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Aidan Bryant America's Got Talent All Stars
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America’s Got Talent: All Stars 2023 continues tonight with the second set of 10 out of 60 All Star acts. Simon Cowell calls the contestants the best of the best of the best. These are acts who performed well on AGT and Got Talent franchises around the world.

Each week 10 acts will perform for the judges for the chance to earn one of the coveted five Golden Buzzers and move on to the finals. The AGT Superfans will also vote on one additional act per episode who will also move onto the finals for a total of 11 acts in the finale.

AGT: All Stars 2023 Week 2 Lineup: Which 10 Acts Compete?
America’s Got Talent: All Stars Reveal Top 60 Acts Competing

The Superfans will vote for the winner and results will be revealed during the two-hour finale. Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum sit on the judges panel. Terry Crews hosts.

Each week, a cast member is the designated Golden Buzzer pusher of the night. For the premiere, it’s host Terry Crews.

Divyansh & Manuraj – India’s Got Talent Winner 2022 – Music act

Musical act, Divyansh & Manuraj, are new to AGT having won India’s Got Talent in 2022. Divyansh Kacholia and Manuraj Singh Rajput perform a unique mashup of beatboxing and flute playing. On India’s Got Talent, they got together at the last minute after their respective partners couldn’t be there.

The duo’s musical director stands right next to Simon with his music stand and introduces himself. Odd set up! Would an act like this work in the US. They are both really good at their respective talents. The act is fast paced and entertaining. In any case, it’s fun to see what’s popular in other countries. Maybe Lizzo and Drake need to do a thing!

Heidi calls it “Bollywood meets Brooklyn.” Howie thinks the world will love them. “I love acts like this!” gushed Simon. “People are going to talk about his moment.” Howie thinks the superfans will vote for them.

Sara James – AGT 17 – (Was Simon Cowell Golden Buzzer) – Singer

Simon chose Sara, a 13 year old singer from Poland as his Golden Buzzer last season. Her mature and captivating vocals landed her a spot in the finals. But she finished outside of the Top 5. After the finale, she garnered a ton of attention in her home country. NBC previewed this audition over the weekend.

Sara performs Harry Styles’ massive hit “As it Was,” as an EDM fueled ballad. She stretches out the notes to show off her rich alto. But halfway through the performance, the arrangement shifts to the familiar upbeat tempo of Harry’s version. How will the Superfans take to a huge hit being radically re-arranged? She’s an intriguing artist, but with so much at stake, she’s putting a forth a very risky song choice.

Howie remarks, “You’re able to take…iconic sounds and make it your own” Heidi calls Sara a “star in the making.” Simon says, “I do believe with this performance, you’ve given yourself that break.” He adds that Sara reminds him of pop star and X Factor USA alum Camila Cabello.

Malevo – AGT S11 – Dance act

Argentinian Latin dance group Malevo earned a Golden Buzzer at the Season 11 Judge Cuts from guest judge George Lopez. Nevertheless, they were cut at the semi-finals. Their specific Latin style is called Malumbo, which is the Gaucho’s traditional dance. After AGT, the group toured with Ricky Martin and have danced all over the world.

The act includes drumming and props. This time they are performing what seems like Riverdance, Latin style. The dancer’s cuban tap heels are flying. Not only would this entertaining act be a great Vegas act, but like Riverdance, they could entertain fans all over the world. The group is better than ever.

Heidi can feel how much they want it. “I love you guys.” Howie thinks they could have their own room in Vegas. Simon calls it “perfection” and “as good as I’ve ever, ever seen. “You brought your A game,” he says. Howie thinks Terry should have given them the Golden Buzzer.

Tone the Chief – AGT S8 – Singer

In 2013, judges gave the Golden Buzzer to eliminated acts they wanted to see again. Mel B. saved Tone the Chiefrocca–as he was known at the time–a Golden Ticket to the semi-finals. Howie was a judge back then and mentions that they sang their novelty song “BOOTY” over and over again. Eventually, Tone released the song, but mistakenly to the Children’s section of iTunes. Oops. These days, he claims, he’s “Tone The Dishwasher.”

AGT gave Tone a second chance. Did he bring a second song? Nope. It’s BOOTY the reprise! Because 2013 was still the Howard Stern era, and Simon “deserves” to finally hear it. OK then. While Tone is mildly amusing–he’s really a comedian–this appearance is a big waste of space.

“Same song. Same guys. Different decade,” says captain obvious Howie. Heidi had fun. “Did you guys have fun?” Actually? No. “Some things get better with time,” says SImon. “That was amazing.” Hm.

Dustin Tavella – AGT S16 Winner – Magician

Dustin’s America’s Got Talent win in 2021 came as a surprise to many fans of the show. But the entertainer won the crowd over with his sentimental style of magic, which weaved stories about his adopted sons and family life into his tricks. Right away, the show sets up a rivalry between Dustin, and season 16 runner-up Aidan Bryant, who is also competing on the show this week.

Heidi and Terry join Dustin on stage to help. Simon is involved as well, as Dustin asks Terry to think of encouraging words for Simon, but not to say them out loud. Simon holds up a piece of paper on which Terry’s “message” about how Simon is an amazing father appears. And Terry swears that’s what he was thinking! You get the idea! He performs magic against an emotional backdrop. It’s pretty much what he brought to the table last time.

“You’ve done it again,” says Heidi. “Another genius perfect performance.” Howie says, “You deserve the win that you had on AGT…we can’t thank you enough for this performance.” Simon believes he came over better than the last time Dustin competed.

