been in remission from leukemia for four years. The violin helped him get through hard times. He performs “Old Town Road” with fun cowpoke dancers! He’s got a few fancy moves himself. He’s just a passable violinist, however. But a very cute kid. Howie is a huge fan. He calls him “authentic.” Alesha appreciated Tyler’s musicality and “swag.” He made her feel good. Heidi calls him “adorable.” Simon calls him an “extraordinary young man.”

Ben Hart – Magician – Twenty year old Ben competed on  Britain’s Got Talent in 2019. He was a finalist, but did not win. Currently, he’s headlining a UK tour. He’s doing some weird thing with rice that isn’t grabbing the audience. He’s gonna get buzzzzeeeed. The story that accompanies this bit is really confusing. And it ends on a very abrupt note. Howie says, “It kind of fell off at the end.” Alesha felt it was awkward. He was much better on BGT, she claims. Simon compares the routine to an infomercial. “It was nowhere near good enough,” he says. Heidi only says, “I don’t want to put more salt in the wounds.” Yikes. 

Freckled Sky – Projection/Dance Group – This Ukrainian dance group competed on America’s Got Talent in 2015. They only made it to the Quarter finals after a lackluster second performance. They were actually a golden buzzer act. In the meantime, they’ve worked with Pink, Paula Abdul, James Arthur and more. The routine features ballet, machinery and some other stuff. Eh. Maybe it’s better live? Except Simon hits his buzzer. He’s not impressed. I found the story telling a little confusing. Simon “didn’t get it.” The audience boos. “Technically great, but boring,” he says. “I don’t think you caught up with technology.” Howie disagrees. “I thought it was beautiful.” Heidi and Alesha agrees with Howie. “I see a party pooper at the end,” says Alesha. I am Team Simon on this one. At least for this home viewer, the act was a snooze.

Moses Concas – Harmonicist/Beatboxer – Thirty year old Moses from Sardinia won Italy’s Got Talent in 2016. His “grammy” played the harmonica. NO WAY he calls his grandmother “grammy.” (Don’t at me! My grandmother was Italian too.) Since he won, Moses has been performing all over the world. His thing is playing the harmonica and beatboxing simultaneously. It’s like a party trick, as the audience gasps, “HOW THE HECK DOES HE DO THAT.” He’s skilled, for sure. There’s some weird acrobatic thing going on behind him. I am not sure why. And then it ends. Very odd. Simon says it will take a “miracle” for him to advance. He was waiting for something to happen. Howie and Alesha are impressed with his skill, be think the performance overall didn’t rise to the occasion.


V.Unbeatable – Dance Group – This group were fan favorites on America’s Got Talent 2019. They were Top 5 finalists, but some fans thought they should have won the whole thing. In the meantime, the group has been playing shows in India and America. They even made a movie in India. Again, the group displays a talent for blending hip hop, dancing, and crazy death defying tumbles. There’s a picture frame prop hanging high in the air that the dancers use for acrobatic stunts. At one point, kids fly through the air like Alice through the looking glass. It’s really crazy. The group gets a standing ovation from the judges. Alesha thanks them for bringing beautiful, positive energy. Heidi calls them a “living kaleidoscope.” Simon says, “We needed you tonight! This act is going to live forever. One of the best acts we’ve seen in Champions.” Of course HOWIE STANDS UP AND PRESSES HIS GOLDEN BUZZER. Last time, they were guest judge, Dwayne Wade’s golden buzzer. But a judges golden buzzer is better. It allows them to skip past the semi-final round.

