AGT: Fantasy League Recap: Qualifiers Week 4 Results

Sainted - America's Got Talent: Fantasy League
Pictured: Sainted — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent Fantasy League Recap: Qualifiers Week 4. The last of the Top 40 compete

America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League continues with Week 4. The fourth and final group of 10 acts will perform for a chance to advance to the next round, and maybe even the Golden Buzzer which sends them straight through to the finals.

The new format has a couple of twists. Viewers at home picked the show’s 40 acts via online vote. Additionally, the judges–Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B.–each assembled a 10 person “dream team” of acts. The judges mentored their teams, hoping to bring an act to the finale and ultimately the win. The winner of AGT: Fantasy League nabs a $250K prize.

At the end of the episode host Terry Crews will reveal the five acts the audience voted through to the next round.

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Simon Cowell has this week’s Golden Buzzer, which will send a member from his team or a steal from one of the fellow judges’ teams straight through to the finals.

Aidan Bryant – Aerialist – Team Heidi Klum

Aidan won AGT: All Stars last year. On Season 16, he finished in second place. He started out an amateur, teaching himself silks in his grandmother’s back yard. “Keep thinking of the story that you told us,” Heidi suggests. He’s ready to go down in AGT history by winning the show twice (uh…that’s actually happened before. Shin Lim won AGT and Champions). Aidan says straight up that he DOES NOT want Simon to steal him!

He uses a tree as a prop, which harkens back to himself as a teen learning his craft in his grandmother’s backyard. Aidan always puts on an impressive show, and he does not disappoint tonight. He doesn’t use fire or fancy props. Instead, he employs skillful choreography that displays his strength and elegance.

Heidi calls it “Magic” Mel B. describes him as smooth, endless, seamless, perfection.” Howie thinks his performance moved him closer to the win. Simon calls him a natural born performer and the act a “10” or even an 11! Simon respects him for putting his title on the line. He refrains from stealing him.

Travis Japan – Singing group – Team Mel B

NBC previewed this audition last week. Watch it HERE. When they competed on AGT in 2022, Howie buzzed them. They didn’t advance to the finals. They jokingly call out Howie instantly for buzzing them, but promises they have improved since their last outing.

Simon calls them “hilarious.” What he means is “corny.” The song is really dumb and their vocals are marginal. HOWEVER, they can dance. The choreography is tight and fun. They perform with a ton of energy and heart. They are into it, ending the performance with a POINTY POSE! Still silly, but the group has improved quite a bit in two years. The song is “Just Dance” their first single after Capitol Records signed them in 2022.

Heidi thinks they “totally improved” since last time. She calls them humble. Simon believes they aren’t the best singers, and he didn’t like the song. But he appreciates that they are “old school.” They make him “happy.” Mel B tries to keep Howie from speaking. When he finally does, he decides to be nice and merely say that the decision is up to the audience. and not him.

Cillian O’Connor – Magician – Team Simon Cowell

Simon promised his son Eric that he would pick Cillian, who finished Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year in third place. The Irish magician was diagnosed with autism, his mother says. But magic helped him become more confident and socially comfortable. Simon advises him to “tell a story and use great music.”

Cillian performs a card trick that involves a hopeful story. It’s about his life. “Autism isn’t a disability” the seemingly random cards read. He also makes the cards move around the stage and is able to choose another random card that matches words that Simon and Howie wrote down. The bit ends with Cillian disappearing altogether into a box. “I used to be on the outside looking in, now I’m on the inside looking out,” he says.

Howie calls Cillian truly amazing as a magician and a human being. Heidi calls what he did a “real show” not just a “little act.” Simon thinks the 14 year old has something “really special.”

Brian Justin Crum – Singer – Team Mel B.

Brian competed on season 11, coming to the competition as a stage actor. He wanted to sing, however, so he auditioned for AGT. He sang “Man in the Mirror” as his last performance, but admits he wasn’t feeling it. The audience voted him out. Now, he’s got a do-over and promises to make the most of it. A Spice Girls fan, Brian is thrilled to work with Mel. She wants to strip the arrangement back to put his voice front and center.

