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Kellie Pickler's debut single drops this week

According to this week's Entertainment Weekly, Kellie Pickler's new album, due to be released October 31, will be called “Small Town Girl”.  The first single, “Red High Heels” drops this week.  It's co-written by Kellie, who dubs it a “girls anthem”.  Joe Galante,  (Dixie Chicks),  is producing.

Also, via Kellie will also be, singing the National Anthem at the Charlotte race in Oct, shooting a video for the single in Nashville the first week of October, and singing at the Mall of America in Minnesota in December.

More Idol Record News

The idols who weren't picked up by 19E/R (That's everyone but Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, Chris Daughtry and Kellie Pickler) are free of their contract obligations to 19 as of August 25.  The question now is–who of the remaining Idols will be signed, and where?

Elliott Yamin, according to many sources (including himself, answering questions at M&G's) is currently co-managed by The Firm (who also manage Taylor Hicks) and Pulse.  Pulse is run by producer Josh Abraham (who also happens to be Elliott's cousin and has produced records for Korn and Velvet Revolver) and veteran A&R guy Jason Bernard.  They recently launched a label/recording studio/podcasting company under the Pulse banner, according to this article from news.  Elliott says he hasn't “officially” signed a deal yet, but word on the street is that a deal is imminent, so stay tuned…

Sidenote:  I'm hearing from a few sources that Taylor Hicks' band, The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra will be Elliott Yamin's house band when he plays the Virginia State Fair on October 8.  Right now, that's still a rumor, but it's looking pretty good.

This, from an interview Ace Young did with  KISS 96.7 FM in Austin: Ace is half-way through writing an album.  He hasn't announced a record deal with a major yet–he's currently deciding between two labels.  He says it's a big decision and he's weighing his options carefully.

Sidenote Part 2: Ace and Queen's Brian May exchange weekly emails according to this interview with Mix 102.9 FM Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Bucky Covington has been telling everyone who asks that he's signed and working on a record.

And finally, Idol Season 4 runner-up Bo Bice drops a new single tomorrow.  He covers The Chambers Brothers classic “Time Has Come Today”.  I found Bo's debut album, filled with generic second-hand cast-offs from the likes of Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) and Jon Bon Jovi, pretty bland.  But, I'm digging this new single.  Check it out here.

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