AGT: Fantasy League Recap: Qualifiers Week 3 Results

America's Got Talent: Fantasy League - Sofie Dossi
Pictured: Sofie Dossi — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

America’s Got Talent Fantasy League Recap: Qualifiers Week 3. Six acts advance

America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League continues with Week 3. The third group of 10 acts will perform for a chance to advance to the next round, and maybe even the Golden Buzzer which sends them straight through to the finals.

The new format has a couple of twists. Viewers at home picked the show’s 40 acts via online vote. Additionally, the judges–Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B.–each assembled a 10 person “dream team” of acts. The judges mentored their teams, hoping to bring an act to the finale and ultimately the win. The winner of AGT: Fantasy League nabs a $250K prize.

At the end of the episode host Terry Crews will reveal the five acts the audience voted through to the next round.

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Heidi Klum has this week’s Golden Buzzer, which will send a member from her team or a steal from one of the fellow judges’ teams straight through to the finals.

Junior New System – Dance Group – Team Mel B.

The dance crew come from poor families in the Philippines. Their thing is dancing hip hop and performing acrobatics in high heels. Mentor Mel suggests they remix the music. The group members note that they’ve grown up a lot in the last few years since appearing on AGT.

The thing about dancing in heels, is that acrobatics are a ton harder to perform! Landing on your feet on those huge heels? That’s gotta hurt. Mid dance, the guys strip off to shorts. It’s not drag performance. It’s gender-bending fun.

Mel is SO excited. Simon jokes that her ego is out of control, after picking her own song for the group’s routine. “How can you land on those heels!” says Heidi. Howie skeptically wishes them good luck.

Chapel Hart – Country music trio – Team Simon Cowell

The trio shares how they experienced many nos before AGT. The trio earned the 2nd ever group Golden Buzzer when they competed in 2022. The singers had a hard time keeping it together during the finale and were eliminated outside of the Top 5. They are psyched to be mentored by Simon. He suggests that they perform “American Pride” again–the song that got them kicked off.

The lead singer was also having vocal issues at the time. She didn’t sound good at all. It’s a pretty big risk to redo a song that failed. They probably would have prefered to sing their latest single. But if they manage to advance, they can save that for later. The harmonies sound really good, and they are staying on pitch this time, at least. Not sure I love the song, featuring a pandering patriotic theme.

Mel can sense how much they “want this.” She loved it. Howie calls the performance an “anthem.” He really wants America to vote for them. Heidi loves them. She compliments their look and jokes that she KNOWS Simon had nothing to do with it. Simon believes the group “absolutely nailed it.” Redemption! “You’ve never given up,” he adds. Recently, the ladies were saying that Nashville STILL doesn’t take them seriously.

Fritzy Rosmerian – Clairvoyant – Team Howie Mandel

Fifteen year old Fritzy finished 5th on Indonesia’s Got Talent. She claims to have realized her “special abilities” at 7 years old. Howie mentions that her social media presence is strong. He suggests that she involve the judges and “just be yourself.”

Her “friend” a big orange stuffed bear is helping her mind read. Howie is confused and doesn’t seem to have watched the act in rehearsal! She’s able to “see” an audience member while blindfolded. But that “blindfold” seems triksey. Also, she was able to guess a name Howie had written down, while incorporating something Heidi said.

Mel B thought the act was “small” for the stage. Simon didn’t think the act had a “wow” moment. I agree. The tricks worked, but have been done before. Not very original. Heidi noted that the routine was confused at times.

Pack Drumline – Drumline – Team Simon Cowell

NBC previewed this performance earlier today HERE. Competing on AGT changed their lives, they say. Since then, the group has performed all over the world, including in Las Vegas. Simon suggests they are a Super Bowl worthy act and need to perform arena worthy songs.

They kick off the performance with Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and then cover Kendrick Lamar. They bring a ton of showmanship to their drumming, which includes a center stage drum kit, and members lifting other members to play drums–sometimes upside down. A bit of humor there! They also incorporate hip hop dancing and acrobatics.

Howie calls the group “the one to beat.” Mel B is annoyed because they are on Simon’s team and “killed it.” Simon calls them “fighters” and “stars” and thinks they have a chance to “win the whole show.” He feels like a proud parent.

Enkh-Erdene – Singer – Team Heidi Klum

The singer WON Mongolia’s Got Talent. Simon wanted him on his team. Enkh hopes to become a world-wide star.

Ha ha ha. He sings like….Scotty McCreery. A Mongolians Scotty McCreery. He speaks no English but is pretty good when it comes to imitating American country music. He sings “Low Places” and it’s really, in the end, not that impressive. Like a party trick. He really won a Got Talent series?

Howie thinks maybe he was lip-syncing (no). Simon calls his tone “stunning” adding “I loved this performance.” Mel B. wanted an a cappella performance. I’m not sure why?

Sofie Dossi – Contortionist – Team Heidi Klum – Golden Buzzer (Heidi saves her act)

Sofie first competed on America’s Got Talent at 14 years old. Now she is 22 and a major social media star (more than 12 million followers on Tik Tok). AGT changed her life, she says. After competing, she released her own music, and guest starred on a few TV shows. Sofie promises to take her contortion/acrobatic act to the next dangerous level.

This time, Sofie works with a suspended hoop set on fire. She bends her body in unfathomable ways. She drops down to a set of handstands on which she performs contortion. She’s strong–able to twist herself around with only her body. She finished the act with a flaming bow and arrow, which she operates with her feet, shooting out balloons.

