Adam Lambert Skingraft at LA Fashion Week

A model wearing at Concept LA Fashion Week at Ace Gallery on March 13,  2011 in Los Angeles,  California.

Adam Lambert and designer Jonny Cota pose for a photo at the Skingraft installation at LA Fashion Week on Sunday.

'Miranda Sings' at CAST PAR...
'Miranda Sings' at CAST PARTY

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  1. Ooooh, Adam looks so good. I knew the glam look wasn’t gone. He isn’t smiling much though, he looks serious.

  2. I love the way he looks and his hair does look great these days. I see he has the shoulder holster thingy even though it’s difficult to see being black on black. Very sexy.

  3. I’m glad that Adam got the “clean look” out of his system.. :-D

  4. I like Adam with and w/o makeup. He was stunning on American Idol w/o any eye makeup, as he did on The Talk. He thinks his blue-green eyes pop more with eyeliner, I think they sparkle more w/o it.

  5. Adam looks so good … tall, thin and gorgeous! Love the hair. As far as the make-up, I like him with or without … he keeps changing it up lately so it’s all good.

  6. Adam looks great, as usual. Love how he changes his look to fit his/the mood. Either way he looks good with and without the make-up.

  7. He thinks his blue-green eyes pop more with eyeliner, I think they sparkle more w/o it.

    You know you are right, they really sparkle w/o makeup. I noticed that on The Talk. But I love how creative he gets with the eye makeup too.

  8. Adam looks hot! Love, love, love his expression in the last pic. Thanks for posting these MJ!

    Oh, and the gauges in Johnny Cota’s ears look painful! Does anyone know if, once stretched this much, they can ever get back to normal? Or is that usually done with surgery?

  9. Freidag, only with surgery. Speaking of which, Adam’s gauges are bigger too lately. Compared to on Idol, or on tour, he’s making them bigger too. Hope he doesn’t go further.

    Anyway, it’s always good to see Adam in the news, he has a long friendship with Skingraft folks, and they have given him many amazing looks these past couple of years. Love the last picture, with that funny fierce smirk. Adam and fashion go hand in hand. Wish he would walk a runway sometime.

    MJ, thanks for making this a thread. You know how much we love our boy!

  10. I like Jonny Cota’s design sense, and I noticed, he’s getting some traction with former Idols wearing his pieces. I hadn’t realized until he tweeted that the triple zipper jacket and holster murse that DC was wearing in his latest photos MJ posted were also from Skingraft. Nice for Jonny Cota to have popular ‘walking advertisements’, and cool for us, because the guys look great in his designs!

  11. I just can’t imagine Adam’s gauges getting bigger. At least a tattoo can be covered up if needed, but those big holes…ugh.

  12. Hot damn he looks so good in those pics! His eyes especially are so stunning! Wow! This is why he needs to do some official endorsements/modelling. He is just so photogenic!

  13. Mel1 says:
    03/14/2011 at 2:35 pm
    I like Adam with and w/o makeup. He was stunning on American Idol w/o any eye makeup, as he did on The Talk. He thinks his blue-green eyes pop more with eyeliner, I think they sparkle more w/o it.

    ITA. It all depends on the outfit and occassion. He looked fabulous on AI without much eyemakeup, and fabulous here or on tour with way more. Some of my favorite looks have been when he and his makeup artists (Sutan or Jeni) have gotten really creative and given him like a turquoise, or purple, or multi-hewed look. Love it!

  14. Oh, and ftr, I haven’t even noticed the gauges. LOL. Then again, that was always a feature I never really noticed from him for some reason.

  15. Oksana2000 says:
    03/14/2011 at 2:29 pm

    I’m glad that Adam got the “clean look” out of his system..

    Yeah, I love the glimpse of glam!Adam! Any new drag shows whose opening he could attend on the horizon?

  16. And some fans thought he left the GLAM far behind. LOL The man is gorgeous and I love all of his looks (except YHA :)) but I thought his looks on The Talk and at the Grammy RC were exceptionally fantastic. His naked eyes are stunning.

  17. Grammy Adam was mind boggling! Whoever helped style him for that weekend should win an award!

    I just love Adam, glam, not glam, hair high, hair low, glitter and rhinestones, or jeans and t-shirts. Just gimme my Adam!

    {{ Oh my, I actually typed that. Tee Hee }}

  18. Um. He looks soooo good!! Incipit, I called Skingraft the minute those DC pictures came out, it just looked like their style. Adam has been advertising them since the AI days, their leather work is just amazing. I still want to see him wear his AI Tour!Jacket again, without the tails of course. :) The zebra jacket in Glamnation was also amazing.

  19. I am pretty sure (not positive) that David Cook’s white leather jacket worn during his S7 performance of We are all Innocent was Skingraft as well.

  20. That jacket that Adam’s wearing, which we’ve all seen before, must also be Skingraft, or he wouldn’t be wearing it to their fashion show.

  21. lovingadam says:
    03/14/2011 at 2:13 pm
    Adam Lambert makes appearance for SKINGRAFT at LA Fashion Week

    I especially love the pic with Leila!
    I would guess that Adam values her judgment regarding many issues and styles. She seems so very stylish herself!

  22. Adam has a great sense of style. His LONG legs add a special something to anything he wears.

  23. CindyM says:
    03/14/2011 at 5:16 pm
    I still want to see him wear his AI Tour!Jacket again, without the tails of course.

    He wore it in the IIHY video, without the tails. Look at the section of the video when he is singing with his band — he’s wearing white shirt and pants and the Tour!Jacket. :)

    In an after the AI tour he talked about possibly auctioning it off for charity, but who knows. Maybe it will surface again in another video some day.

  24. Well, well, my day has been made. Yummy photos of Mr. Yummy himself!. God that man is hot! If he really knew how hot he is, he could not remain as sweet as he is…just could not. He is about the thinnest he has been right now. Seems like he is better able to control his diet now that he is at home…good for him. So glad to see him supporting Skingraft this way. It’s so important to him to spread his celebrity to those he cares about….is gives men a good name!!!!!

  25. I’m not a fan of the foundation. I like the eye make-up but not so much the base. I think too heavy a base on anyone ages them. He has lost weight that I can see. I like the clothes obviously it has to be skingraft. Not really a fan of any of the Idol guys. But I will admit he is the most striking male that has come out of that show. He stands out.

  26. He’s just pretty. Without make-up, his eyes are stunning. With make-up, he’s stunning! I don’t think he needs the base. I like a guy who looks natural. They’re supposed to have pores and facial hair and all of that. But if Adam is happy, that’s all good. He’s not putting on the make-up for me. lol…. :)

  27. I am not a fan of gobs of black eyeliner under the eye – anybody’s eye.

  28. Who would win if we had a contest to determine who wears more make-up… JLO or Adam?

  29. Nice. Lookin’ good, Adam. :-) My favorite pic is #7. So have we seen that jacket before, or is that perhaps what Skingraft was working on for him?

    Thanks for posting these pics, MJ.

  30. Beautiful Adam… with or without eye liner… Am already imagining a special fashion photoshoot of Adam, modelling for Skingraft…Yum…

  31. Much as I love him without heavy makeup, I feel relief that the eyeliner is back. With everyone gushing about his stunning look on Idol last Thursday, I was a bit worried that he might tone down his makeup to please people. He doesn’t and that what I love about him. However, he’s a bit too thin lately. Stay healthy Adam!! Love you.

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