AGT: All Stars 2023 Week 5 Results Live Blog (Videos)

Tom Ball - AGT: All Stars 2023 Week 5
Pictured: Tom Ball — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

AGT: All Stars 2023 Week 5 Results

AGT: All Stars 2023 Week 5 Results continues tonight with the FIFTH set of 10 out of 60 America’s Got Talent All Star acts. Simon Cowell calls the contestants the best of the best of the best. These are acts who performed well on AGT and Got Talent franchises around the world.

Each week 10 acts will perform for the judges for the chance to earn one of the coveted five Golden Buzzers and move on to the finals. The AGT Superfans will also vote on one additional act per episode who will also move onto the finals for a total of 11 acts in the finale.

AGT: All Stars 2023 Week 5 Lineup: Which 10 Acts Compete?
America’s Got Talent: All Stars Reveal Top 60 Acts Competing

The Superfans will vote for the winner and results will be revealed during the two-hour finale. Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum sit on the judges panel. Terry Crews hosts.

Each week, a cast member is the designated Golden Buzzer pusher of the night. Tonight, it’s Heidi, Simon, Howie and Terry. The GROUP Golden buzzer. The FINAL Golden Buzzer of the season.

Peter Rosalita – AGT Season 16 – Singer

NBC dropped Peter’s audition last week. Peter is 11 years old now. But when he auditioned for AGT in 2021 his rendition of “All By Myself” got over 15 million views and a congratulatory tweet from Celine Dion. The young singer made it to the semi-finals. But a nervous Peter had a “hiccup” as he describes it. He missed his cue and asked production to start over again. He carried on, but was eliminated the next night.

Now, Peter is back for redemption. This time, he performs “Go The Distance” from the animated film Hercules. He nails the key change. For now, Peter can still hit the high notes. It’s all very pageanty and, as Simon says later, “old fashioned.” But he’s a polished singer who performs in a style many folks appreciate.

Peter approaches the judges table to show Simon the puppy he got after AGT. Cute! He reveals that he just sang with a sore throat, which prompts germ-phobic Howie to jump out of his seat. Heidi calls him a fighter and a “star in the making.” Howie calls him “amazing.” Simon thinks his voice has actually gotten better. “That might be enough to put you through to the final,” he says.

Axel Blake – Britain’s Got Talent 2022 Winner – Comedian

Axel not only won Britain’s Got Talent last year, but Simon chose Axel as his Golden Buzzer. Before BGT, Axel worked in construction to support his family. He also performed in open mic nights. He’s worried Americans won’t get British talent. Because we hate British humor! That’s sarcasm, by the way.

Actually, closed caption is a viewer’s friend here. His accent is pretty thick! Axel’s routine revolves around his trip to Los Angeles. The trials and tribulations of the middle seat! His short bit is mildly amusing.

“You hit it out of the park,” declares Howie. He appreciates that the material was written about Axel’s immediate experience. Heidi loved it. Simon notes that the audience, who gave him a standing ovation, loved him.

Mandy Harvey – AGT Season 12 – Singer

Mandy was also Simon’s Golden Buzzer, but on AGT. The singer lost her hearing at 18 due to an illness. She gave up at first, but figured out how to sing with musicale memory, trusting her pitch and floor vibrations. Her AGT audition went massively viral, but she was eliminated in the final. Since AGT, she’s released two albums, and performed all over the world. She has also had a baby!

This time she’s singing an original song titled “Something I Can Feel.” Mandy has been deaf for a decade. It’s remarkable how she can vocalize with clear enunciation and perfect pitch. I wonder if ongoing speech therapy is part of her routine? Having said that, the original song doesn’t highlight her vocal strengths.

“I think they like you,” says Simon. Heidi calls her voice angelic and sweet. “Positivity is oozing out of you.” Howie wishes she could hear how beautiful she sounds. Simon pulls out the “I don’t think it was a good song…it was a great song” shtick. He calls it better than her audition. We’ll see if that performance goes viral.

Yumbo Dump – Asia’s Got Talent/AGT Season 13 – Variety

THESE GUYS. The Yumbo duo is a joke act from Japan. Basically, they do sound effects with their stomachs, and various unclothed body parts. Simon and Howie loved them. The girls not so much. Heidi buzzed them in the quarter finals. Yes, they made it that far.

The bit is exactly the same. They display a card revealing the sound they will imitate. They shush the audience. And then do a weird thing with their stomachs, attempting to imitate the sound. They end each bit with their catch phrase “Feels so good!” Heidi assists them in their last trick, which admittedly is kind of clever.

“This is what the show is all about,” declares Simon. “Being really really stupid. But really funny” He thinks they are even funnier than last time. Heidi is on board now. “I love you guys.” Howie agrees with Simon. “This stuff is even funnier.” He wants the superfans to vote for them (he can’t be serious. He probably is not.)

Mervant Vera – AGT Season 17 – Magician

Mervant grew up rapping and doing magic. At one point he decided to do them at the same time! He’s the RAPPING MAGICIAN performing close up magic while freestyling. He left the competition in the semi-finals after Simon said he “seemed nervous.”

This time, he does a routine on stage involving frisbees and envelopes. The idea is to make a rap out of words affixed to frisbees tossed into the audience. The trick is that the words are random, yet he can rap them with great flow. The routine isn’t magical until the “surprise” ending. Using random words for a freestyle is a thing any clever rapper could do.

