AGT: All Stars 2023 Week 3 Results Live Blog (Videos)

Mike E. Winfield AGT: All Stars 2023 Week 3 Results
Pictured: Mike E. Winfield — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

AGT: All Stars 2023 Week 3 Results

AGT: All Stars 2023 Week 3 Results continues tonight with the THIRD set of 10 out of 60 America’s Got Talent All Star acts. Simon Cowell calls the contestants the best of the best of the best. These are acts who performed well on AGT and Got Talent franchises around the world.

Each week 10 acts will perform for the judges for the chance to earn one of the coveted five Golden Buzzers and move on to the finals. The AGT Superfans will also vote on one additional act per episode who will also move onto the finals for a total of 11 acts in the finale.

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The Superfans will vote for the winner and results will be revealed during the two-hour finale. Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum sit on the judges panel. Terry Crews hosts.

Each week, a cast member is the designated Golden Buzzer pusher of the night. Tonight, it’s the big man himself, Simon Cowell.

Avery Dixon – AGT Season 17 – Saxophonist (was Terry Crews Golden Buzzer)

NBC previewed Avery’s AGT: All Stars audition HERE. He was the young saxophonist who earned Terry Crews Golden Buzzer in 2022 after sharing a story about how music helped him survive abuse from bullies. He advanced to the finale, but finished outside of the Top 5.

For his second chance at the win, Avery brought his band. He wants to win for his mom who convinced him to audition last year. With a new found confidence, Avery introduces himself before playing a jazzy and spirited rendition of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. He’s as good as ever, but with a “swag” in his step.

The judges and audience are on their feet. Howie calls him an “All Star” and “You stepped it up…you are a show.” Heidi says, “I can’t stay in my seat!” Simon says, “This is you at your very, very best. You have a shot at winning this.” Simon claims that he almost gave Avery his Golden Buzzer, but figured that the “superfans” would vote him through.

Peter Antoniou – AGT Season 16 – Mentalist

Simon buzzed Peter’s AGT 2021 semi-final performance after it went wrong. Unsurprisingly, the London native is back for redemption. Regardless, after season 16, Peter performed in the AGT Vegas show.

He goes on about how he’s actually psychic (Pro tip: He’s not!) Terry, Howie and an “audience member” join Peter on stage to help with the act. The bit involves Peter “reading” each of their minds, with increasing levels of difficulty. Peter doesn’t mess up, but Simon buzzes him, again!

Howie and Heidi both disagree with Simon about the buzzer. Simon explains that Peter lacks showmanship and is “boring.” Howie calls the act exciting, while Heidi compliments his showmanship. Off stage, Peter accuses Simon of having a short attention span, saying “He’s impatient.”

Viviana Rossi – AGT Season 17 – Aerialist

Last week, NBC previewed Viviana’s audition HERE. Last season, the aerialist performed a sexy routine using a water-filled bathtub as a prop. The judges praised the act. However, she couldn’t appear in the semi-finals, after an injury she sustained before her audition flared up again.

The Barcelona native returns to All Stars with an act that’s less sensual, but still fast paced and very dangerous. This time she works within a ring of fire which is a thing that could go very wrong. But once again, she’s flawless.

After the performance, Howie said, “Unbelievable.” He added, ‘That looked incredibly dangerous. And you just burned the floor down.” Heidi said, “What you do is absolutely stunning. I’m mesmerized every time when I see you.” Simon said, “There’s no question you would have made the final last year.”

Dustin’s Dojo – AGT Season 9 – Variety

Like Season 8 joke act Tone the Chief who performed last week, the show is reaching way back into the Howard Stern era for some laughs. It’s a karate act that is purposely terrible. Last time the guys loved it, the girls not so much. Howard saved them with his “golden buzzer” which in those days saved the worst rather than the best.

Nine years later, Dustin looks a the same, but chubbier. And it’s pretty much the same act, but with an extra guy. Also, they bring along nunchucks and a fake “ring of fire.” It was funnier the first time. Simon and Heidi buzz them.

Heidi didn’t get it then. She still doesn’t get it. “It wasn’t karate,” quips Simon. “It was Kar-appy.” Howie still loves the act, calling it “pure comedy, silly, bad, atrocious.” He would “go see this movie.”

Mike E. Winfield – AGT Season 17 – Comedian – SIMON’S GOLDEN BUZZER

A finalist on AGT season 17, Mike finished outside of the Top 5. He’s been performing comedy for close to 20 years. Afterward, he has been working non-stop.

The crowd are on their feet before he even begins. Mike really wants to win this time. The jokes are again inspired by his older wife and step son who is close to his age, whom he’s dubbed “step-man.” Like last time, Mike is mildly amusing.

Heidi calls him a “ray of sunshine.” Simon thinks he’s come back funnier and more confident. Mike says he wants the win “more than anything.” The crowd roars. Simon is so impressed with his attitude, that he gives Mike his Golden Buzzer. Weird. It’s gotta be that Simon wants at least one comic in the final. Because that routine was just a’ight.