If Howie had a golden buzzer this week, he would use it. Mel agrees. Simon feels emotional, watching her grow as an artist. Simon has a feeling “this might be your year.” And just to ensure her success, Heidi gives her OWN ACT her Golden Buzzer. She’s the first judge to use their Golden Buzzer on their own act, rather than to steal another judge’s act. Sofie will go straight to the final round. Heidi points out that she probably would have advanced anyway. Sure–but now she doesn’t have to perform in the semis. She can save her best for last.

Genevieve Cote – Noise Maker – Team Howie Mandel

Incredibly, Howie picked Genevieve as his Golden Buzzer on Canada’s Got Talent, where he also serves as a judge. This, based on her ability to imitate things like animal noises. Now, he’s mentoring her on AGT.

She imitates bird noises and what sounds like a violin, but it may be another animal? The act is kind of surreal, actually. She also sings. What a weird act. It lasted only about 30 seconds, leaving me with a distinct “that’s it?” kind of vibe.

Simon called her “interesting” but in the context of Las Vegas, no. Mel B couldn’t tell what she was imitating, exactly. “You took me off to the rainforest,” says Howie. “I loved it.” So that’s what she tried to accomplish. Hm.

Yu Hojin – Magician – Team Heidi Klum

Yu competed on AGT in 2022. Simon said NO to his audition. Nevertheless, he advanced all the way to the semi-finals. The Mayyas won that year. Heidi admits that Simon wanted the magician on his team. Indeed, Yu seems hung up on Simon as if he would have preferred him as a mentor. Heidi suggests Yu incorporate popular songs into his act.

This time, Yu produces paper airplanes out of thin air. He turns a crumpled piece of paper into a bouncing ball and then into a pinwheel. His slight of hand has improved in the last year! He finishes by seemingly lifting paper airplanes into the air with the wave of his hands. It’s not only clever, but visually stunning.

Simon compliments his laid back Vegas style, calling it “world class.” Mel calls him slick and confident. “Very good.” Howie calls it the best magic act he’s seen in the past five years. Howie is sure he will advance.

Ichikawa Koikuchi – Comedian – Team Howie Mandel

Basically, this Japanese comedian farts That’s it. That’s the act. He farts. He’s been buzzed off a ton of Got Talent stages all over the world. But on Britain’s Got Talent this year, the judges said and he managed to advance all the way to the semi-finals.

Basically, he manipulates props with his “farts.” Who will buzz first? Mel is the first (and only). Simon refuses an invite to participate in the act, so mentor Howie volunteers. Won’t his germaphobia freak him out? He directs his farts to break a balloon attached to Howie’s head.

“You put the F in artistry,” quips Howie. Heidi calls him “dangerous.” Mel says, “NO.” He wants to gift Mel with one of his fart tubes. She declines. Simon calls him the best fart act in the world. Mel ends the act by pushing all the panelists’ buttons. She’s not having it.

Loren Allred – Singer – Team Simon Cowell

NBC dropped a preview of Loren’s audition last week. Watch it HERE. Loren competed previously on Britain’s Got Talent where she left the show as a finalist outside of the Top 3. She also competed on The Voice season 3 in 2012. She recorded “Never Enough” for The Greatest Showman movie soundtrack. But a different actress lip-synced the song in the movie. People love the recorded version of “Never Enough,” but have no idea who she is. Now she wants to step out front and reveal herself. It’s one of Simon’s favorite songs.

Once again, as she did on BGT, Loren sings “Never Enough” but this time with a classical arrangement featuring strings and a harp. She starts off singing a capella. The arrangement pushes her to sing in her impressive upper register. It’s incredibly dramatic!

Howie calls her “amazing.” Heidi feels lucky to have witnessed the performance. Mel B. is blown away. Simon calls her performance “spectacular.” He compliments her for having the guts to come on the show. He hopes that America gives her the break that she deserves. Loren feels ready to step out as a solo performer, she says.


Terry announces the five acts the audience voted through to the semi finals.

Junior New System and Pack Drumline step forward. The act going into the semi-finals is…Pack Drumline. Junior New System is eliminated. Enkh-Erdene and Genevieve Cote step forward. The act going into the semi-finals is Enkh-Erdene. Genevieve Cote is eliminated. Fritzy Rosmerian and Yu Hojin step forward. The act going into the semi finals is…Yu Hojin! Fritzy Rosmerian is eliminated. Chapel Hart, Ichikawa Koikuchi and Loren Allred step forward. Simon teased their could be a surprise. Nice try, editors. But not buying it. The next act going into the semi-finals is Loren Allred! The act staying in the competition is…Chapel Hart. Ichikawa Koikuchi the farter is eliminated, of course.

Heidi’s Golden Buzzer moving straight to the finale

Sofie Dossi (Heidi sends her own act to the finals)

Five acts audience voted through to the semifinals

Pack Drumline – Team Simon
Enkh-Erdene – Team Heidi
Yu Hojin – Team Heidi
Loren Allred – Team Simon
Chapel Hart – Team Simon


Junior New System – Team Mel B.
Genevieve Cote – Team Howie
Fritzy Rosmerian – Team Howie
Ichikawa Koikuchi – Team Howie

NONE of Howie’s acts advanced this week. The show was edited to include the judges chiding Howie for failing his acts. This, after all of Howie’s acts in the first two weeks moved on to the next rounds. Mel B. also ended the episode empty handed. But she only had ONE act in this week’s mix. All of Simon and Heidi’s acts moved on to the semi-finals/finals. Four singing acts advanced this week! The Qualifiers END next week. Then, it’s on to the two semi-final episodes.

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