Adam Lambert and Queen set for X Factor UK Appearance

Queen + Adam Lambert At The Forum

James Ingham from the London Daily Star is reporting a slew of stars, set to appear on the X Factor UK in the coming weeks.

New Trailer Released for West End&#...
New Trailer Released for West End's X Factor Musical, I CAN'T SING!

The good news? Adam Lambert and Queen are set to appear!

Adam and Queen will embark on a UK and European tour beginning in January, 2015. They’re on a a bit of a hiatus at a moment, so this appearance is a welcome surprise.

Also, X Factor alums are set to appear, including last years winner, Sam Bailey, Olly Murs, and Ella Henderson (who is making a splash across the pond), and of course, superstars, One Direction!

UPDATE: Brian May confirms that Queen will not perform THIS WEEKEND for Queen vs Michael Jackson week. However he DID NOT rule out a future appearance!

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  1. I bet they will perform We Are The Champions with the finalists. Simon is obsessed to recreate all Idol season 8 “moments”.

  2. Good news. I think Queen and Adam will get to perform whatever they want to perform. My only hope is that they keep Brian Friedman as far away from them as possible. His OTT productions in performances that don’t need them is such a turnoff. It should be about the act and not about his ability to show how much gauche he can throw into a single performance. Yes, and I know he is a friend of Adam’s, but still don’t want to see his handiwork messing with Queen or Adam.

  3. I hope they can perform something other than We are the Champions or We Will Rock You.

    Somebody to Love or Dragon Attack or Who Wants to Live Forever please. Pretty please.

    And I doubt that Mr Masters of Control ( May and Taylor ) would allow their formula to be messed with by Friedman.

    If this performance isn’t just a rumour.

  4. Thanks! You have made me feel so much better re Friedman, lol. My thoughts were on the verge of giving me nightmares.

  5. It would be nice if they could do “Love Kills,” since that’s on the upcoming album. But, in that case they’d be more likely to sing “There Must Be More to Life than This,” as that one is currently getting radio play in the U.K.

  6. It would be nice if they did something a little different than the usual. Not worried that May will let anyone dictate what he doing. Of course, this could just be another rumor.

  7. What is the usual? They are a rock band. And as far as I know, Queen has not performed on TV in the UK with Adam as frontman. Maybe some saw him in the EMA performance a while back. But this will give him a chance, in front of the UK audience, to show what he brings to the table and what all the talk is about. It will be new to most of that audience even if his fans in the US have seen it all.

  8. I think it is very likely that they will perform at least one or two songs from their new album. Wonder how many songs they will do?

  9. Hope the rumour is true……I vote for Love Kills, I was born to Love you or Somebody to love….including the glory note and the triple twirl!!

  10. This could be a rumor or maybe not. The other day Adam’s PR rep tweeted that after John Legend’s performance, there was one more Edge artist scheduled to perform. IMO it’s either Adam + Queen or it’s Britney.

  11. James Ingham has no reason to lie. He is a Daily Star reporter. Tabloid reporters do get reliable information like that. Hell, Daily Star will likely soon reveal who is leading the votes on the X Factor week to week.

    One Direction pre-taped a performance today for next week. Sam Smith was also announced today for next week.

    Looking at that tweet again, it’s exactly 8 acts. Two per week, so this could be the line-up for the rest of November. The names for the grand finale usually start leaking closer to the finale.

  12. I just meant that I don’t want to get too excited until it’s actually confirmed by Adam’s management. Feeling very optimistic tho. ;)

  13. The X Factor

    2m2 minutes ago

    The #newtheme is…Queen versus Michael Jackson. Tune in 8pm Saturday night @itv #xfactor

    There goes the disco theme. But next week the guest performers are 1D and Sam Smith.

  14. I wonder if the whole Simon-Adam-Queen full circle phenomenon will escape the UK audience?

  15. I would like to see Simon actually talking to Adam. I heard that they hardly had chance to interact during or after the AI8 and I think it is over due. Of course Simon probably does not want have anything to do with American Idol ever again, but it feels like a full circle moment to me.