Heidi likes that the routine proved the bit wasn’t rigged. ‘Very entertaining,” she says. Howie says, “You hit it out of the park.” Simon likes him, and calls him “unbelievably talented.” He hopes the “superfans” support him.

Tom Ball – Britain’s Got Talent 2022 – Singer – GROUP GOLDEN BUZZER

Tom is a secondary school teacher who auditioned for BGT last year to “inspire” his students. He made it to the finale, but finished in 7th place. Axel Blake won that year. He married five days after his audition. It’s his first time in Los Angeles.

He sings “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel in a classical style. It’s an unusual song choice. He’s a strong, albeit old fashioned singer. His sound is a little thin in his upper range, but his tone is pretty. He’s probably not a trained vocalist.

The audience and judges are on their feet. Simon is angry. He wishes it were the first time he’d heard him. He calls him “Susan Boyle’s grandson.” It’s an apt comparison. Like Susan, Tom is a modestly talented every-person. He’s kind of homely and simple. But he’s got big dreams! Simon calls it the “best performance he’s seen all series.” Hm. Howie calls Tom “amazing.” Heidi calls the performance “outstanding” and “larger than life.” Simon thinks that song could have won Tom the show last year.

Terry approaches the judges table. All four SMASH THE GOLDEN BUZZER. It’s another “Susan Boyle” moment. And when Tom returns for the finale, he’ll be married. What a story!

World Taekwondo – AGT Season 16 – Martial Arts

This group of young martial artists was Terry Crews golden buzzer in their season. Their dream was to win, but they finished the finale outside of the Top 5. After AGT the group traveled back to their home, Soule, South Korea and found success all over the world.

The act “demonstrates” highly choreographed feats of Taekwondo. Sometimes with their feet! And their hands. The performers toss blocks and pieces of wood in order to break them apart. They jump incredible heights too. It’s quite the spectacle, and probably is amazing to watch in person. The group performs ever closer to the judges table, showering them with spent blocks. It’s hilarious.

Simon jokes about being hit twice in the face. Still, he call the routine “on another level” from what they did before. Heidi says “You’re so in sync, it’s insane. So good!” Howie shouts “wow” in Korean over and over again.

Jasper Cherry – Britain’s Got Talent 2020 – Magician

Jasper competed on BGT during the funky 2020 season, when COVID forced producers to postpone the live shows until the fall. The young magician made it to the finals, but finished in 9th place. He began doing magic at 9 years old. He looked much younger two years ago!

Jasper invites Heidi to help him on stage. His routine involves a deck of cards. But the twist involves “proving time travel is real.” Somehow, he manages to push back the time on every smartphone in the room? Really? The big trick is how a video he filmed days ago predicts what happens on stage. This feels similar to another AGT routine? Or no? I feel like I’ve seen this trick before.

Howie is sure the “superfans” will love his act. “You do make me believe the impossible is possible” says Heidi. Simon swears that Jasper is actually magical (Narrator: No, he is not).

Ana-Maria Margean – Romania’s Got Talent 2021 Winner – Ventriloquist

NBC dropped this audition over the weekend. Ana-Maria won Romania’s Got Talent two years ago. That, after only practicing the craft for a short time. Terry Fator videos inspired her. She received a Golden Buzzer before winning the show. After winning, she did so well, her parents were able to build a house.

To America, Ana-Maria brings her “rescue dog Waldo.” The two banter over who rescued who and who is actually in charge, before they launch into a performance of the 60s classic, “You Don’t Own Me.” Ana-Marie has an act very similar to Darci Lynne the 12 year old ventriloquist who won season 12. Like Darci, Ana-Maria’s singing is good enough to stand on its own.

Heidi loves everything about her act. Howie can’t believe she’s only been puppeting for two years. He believes the “superfans” will love her. Her mother made Waldo for her. Simon feigns surprise that Waldo is not a real dog. “You are really funny! I really like your dog,” he adds.

Archie Williams – AGT Season 15 – Singer

Archie was falsely convicted of burglary, rape and murder in the early 80s. Subsequently, he spent 36 years in prison, until DNA evidence exonerated him. He made it to the finale in 2021, but he finished outside of the Top 5. These days, he’s working with the Innocence Project to help other wrongfully convicted prisoners.

This time, Archie starts his performance with a monologue about his struggles, before singing an emotional rendition of “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Archie isn’t the best vocalist. but he infuses his performance with the years of pain he endured. He’s powerful! The judges and the crowd give the singer a standing ovation.

Howie calls him “deserving” because of the life he has lived. “You have everything it takes,” he says. “You touch my heart,” says Heidi noting his raw honesty. “You’ve come back better,” says Simon. He calls the performance “strong and creative.”


The group Golden Buzzer has put Tom Ball through to the finale. Now it’s time to reveal who the “superfans” voted through. The first act in the Top 3 is…Peter Rosalita! The next in the Top 3 is…Ana-Maria Maragean. The third and final act in the Top 3 is, Mandy Harvey! Three singers. The judges are surprised the “superfans” didn’t pick Archie.

The act finishing in third place is...Mandy Harvey. The act going into the finals is…Ana-Maria Margean. Peter Rosalita leaves in second place. Eh. I would have voted for Mandy or Peter over Ana-Marie. But Archie is the singer who really deserved it. The “superfans” continue to be “super dumb.”

Through to the finale:

Tom Ball – Group Golden Buzzer
Ana-Maria Maragean – Superfan vote

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