Adam Lambert’s New Single “Time for Miracles” – Listen to a Snippet

At long last, we finally have a tiny leak of one of Adam Lambert’s new songs: “Time For Miracles” from the 2012 Soundtrack.

Listen here on YouTube: Time for Miracles

Listen here at Amazon: Time For Miracles (Item 8 )

Note: Since the discussion is splintering, I thought I’d start the thread and MJ can come along and add all the bells and whistles later.

ETA: Thanks for putting up the links, Kirsten!

Judging from the 30 second snip, the song is exactly what I expected.   I mean, what’s a big budges disaster film without an over-wrought power ballad as its theme song? Heh. Good thing Adam Lambert has the vocal prowess to carry it off.

According to Amazon, the song will be available for download on October 20th, so stay tuned… (On Amazon, it has both 10/16 and 10/20 as release dates, listed on different pages, will have to double check that.)

You can also listen to the snip of “Time for Miracles” here:

Adam Lambert – Time for Miracles

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