Adam Lambert Defends Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson Called Fat and Old

Eh. I’m pretty much over this whole Miley Cyrus VMAs kerfuffle. But a couple of updates are in order, I think. Then it’s time to let it go.

First of all, I want to make my own thoughts clear. I don’t slut shame other women. I wasn’t scandalized or disgusted by her sexuality. It was her desperate attempt to be “sexy” and to appear edgy and shocking that had me rolling my eyes. She’s still some privileged white girl who used to be a Disney princess, and her attempt to appear otherwise was a fail. Her desperate try-hardness is what had me covering my face in second hand embarrassment. The girl just doesn’t have the talent, frankly, to pull off a risky performance.

She’s been ripped a new one in the media, including by some former Idols. But Adam Lambert is one alum who has her back.

Then, after receiving flack from some of his followers, Adam tweeted:


 We can always count on Adam to throw some gasoline on the fire! I’m not surprised that he defended her. Adam was the center of his own firestorm after a controversial performance at the American Music Awards in 2009. And there were some similarities between the two incidents. After a night of water-cooler performances, Adam took the stage feeling like he had something to prove, and he over did it. The difference is that Adam HAS the talent to pull off edgy, but at the time he didn’t have the experience. He knows what it’s like to be vilified in the press and survive, it’s no wonder he’s reaching out to the young singer. Another Idol alum Kelly Clarkson, didn’t name any names when she tweeted, “Just saw a couple performances from the VMA’s last night. 2 words…. #pitchystrippers.” But it wouldn’t be off the mark to assume she meant Miley and Lady Gaga (although I disagree about Gaga, but I digress). Her shady tweet was reported widely by the media, prompting Miley’s former assistant, Cheyne Thomas (he’s got over 75K followers) to hit back on behalf of his friend in a most uncreative and predictable way:


ETA: He deleted his tweets. What a wuss.

Really? Fat? He went there? We’ll talk in 20 years when Kelly is considered a legend and Miley is a footnote to the early aughts. Miley herself stands behind her own performance, and even brags about its impact:

Oy. Miley. But most of the commentary was negative. Is that what you want? Eh. Probably. The controversy may have helped her. The song she performed, “I Can’t Stop” is #6 on iTunes, while a new song “Wrecking Ball” is #3. Go figure. Meanwhile, Miley is also returning positive tweets, like this one from Rolling Stone magazine, “Miley was the one star in the room who truly understood what the MTV Video Music Awards are all about!”

She also figures we haven’t had our fill of her butt.

WE HAVE MILEY. Even though you claim you can’t…please stop.

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