He sings “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan in a gospel style worthy of a Broadway stage. He hits the big notes on the chorus. Maybe too soon? But he is a good singer. He can really belt with an impressive and strong chest voice. He sings with NO falsetto. Amazing. However, weird that the arrangement was so short. Maybe it was edited, which would explain the song suddenly ramping up.

Heidi calls his voice extraordinary. Simon thinks he’s a great singer, but did not like the song choice. Mel B. didn’t pick the song, but helped him arrange it. “The audience has to vote for you!” she says. I’m guessing that they did not. Those remarks felt rushed.

Ghetto Kids – Dance Group – Team Mel B.

Mel explains that the group went viral after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent season 16 and are huge on Tik Tok. The dancers are made up of kids from a Ugandan orphanage. Afterward, they became so famous in their home country, they eventually met the king.

They are obvious amateurs, but are full of energy and joy when they take the stage. BIG SMILES. It’s no wonder their Tik Tok clips are popular. Very cute!

Howie has been following them on social media. “You always put a smile on my face.” Heidi says, “All of you are absolutely adorable.” Simon calls them “Just brilliant.”

Anna Deguzman – Magician – Team Howie Mandel

The magician finished America’s Got Talent season 18 earlier this year in second place behind Adrian Stoica and Hurricane. The New Jersey magician, originally from the Philippines, thought she’d be an accountant. She had no idea magic would take her so far. Howie mentions that she made it farther on AGT than any other female magician. Howie helps Anna work on her nerves.

She calls Mel and Howie to the stage. And she instantly freezes up. Oh no. She gets her bearings back and continues her routine. That could have been edited out. It’s not as if she hosed the performance. Anna is personable and relatable as she serves card tricks with a bit of mind reading thrown in. Terry’s credit card ended up frozen in ice. Hope it didn’t ruin the card’s computer chip!

Mel calls her “brilliant.” Simon calls her “unique” and “cool.” He genuinely hopes the audience sends her to the next round, despite competing against other talented magicians.

Sainted – Singing Group – Team Simon Cowell – GOLDEN BUZZER ACT

Sainted takes gospel choir singing to another level. They perform in a “trap” style. Unfortunately, the group didn’t make it to the final when they competed on season 18 earlier this year. Simon chose them for his team because he was shocked that they didn’t advance. Simon wants them to sing “Purple Rain” but is worried he won’t be able to clear it. Since Prince died, clearing his songs is easier. But his signature song Purple Rain is apparently still hard to clear. The night before they perform, the song is still not available. Finally, Prince’s estate gives the group permission to perform the song, which is marking its 40th anniversary.

The arrangement is more Gospel than Hip-hop. The song comes alive when a dynamic solist steps in to sing a series of passionate riffs. It’s a nice version, but it’s not blowing my mind. I was expecting a more creative arrangement.

Howie mentions how hard Simon worked to clear the song. “You just stepped it up beyond,” he says. “I really don’t like you,” Mel says. She’s kidding, adding “They were brilliant!” Simon feels a connection to the group. Simon pulls his little trick, “It wasn’t good….It was incredible.” He calls Prince his favorite artist. And then he gives them his Golden Buzzer. I was NOT expecting that. I thought he would steal Darci Lynne. But then again, Simon loves the choirs. And there was a good chance the audience would not have put them through, like last time. Instead, Sainted goes straight to the finale.

Darci Lynne – Ventriloquist – Team Heidi Klum

Darci Lynne won AGT in 2017 at only 12 years old. She’s a talented singer and ventriloquist who instantly became a fan favorite. Her life since has included tours and appearances all over the country. She’s popular on social media too. She’s back, because at 19 she’s got a side America hasn’t seen yet. She hints that she’ll do more than ventriloquism. Weirdly, Darci didn’t perform the act for Heidi, hence she gave no advice.

