Stephanie Scott and Brenna Gethers

I just took a quick read through my comments.   I just fixed a typo–that’s Top 24 contestant Stephanie Scott, not Stephanie Cox. That’s what I get for posting at 1:30 in the morning.   I appreciate the corrections in my comments section.   I don’t have an editor, obviously, and I do tend to have slippy fingers when it comes to the keyboard.

I mentioned last night, that along with Melissa McGhee and Bobby Bennett, that we hadn’t seen much of Top 24 contestant Heather Cox.   An astute reader just reminded me that we saw Heather Cox’s audition back in Denver.   She sang “You  Raise Me Up” for the judges. I’ll have to go back and take another look.

About Brenna Gethers and her bitchiness–some folks are commenting that she’s just a fierce competitor and a really nice girl.   I actually didn’t call her a bitch, I just remarked that her behavior was bitchy–slight difference.   And, I would have been kinder if I got a sense that the girl had the goods to back up the ‘tude.   But from what I saw last night?   Nuh uh–didn’t see anything that warranted the attitude.    Maybe Brenna was  advanced based on personality, and how she plays on TV, rather than singing ability.   Every cast needs a villain. ;).

A couple of quick pictures:   I’ll be updating my Top 24 list with the missing pictures of Stephanie Scott and Brenna Gethers.   In the meantime, here are some quick pics:

Stephanie Scott

A picture named StephanieScott.jpg










Brenna Gethers

A picture named brennagethers.jpg