Interview with Ken Warwick

According to the  Fox website  the Top 24 auditions will start off with THE   TOP 12 GIRLS on Tuesday, February 21, followed by  THE TOP 12  BOYS Wednesday, February 22.   Each episode will be TWO HOURS.      A  ONE HOUR  results show will be broadcast Thursday, February 23.   Five hours of Idol next week.   My head may explode.   Seriously, my head might really explode…

If you can stand the pop-ups, here is a lengthy interview  with Idol producer Ken Warwick.    “Foxes on  Idol” posted a  transcript of a satellite interview conducted with Warwick recently.  

Interesting tidbits:

  • He loved the Greensboro auditions because the talent was so fresh and unaffected.   He wants to find more places like Greensboro for next year’s auditions.
  • The Brittenum twins’ disqualification WILL be dealt with on Wednesday’s show.
  • Crazy Dave is really really normal off camera
  • The judges input is important, but in the end does not influence America’s vote that much.     Yeah right
  • 99.9% of the people that are on the show, are genuinely delusional, if theyre bad.     More fakes than that get through…
  • There are no problems with the voting system.   Any gridlock happens at the local switchboard level–nothing can be done about that.   Yeah right pt. 2…
  • GLADD approached the producers once, and they never heard from them again.   Warwick figures  GLADD realized their claims were weak.

Also, there’s an interesting description of the judging process that starts in the stadium.   He talks about Paula’s more, uhhm, lucid demeanor this season, Simon almost quitting the show, and the fact that the judges didn’t actually see Austin contestants in Austin (they flew the contestants to San Francisco due to the aftermath of Katrina).   His explanation for Austin is a little lame, he never really explains adequately why they didn’t  admit upfront that the auditions actually took place in another city.   The article is a good read.