Darci starts the act with her puppet, Petunia. But soon she’s singing Elton John and Kiki Dee’s “I’ve Got the Music In Me” solo, before grabbing an electric guitar to accompany herself. While it seemed like she was ditching the puppet, she doesn’t abandon ventriloquism entirely. In the end, it’s a duet. She only pretended to ditch Petunia. Other than picking up an electric guitar, the act seemed the same as before.

Heidi calls her “fantastic” and is glad that she didn’t abandon Petunia altogether. Mel feels the music overshadowed her act. Offstage, Terry disagrees. Surprisingly, Simon agrees with Mel. Oh boy, Simon is dissing Darci. I did NOT expect him to go negative. Maybe because she’s not on his team? They keep talking about “stepping away from Petunia” which actually, she did not. I mean, let the girl grow up! My only suggestion, if she plays electric guitar, pick a hipper song to perform. But if she had done that, Simon’s head might have exploded.

The Clairvoyants – Clairvoyants – Team Heidi Klum

They finished America’s Got Talent season 11 in 2016 in second place behind winner Grace Vanderwaal. The two got married in Las Vegas in 2022. After the competition, they went on tour and performed a residency in Las Vegas. Heidi chose them after she was part of their on stage act during the competition.

They invite all the judges on stage, which is described as a “day after a big party” get together. A blindfolded Amélie is able to guess what the judges are “thinking.” They always deliver an entertaining routine. The room gives them a standing ovation.

Mel says, “What you’re doing is absolutely extraordinary.” Howie believes they deserve to go through. Simon declares them the best clairvoyants in the world.

Musa Motha – Contemporary Dancer – Team Simon Cowell

NBC dropped a preview of Musa’s audition HERE. South African dancer Musa dreamed of playing football, but cancer at 10 years old took his leg. He moved on to contemporary dance, eventually auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent. Earlier this year, he finished the competition in fifth place. He was the Audience Golden Buzzer. Musa could not perform in person because his paperwork was not done in time, says Simon. He’s beaming in remotely from the United Kingdom. Simon suggests he perform solo rather than alongside background dancers. Musa is nervous to perform without an audience to feed off from.

He dances without a prosthetic leg, but using a metal crutch to balance and as a prop. BGT judges remarks are part of the music, which is distracting and confusing. But he’s an inventive and passionate performer. Hard to imagine him not advancing.

Since Musa can’t see the studio, Simon describes the audience on their feet and in tears. “I have so much respect for you as a person and an artist,” he says. Howie marvels over his accomplishments. Mel B, a trained dancer, compliments his control. “You do it so elegantly…and you’re really cute!”


The votes are in, says Terry. Musa Motha and Travis Japan step forward. The act going into the semi-final is…Musa Motha. The Clairvoyants and Ghetto Kids step forward. Going into the semi-final is Ghetto Kids. Wow! They deserved to advance. Good thing Clairvoyants have a solid career and plenty of gigs. They didn’t need to move on. They’ll be fine. Next, Cillian O’Connor and Anna Deguzman step forward. Anna Deguzman goes through to the final. Lastly, Brian Justin Crum, Aidan Bryant and Darci Lynne step forward. Aidan Bryant advances. And so does Darci Lynne! Brian Justin Crum is eliminated.

Oh. More Golden Buzzers are coming. TWO next week.

Golden Buzzer act moving straight into the finale

Simon Cowell saves his act, Sainted (Team Simon).

Five acts the audience votes through to the semi-final

Musa Motha – Team Simon
Ghetto Kids – Team Mel B.
Anna DeGuzman – Team Howie
Aidan Bryant – Team Heidi
Darci Lynne – Team Heidi


Travis Japan – Team Mel B.
The Clairvoyants – Team Heidi
Cillian O’Connor – Team Simon
Brian Justin Crum – Team Mel B.

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