A Little on Hollywood Part 2

Hollywood Round 2 – The Groups

I’ll have a longer recap with screen caps hopefully tomorrow night.   But this evening, a few thoughts.

Have ya all had enough of the Brittenum twins?   I know I have.   Every time they came on my TV, with their petty bitching and delusional speechifying, I seriously wanted to throw something right through the screen.     I’m thinking that maybe the producers are setting us up for a big payoff tomorrow.   Ken Warwick said in  an interview I posted yesterday, that the Brittenum twins dismissal will be dealt with in Wednesday’s show.   I’m hoping that the audience gets to witness the twins receiving  a very huge comeuppance.

We got a glimpse of contestants who made the Top 44/24 that we previously haven’t seen, or  heard much of:    Nick Whitten, Top 44,  Stephanie Scott, Top 24,   Brenna Gethers, Top 24,   Kinnik, Top 24,   Gedeon McKinny, Top 24,   Bucky Covington,   Top 24,   Elliott Yamin, Top 24.

Contestants previously pimped who we didn’t see much of tonight: Katharine McPhee, Top 24,     Ace Young, Top 24,   Ayla Brown, Top 24,   Kellie Pickler,  Top 24,   Patrick Hall, Top 24   Lisa Tucker, Top 24.

People who we haven’t seen or heard much of period:   Bobby Bennett, Top 24,   Melissa McGhee, Top 24,    Heather Cox,   Top 24.   And there were assorted Top 44 contestants who I can’t even put a name to a face!   Hopefully we’ll get a good look at everyone tomorrow night, during the “Chair of Doom” episode. If tomorrow’s show is like last year’s, they will pull each of the 44 into the “judges chambers” one by one to tell them whether they’ve made the Top 24 or not.   The drama is non-stop, kids.

Brenna Gethers was a piece of work wasn’t she?   Ahhh, right here on the blog, there was a foreshadowing of Brenna’s bitchy behavior.   Read through the comments from this post  and you’ll see what I mean.   Hee.


In the interview  I posted yesterday with Idol producer  Ken Warwick, he  spoke about the problems with GLADD (charges that  Idol is  insensitive toward  gay or effeminate contestants) and  said that he and the producers are absolutely NOT homophobic.    He also  added, “…we would never ask them if theyre gay. We dont know that theyre gay, and it isnt our right to even ask them, and we wouldnt.”   Well, as a matter of fact, I hear that they do ask contestants  to disclose their  sexual orientation, along with other very  sensitive  information about their health and personal lives.