Lisa Tucker

The show hasn’t even started (8 days, but who’s counting? ;) ) and there’s already a contestant fan site!   For Ace Young  of course.   There’s been some buzz about this guy on the message boards in the past few weeks, and Paula recently gave him her seal of approval in a recent MTV article.

The AI fan world is really like no other.   The fact that a contestant is kept alive week after week by his/her fans results in some pretty intense feelings of attachment/ownership.   I love reading the  fan boards.   I belong to a few myself, and have certainly not been immune to the “Idol Effect” ;).    Are you starting a message board or web site for your favorite?   Let me know, and I’ll post it in my links section.  

More Spoiler-type news:

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Here are photos (swiped from the AI forum at Survivor Sucks) of singer and potential Top 24 contender Lisa Tucker

And here she is at 13 when she was competing on Star Search  in the Jr. Category.   It looks like she was eliminated after  a few  appearances.   There’s some video on the CBS site for those who find 13 year-olds  performing as if they were adults charming.    Hmmm. Not moi.




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