Megan Bobo

I fixed the link to the pictures from Chris Daughtry’s band–Absent Element, that I posted yesterday.   Sorry ’bout the broken link!   Here it is again.   Also, there’s some music on the site.

A reader named CT left me a comment:

Hey, I have a high school classmate named Megan Bobo from Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa. Rumor is that she made it onto AI. I checked and the website domain is registered with NetNames. Something you might want to check up on??

Thanks for the info on Megan Bobo CT!

A picture named BoboMegan.jpgI found a picture of Megan  over at the Idol Forums at Survivor Sucks.   A poster there had this to say about her:

I worked with this girl last Spring. She lives in Des Moines, Iowa. She works respite weekends and summer camp as a counselor for the Easter Seals out there. For those that don’t know, it’s a camp for disabled children and adults. Her Mom is the media rep for the camp.I had absolutely no idea she could sing, camp songs and all. Weird. She’s a great girl. Extremely helpful with all of us who were new to the camp. She got some flack from the other counselors who had been there longer. It was a lot like high school out there, but half the counselors were still in high school.

I can’t offer too much more information about her? She has an older sister. Her Mom’s white and her Dad’s black. I only met her Mom, but her Mom is absolutely awesome. Ah well, I only had a chance to hang out with her every other weekend while I was up there. I wish her the best of luck!

She volunteered for the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.   Here’s a quote from the article:

Democratic convention volunteer Megan Bobo, 21, a college student from Des Moines, Iowa, said she supported Kerry but felt no real zeal until she arrived at the convention and saw the video describing the candidate’s personal role in establishing the first special needs Little League baseball teams.“That’s amazing because I work with disabled people and I didn’t know about that, ” Bobo said.

She won something called the Morris Scholarship Fund.   Which, according to this  article, “provides financial assistance, motivation and counseling to minority students interested in pursuing secondary and post-secondary education.”   Also, according to this article, Megan won some sort of “youth achievement” award:

The three recipients of the youth award are: Sara Graham, who through her role as president of Drake’s Rainbow Union helped donate more than $1, 000 to the Iowa Pride Network; Nathan Riggle, a Des Moines Roosevelt High School student who is a member of the Social Justice Club and president of Roosevelt’s Best Buddies chapter; and Megan Bobo, who works at Training Resources and is a board member of the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Fund and a respite worker for Easter Seals Iowa.Bobo, 22, one of the youth recipients, is an activist across the board. She has fought for minority, gay, disability and women’s rights.

“Making a safe and good environment for people is a big part of human rights, ” Bobo said. “By the things you do, you’re showing what you stand for.”

Activist, volunteer, lover of chirrun–Ms Bobo is quite the achiever, eh?   I can’t tell whether that will annoy me or not. ;).   Depends on her personality.   However, everyone who knows her seems to like her.

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