Keiichi Iwasaki – Britain’s Got Talent 2022 – Magician

Despite receiving hosts Ant & Dec’s Golden Buzzer at his BGT audition, Japanese comedic magician Keiichi was eliminated from the semifinals after losing the Judges Save to Eva Abley and Tom Ball (Also slated to appear on All Stars). In Japan, Keiichi bicycled across the country performing in the streets of various towns and cities. The bike is part of his act.

First, he performs close-up magic in front of the judges using handkerchiefs. He then transforms the red buzzer light into something quite different and humorous. The act is manic, but Keiichi is likeable! Heidi joins him on stage to do more tricks, including a clever and entertaining telekinetic bit.

Howie believes the “superfans” will love him. Heidi “loves” him and compliments his fast pace. Simon says “You have a personality. I really like you.”

Dance Town Family – AGT Season 15 – Dance group

All Stars is the first time this Latin ballroom troupe will perform in front of the judges. They competed in 2020, but the pandemic kept them virtual. Nevertheless, the show appearance impressed Jennifer Lopez so much, she invited them to perform with her on the Super Bowl.

The group, made up of young people of all ages, is pretty good. But ballroom dancing in a big group is a little unwieldy. It’s hard to connect. But good for them finally getting to finally perform in person.

The judges are on their feet. Heidi calls it “spectacular” and “insane.” Howie calls it energetic and fun. He thinks the “superfans” will love them. Simon calls it “exceptional…it was everything an All Star should be.”

Keren Montero – Dominicana’s Got Talent 2021 Winner – Singer

Keren is this week’s only former champ, having won Dominicana’s Got Talent at age 16 in 2021. She was a Golden Buzzer act as well. She grew up watching AGT and eventually auditioned for the Dominican version. The singer has had success in her home country, now she hopes to show the world who she is.

The young singer picks a contemporary number, “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle. She has a small choir behind her. It probably doesn’t take much to win Got Talent in a small country. And while Keren has a sweet voice, she’s not spectacular.

Heidi thinks Keren gave herself a “real shot.” Howie compliments her range and ability to “belt.” Simon gets honest, advising the young vocalist to choose songs that she can turn into her “own unique version.” Not sure choosing a different song would have helped her. The audience boos. She looks deflated.

The show ends with two danger acts, which are pitted against each other. As if either will advance in any case.

Captain Ruin – Australia’s Got Talent 2019 – Extreme Variety

Reports say that Australian knife-thrower Captain Ruin was Golden Buzzered into the 2019 finale, but then mysteriously dropped out after the semi-finals. Here, he doesn’t address dropping out at all. He only says “I made it to the semi-finals but then…” And then a bunch of vague stuff about finishing what he started. Weird!

This time the “punk rock daredevil” completes a knife throwing challenge. If he misses his mark, a suspended upright piano will come crashing down on him. The target is moving, making it extra hard. He gets through the challenge, but it’s anti-climatic. Simon buzzes him. The crowd is not impressed either.

Simon says, “There was a lot of build-up, not much delivery.” Heidi admits “I wasn’t super-scared either.” Howie says punnily, “This needed an edge.”

Bir Khalsa – AGT Season 14 – Extreme Variety

The star of this odd danger act from India is a giant of a man who is the centerpiece of dangerous stunts, like lying still while a blindfolded guy sledgehammers fruits placed close to his body. One wrong move, and well, you know. They got a new manager after their stint on AGT in 2019.

Simon was so bored by the last act, that he moves around a couple of coconuts already laid out on stage for the act. That had to be staged. If something went wrong, NBC could be sued into oblivion. (They came close last year). The group has upped their game beyond smashing fruits with a sledgehammer. They utilize nails, ice blocks, swords and a chainsaw. This time, the giant isn’t the only one imperiled. Captain Ruin must be crying backstage.

Howie calls it the “craziest thing” he’s ever seen. “It was exhausting to watch!” cries Heidi. But also “amazing” and “mind blowing.” Simon says, “This is one of those rare times when you want your nuts to be hit” and declares the act “one of my favorites.” He thinks it’s funny that “nearly all of you died, and then your manager came out for a round of applause!”

AGT: All Stars 2023 Week 3 Results

Now it’s time to reveal who the “superfans” chose to put through to the finale from the 9 remaining acts. The first act going into the Top 3 is Peter Antoniou! The next act in the Top 3 is Keren Montero. She looks SHOCKED and so far, the two acts Simon criticized are through. “Always a surprise on this show,” he says. Stay mad, Simon! The third and final act in the Top 3 is…Avery Dixon, to Simon’s relief.

Finishing in third place is…Keren Montero. “It’s got to be Avery,” says a gobsmacked Simon. And the act going into the finals is indeed Avery Dixon, leaving Peter Antoniou in 2nd place.

Through to the finale:

Mike E. Winfield – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer
Avery Dixon – Superfan pick

Viviana Rossi, Bir Khalsa and even Dance Town Family deserved Simon’s Golden Buzzer over Mike E. Winfield. But again, his choice was probably strategic–making sure a comic makes it to the finale.

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