More on Megan Bobo

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More on potential Top 24 contestant  Megan Bobo:

Reader CT left another  comment–this time  with a link to a picture of Megan (left).   According to CT, Megan, “did a lot of campaigning for Kerry.”   The pic is a screenshot from an interview with C-span  regarding the 2004 Iowa Caucus, which I’m assuming Megan attended, found on this  page. Thanks for the pic CT! :).

Also, a reader named David  Semper left a comment regarding potential Top 24 contestant Brianna Taylor:

Hey just so y’all know… Brianna Taylor went to my high school, and she’s a good friend of mine.. She 19 years old from Greensboro, she went to Walter Hines High School.. She and I both won the very prestigious “NORTH CAROLINA TEACHING FELLOWS SCHOLARSHIP” none of which she’ll be using now :).. As far as looks she’s about 5′ 4, she’s African American, very spunky, suuuper nice, very pretty but very simple.. Not a glammed up type of girl.. And DAMN SHE CAN SING!.. I can’t wait for y’all to see her.. She gonna be on the second day of the premiere.. The 18th I think .. So look out! BRIANNA D. TAYLOR IS THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!

So there you go.   Thanks for the info, David. :).

A little blurb from Paula Abdul  found at

Paula Abdul thinks that the upcoming fifth season of American Idol may be the strongest season yet, “so it’s kind of exciting for us, ” she told People magazine. “It’s the first season we’ve had strong males and strong females together.” She wants to warn female viewers, though, that they should watch at their own risk, since two of the contestants will make them swoon once they sing. “The one girls are gonna fall in love with is Ace, ” she said. “Man, oh, man, girls are going to fall in love with him. And a guy named Patrick, too. They both have great voices.” American Idol premieres January 17 at 8 p.m. on FOX.


Heh. That Patrick would be Patrick Hall, I believe.   I’ve been doing some searches but haven’t turned up anything on him yet.

Also, straight from Sucks:   Add Heather Cox to the list of potential Top 24 contestants.   She’s also had her name registered by NETNAMES of UK.   No info on her yet….

A reader named yoyo posted this link  to potential Top 24 contestant, Jose Penala’s group  6th Day.   Thanks yo yo!