    And, I join the plea that something other than WWRY+We are the Champions performed. Sure, there is no way to SKIP these two, but there has to be time to do at least one more. To introduce Adam, I would recommend Who Wants to Live Forever, but I think they may want to promote one of the new songs.

  16. Thinking perhaps a not so well known song would be a treat, but I’m thrilled whatever they want to do. Still unclear about dates? Read 11-15/16 somewhere. Also read that they will be performing at the Rock Awards Show, which I thought was in November also. Big month for QAL fans?

  17. Lol. There is a huge picture and big article of Adam in his werewolf costume and about his Halloween party in an important newspaper in Peru. So, I guess if his party was a big deal in other parts of the world, it is safe to say his appearance with Queen on Xfactor UK will generate some nice international press.

  18. I don’t think Simon would miss the chance to say he predicted someone would be a worldwide star, and pretty much is one, even if it was on another show. So I think he will say something. I kind of hope he does.
    I’d love it if they did Who Wants to Live Forever, too.

  19. Found interest in Lambert arises sometimes in unexpected and surprising places.

  20. I don.t think Simon will make any American Idol references. but it’s implied, he’s in control, can’t wait to see his “I did this” face

  21. Queen is releasing Queen Forever on November 10 so this appearance is not surprising at all.

    Also, it has been hinted at for weeks. Adam watchers had noted that Adam started following XFactor UK a few weeks ago and last week his publicist, Shoshanna Stone, has tweet that John Legend and another Edge artist would be on XFactor UK.

    ETA: I do get a kick out of JAMES INGHAM @jamesinrehab tweeting “Adam Lambert & Queen”….
    since he is a London-based reporter. :)

  22. Adam has a real large fanbase in Peru. They have get-together and a number of quite serious Adam impersonators who are good. The fandom in Peru goes back to Idol — and continues to grow. Same for many parts of South America.

  23. I do not think that will happen. Bet they perform something from “Queen Forever” standard disc — STL, CLTCL, WWTLF are all on the new album standard disc.

  24. Bodes well, then, for a South American tour if they ever decide to do one.

  25. Can’t wait for the Simon-Adam reunion! I believe aside from Kelly Clarkson, Adam is the only other Idol alumni to be on the X-Factor. J-Hud?

  26. South America is pretty much the only place he’s never been, the fans there have been calling for a concert since Idol…maybe next year will be the year.

  27. If thats the theme, why wouldn’t they have Queen on next week???

    eta..just saw below that 1D taped their performance, so they could be changed to a different week.

  28. Probably because during the lifetime of UK XF so few of the AI alums have had successful UK careers…
    Jordin Sparks had a couple of hits… But since the WGWG started winning AI back in 2008… Apart from Kelly, I don’t think anyone from AI has charted in the UK

  29. Well given very few in the UK will have watched AI when Queen performed with Adam… Let alone know who Adam is… Then yes, I think that reference will escape the UK audience…
    Simon is likely to play the… I discovered this guy on AI… He’s done that before with the likes of Kelly

  30. Yes, unless they do a quick medley of 2 or 3 songs (like John Legend did this weekend)… there are normally 2 guest performers… so no time for either to perform more than 1 full song, or a quick medley or 2 or 3 songs…

  31. Queen and MJ theme seems to bode well for Simon’s Overs, especially Fleur and Ben… As does the fact that following week will be Swing / Big Band…

  32. I believe 1D have an album out that week… so can’t see them moving that for anyone… they are after all on Cowell’s label…

  33. Maybe they will have one guest on the performance night, and two on the results night like they did last week.

  34. Adam has charted several times in the UK, albeit not very high and not for very long. Both of his albums charted and 2 of his singles charted ( they weren’t hits but they did chart.. Ncoe even got played one week on bbc1 countdown show)

  35. A little different would be nice. And agree with you on Brian and Roger letting a choreographer or art director tell them what to do after all these years. Their music stands on it’s own and they know it.