Michael Grimm – Singer – Michael WON AGT way back in 2010. That was back when a string of singers won the show. They’d win and promptly disappear. Michael was no different. His backstory: His grandparents house was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. He wanted to buy them a new home–and he did. Opera singer Jackie Evancho was the runner up that year. She did NOT disappear.  Michael admits that he wasn’t prepared for the sudden fame. He performs a lovely, bluesy rendition of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” on acoustic guitar. Michael sure can sang. But I think an original song would have been more impressive. After all these years, wouldn’t he have some decent originals he could pull out? He gets a standing ovation. Howie felt the emotion. “I absolutely love you.” Alesha noted his nerves, but she loved the performance. Simon calls him “nice, sincere and humble” but he calls the song choice safe. I agree with that! Still, Simon believes he deserves to advance.

Duo Destiny – Hand to Hand Duo – Romantic couple won Poland’s Got Talent in 2018. They have toured all over the world since. But it’s their first appearance in America.  The dude balances his lady while he does a split. That looked like it hurt. There is also a harness involved. BONUS: Dude takes off his shirt. At one point, the woman drops, and he catches her inches away from the floor. It’s all very death defying. They end up in a leg to leg split. Hm. That move could come in handy, if you know what I mean. Sorry. Heidi calls it sexy and romantic. Alesha calls it fantastic. Simon loved everything about it. “You rose to the level of acrobatics, dance and everything.” Howie asks if they plan to get married…for like the third time. Shtick!

Quick Style – Dance Trio – The trio won Norway’s Got Talent in 2009. Since then, they have been performing and choreographing all over the world. They have choreographed for superstar K Pop group, BTS, which is a pretty big deal. They warn the judges they aren’t explosive dancers, but they put their heart into the piece, nevertheless. They perform a fluid routine to Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine.” And it’s true, the act isn’t flashy at all. Which is probably a mistake for AGT. Howie looks bored out of his mind before…he hits his buzzer. Oops. The crowd is booing. “There wasn’t one move we haven’t seen ad nauseum,” Howie complains. Alesha says it’s not fair to compare them to V. Unbeatable. She calls it “fresh.” Simon didn’t like the song choice. “I have this feeling about these guys.” He calls them “stylish.” But, he feels they made “crazy decisions.” 

Lots of former winners performing tonight. And the judges hate them all. 

Miki Dark – Danger Act – He was a semi-finalist on last year’s Holland’s Got Talent, and also a finalist on “Das Supertalent” 2019. He comes out from the audience, pokes Simon on the shoulder, startling him (PROBABLY FAKE). This act is more than danger. It’s also horror, with a little bit of magic mixed in. He points at Heidi to join him on stage. Terry is in on the act as well. It’s very creepy. HE PULLS OUT A KNIFE. Things about to get real. Heidi lets out a blood curdling scream as he throws. The bit involves Simon’s eyeball, a red envelope and a wastebasket… Miki doesn’t talk on stage. Heidi calls it “amazing.” She says, “Thank you so much for not killing me.” Alesha loved him. Simon didn’t like Heidi’s screaming. Hm. He literally has nothing to say about Miki. Actually, Miki skillfully created a sense of dread, danger and suspense.

Results: It’s time for Terry to announce which four acts move on to the next rounds. Ben Hart, Duo Destiny and Freckled Sky step forward. The act going into the semifinal is…Duo Destiny! Miki Dark, Moses Carcas, and Tyler Butler-Figueroa step forward. The next act going into the semifinal is…Tyler Butler-Figueroa. Alexa Lauenburger, Quick Style and Michael Grimm came in 3rd, 4th and 5th in the Superfan vote. The judges will decide which of the three move on. 

Alesha choses Alexa Lauenburger 
Howie chooses Alexa Lauenburger
Simon chooses Alexa Lauenburger

Dang. Just for old times sake, I was hoping the judges would pick Michael Grimm. But on AGT, kiddie acts rule the day. That’s just how it’s been since Simon came on board. Consider that the only adults to advance this week were Duo Destiny.

Advancing to another round

V. Unbeatable – Howies Golden Buzzer – Through to the Final
Duo Destiny – Through to the Semi-Final
Tyler Butler-Figueroa – Through to the Semi-Final
Alexa Lauenburger – Judges choice – Through to the Semi-Final



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