Aidan Bryant – AGT 16 Runner-up – Aerial Acrobat

NBC previewed Aidan’s audition last week. The talented 16 year old aerialist is completely self-taught. Yet those skills brought him to a second place finish on AGT season 16, behind winner, magician Dustin Tavella. Aidan felt confident he would win and was crushed after his loss. Aware that he’s competing against Dustin again, he’s back to claim first place!

Utilizing a large metal triangle held up by silks, Aidan makes a tiny mistake at one point, but doesn’t allow it to deter him. Quickly, he’s back up in the air swinging very fast, Up and down, at times using the silk ropes to swing around and twist his body around the triangle like a pretzel. In the two years since he first competed, Aidan has massively upped a game that was already pretty high.

Heidi says, “I feel like this was the best performance yet from you.” Dustin is off stage looking mighty uncomfortable! Howie, not a big fan of single person aerial acts, nonetheless notes that the routine is “much better than anything I have seen you do.” Simon says that Aidan has “come back stronger, better and more confident, a better performer,” He added, “That was a 10.”

Jamie Leahey – BGT 2022 Runner-up – Ventriloquist

Jamie was 13 years old when he competed on Britain’s Got Talent in 2022, finishing in second place. He taught himself ventriloquism during the first COVID 19 Lockdown in 2020 after his grandmother bought him a monkey puppet.

Jamie, who speaks with a Northern Beatlesque accent, works with a chicken puppet called Chuck who is VERY cheeky, insulting Howie right off the bat. Like AGT’s pre-teen, Darci Lynn, Jamie sings. He’s not a terrific singer like Darci is, but he gives it a go. And while Darci mostly sings pop songs, Jamie is like something out of an old-fashioned music hall, crooning “Together” from Gypsy with his puppet.

Heidi calls him a “little comedian” and feels that he “sparkles” on the stage. Howie calls him a classic throwback to the Ed Sullivan Show, a popular mid 20th century TV variety show. Exactly! Simon calls Jamie “charming.” But afterward, he calls the young act “old fashioned” which is true.

Jackie Fabulous – AGT 14 – Comedian

The Bronx native is a former lawyer turned comedian who left the competition in 2019 at the semi-finals. At her audition, Jackie flirted with Simon, eventually the two had a smooch. Despite bombing her last performance on the show, she did the Tonight Show and her tour schedule got crazy.

Jackie is married now. No more kissing Simon. Her jokes are about married life, aging and more. She’s amusing and relatable. However, she won’t get voted through by the superfans, but she did redeem herself after losing the crowd last time.

Howie calls her “such a joy” and compliments her stage presence. Heidi loves her personality. Jackie is meeting Heidi for the first time, as she competed on the ill-fated Julianne Hough/Gabrielle Union season. Simon remarks, “You got better…I think your personality is off the charts.”

Detroit Youth Choir – AGT S14 (Was Terry Crews Golden Buzzer and IS AGAIN) – Youth Choir

Detroit Youth Choir received the Golden Buzzer from Terry Crews–also a Detroit native–in 2019. Ultimately they finished the season in second place behind Kodi Lee. Although they lost, the city of Detroit raised $1 million for the group.

The size of the group is HUGE. That’s a lot of kids on stage. While the choir aren’t incredible singers, they are well choreographed and energetic. This time they sing and rap through a rendition of Imagine Dragons’ “Thunder.” The aspirational group gives off good vibes.

Simon says he’s “speechless” and calls the performance “creative magic.” Howie calls it “thrilling” and a “championship performance.” Heidi calls them incredible. AND OF COURSE TERRY CREWS CHOOSES THEM AGAIN AS HIS GOLDEN BUZZER. “One Golden Buzzer is not enough,” he says before smashing it. Who didn’t see that coming?

Vittoria Bueno – Das SuperTalent Germany 2021 – Ballerina

Vittorio Bueno is a from a small town in Brazil. Being born without arms due to a genetic condition didn’t stop her from pursing her dance dreams. She competed in Das Supertalent (Germany) season 15, finishing in 2nd place.

Vittoria’s dance teacher translates for her on stage. The young woman completes many everyday tasks using her feet. She performs a classical ballet routine to “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. She’s well trained and dances with confidence.

Heidi compliments Vittoria’s elegance and poise. Simon calls her a star. “You have this glow about you…we were mesmerized.” Howie notes how tough it must be to balance without arms. “I wish you best of luck.”


Detroit Youth Choir are already through to the Finals thanks to Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer. The superfan vote will send one more act through. Terry announces the Top 3 acts.

The first act in no particular order is…Aidan Bryant. The next act is Divyansh & Manuraj. OK that’s a very weird result. And the third and final act in the Top 3 is…Vittoria Bueno. Dustin Tavella and Sara James shut down!

In third place: Vittoria Bueno. In second place is: Divyansh & Manuraj and the Superfans vote Aidan Bryant into the final!

The Superfan voting is very unpredictable. How did Divyansh & Manuraj, an act that has never performed on AGT before beat well known acts like Dustin Tavella and Sara James? Not to mention the interesting but odd flute/beatboxing hybrid they brought to the stage? I didn’t expect that to be a winning combo.

But no matter. The correct contestants won the fan’s vote, Aidan Bryant, who is better than ever. However, Howie and Simon were correct: Malevo deserved the Golden Buzzer. But Terry loves him some DYC.

Through to the final

Detroit Youth Choir – Terry Crews Golden Buzzer
Aidan Bryant – Superfan vote

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