  36. Pretty sure American Idol was watched there & was popular up until recently.

  37. The EMA’s, which took place in Ireland that year, are not a small thing. It was shown on TV in the UK and the British media was very much into, as far as I recall. That show is watched all over Europe and the reaction to QAL’s performance generated mainstream interest in a potential collaboration. IMHO, it was more impactful than this could ever be.

    The X Factor is terrific but the UK audience knows Adam much better than they did in 2011. He has been appearing and touring with Queen for 3 years now and very few people will be surprised to see him fronting the band.

  38. If that rumour (and this one are true, then it’s a big month for QAL. Fingers crossed!

  39. This is what I am hoping for – they did a medley at the EMA’s. The obvious two and TSMGO.

  40. Praying for this rumour to be true. Hopefully a medley: WWRY, WATC and something a little different. Like the EMA’s.

  41. When Kelly Clarkston appeared on X, did Simon make an American Idol reference then, say anything? Just wondering.

  42. Carrie has charted in the UK with her albums. Jordin had a couple of singles that charted there. Adam charted briefly. I’ve seen other Idols show up on the UK iTunes charts, but generally fairly low and only briefly. But aside from Kelly and Jordin I don’t know if anyone has gotten significant radio play in the UK (maybe Daughtry?) I don’t even remember “Home” getting much attention, although considering how big that single was, I would guess that it must have gotten at least a little radio play in the UK?

  43. “I’ve seen other Idols show up on the UK iTunes charts, but generally fairly low and only briefly.”

    Yes, “DC’s “Magic Rainbow” charted in the low 60’s in 2008, as I recall – a NumberNerd would know for sure.

  44. Brian May has confirmed that they will NOT be appearing for the Queen-themed week. It is unclear if they will perform on another date.

    ETA: I wasn’t sure how this would work anyway since Brian May will be in LA this week. IMO it was too short notice for them to appear this weekend.

  45. its unclear exactly what he is confirming isn’t it? He confirmed they aren’t appearing this week during Queen v Michael Jackson week (which was obvious given that the 2 performers have already been announced and Brian is in the US for most of this week)…but he didn’t say they aren’t appearing at all this season. So who knows. Some Edge Publicity client is appearing per Shoshanna Stone, and the likely suspects are Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, Usher (although he is on NA tour til mid December so unlikely), and Adam, and only Adam was on Ingham’s list (and 2 of the 8 on list already confirmed).

  46. I never said anyone would be surprised with Adam fronting Queen, lol. I just said it would be an opportunity to show what all the talk is about re the touring with Queen. They have received such rave reviews. Unlike those who think hardly anyone knows Adam in the UK, I am sure that is not the case. FYE charted at 36 and Trespassing at 16, while not high both albums did chart. He also has toured in the UK on his own name with Glamnation. In addition to the touring in the UK with Queen, he has been on UK TV several times and Capital radio? even gave him some radio play. And yes, he did get very good feedback on his EMA performance no doubt. I would say after Kelly, he would be one of the more well known Idols in the UK. So IMO the XFactor performance can only be a plus for him.

  47. Adam charted at 36 for FYE and 16 for Trespassing albums. Never Close our Eyes the single charted at 17 and FYE single 37. He also headlined in the UK with the Glamnation tour. He has been on UK TV for interviews and several performances. Aside from Kelly, he is one of the more well known Idols in the UK. The XFactor performance with Queen will be helpful for more exposure for him.

  48. as someone who lives in the UK… watches AI… and keeps up with all things music/popular culture… I think you’d be surprised how under the radar Adam probably is…

    yes, people who have seen Queen live will know who he is… and yes, he has done some mainstream media… but some people may even think he is some sort of Freddie impersonator… for example, I have a good friend who loves Queen, plans to see them, and referred to Adam as ‘that guy who is playing at being Freddie Mercury’…

    so to some he will be known only as… the guy who sings with Queen… if at all…

  49. I am here in the UK… AI was on television… but not largely watched… I think a couple of hundred thousand people watched it at peak… around season 2-5…
    after that it dwindled… moved off itv2 onto another channel and then got canned mid season…

  50. i never said he (or other Idols) hadn’t hit the UK charts… but there’s a big difference between having a successful career… i.e. Kelly… and charting twice but dropping off the charts 2 weeks later (adam)… or hitting the lower reaches for a couple of weeks (DC, P2)…
    so Adam does have some fans here… but while the average person probably knows who Kelly is… and hears her songs on the radio etc… even if they have never purchased any of her product… majority of the UK public would have no idea who most other idols are… even Carrie and Daughtry… let alone DC, P2, Adam etc…

  51. Only a few people who want to discredit Adam will call him a Freddie impersonator. Adam has the good looks and sexy persona that Freddie did not have. Of course they are both very talented but different. Though he is fronting Queen, most know he has a solo career. So a few unhappy Freddie fans cannot take away Adams talent. He is known in the UK. He just has to become more known. Adam has fans in the UK and he has detractors. Any exposure for him is a good thing.

  52. Oh, I thought you said nobody other than Kelly had charted in the UK. Sorry! Even so, I think an appearance by Queen and Adam will be a positive. It can’t hurt. Any exposure that he gets will be a plus. Hopefully, he can build on the opportunities and eventually build a successful career in the UK

  53. don’t debate anything you said in your most recent comment… I agree that some will like him, some won’t… just like with any performer…
    however I still think that most people in the UK currently have no idea he exists… and that even if they think he does a great job at singing with Queen (and I am sure he will)… that is all they will see him as… the guy who sings with Queen…
    rather than as Adam Lambert solo performer… as let’s face it… he is presenting himself as someone singing with Queen’s… so why would the vast majority of the public see him as anything else?

  54. It is increased exposure and name recognition. Yes, he is fronting Queen but he is also upping his name recognition, which is needed in the UK. It is billed as Queen and Adam Lambert. He will be releasing a new album and single soon as Adam Lambert. I just don’t understand how more people being aware of him will hurt. I would really be interested in hearing what his UK fans think about this. Should he refuse to appear with Queen because some will think that is all he is? Or should he roll with it, with the understanding that some, if not all, will be aware or made aware that he is a solo artist and might check out his new material? Where is the downside to this?

  55. you did actually say that ‘he (or other Idols) hadn’t hit the UK charts”

    ‘”Apart from Kelly, I don’t think anyone from AI has charted in the UK”

    That statement is very different from now saying they did chart but didn’t stay on there long..
    I think we all agree that Adam hasn’t had a major hit in the UK, but he has charted several times. I’m not that up on other Idols, but I expect there are others that have too.

  56. My post was strictly in response to you EMA reference “Maybe some saw him in the EMA performance a while back. But this will give him a chance, in front of the UK audience, to show what he brings to the table.”

    EMA’s = 40 million households; X Factor UK = 8 million. An X Factor UK appearance is terrific, as I said, but the place to be and show to watch next Sunday night is the EMA’s in Glasgow, not X Factor.

  57. I know. I was over there for the 2012 Hammersmith concerts and none of my extended family had ever heard of him. They certainly got a highly affirmative earful. I even took a young cousin and his girlfriend to the July 12th concert (they loved it.)

    I do think Adam’s time with Queen is generating more interest in him as an artist and whatever appearances they make together will help CD3. It’s all good.

  58. never said there’s a downside or that he shouldn’t do it…
    just stating the obvious that many who see him touring with Queen, are unlikely to be interested in him as a solo artist… not because of him per se… but because we know that the average 40-60 year old doesn’t buy much in the way of new music…
    but I agree that given his position it cant hurt him..

  59. LOL… OK… you got me.. I didn’t type quite what I meant to say… which is only really Kelly from AI has had a successful chart career in the UK in the last 5 or so years… :)
    Jordin did have 2 or 3 top 20 hits back in 2008/2009…
    I know a few other Idols have made chart appearances… albeit briefly / or minor chart positions…

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