April Walsh

According to this article  excerpted here:

Tribune Entertainment has snatched up the syndication rights to Fox TV`s hit talent competition, American Idol, it was announced Friday.

‘Idol’ reruns will begin airing weekends nationwide in September, Daily Variety reported.

Tribune Entertainment is expected to offer the show free of charge in exchange for seven minutes of advertising during each hourlong episode, Variety said. The package will be offered to broadcasters during the National Association of   TV Program Executives convention later this month in Las Vegas.

So, does this mean I can expect Idol re-runs on my local UPN/WB/FOX station later this year?   I  suspect these syndicated versions  will be heavily edited–song rights are pricey and subject to the whims of the folks who control them.    I’ll watch expecting that I’ll be totally  pissed off at some point–I’m a glutton for punishment.

Simon Cowell’s got  a  new crappy show he’s producing called Duets.   It appears to be exactly like “Dancing with the Stars” except with singers.   How original.  And of course, Ryan “The Cyborg” Seacrest has been hired by everyone to do everything.   He’s going to  host and produce awards coverage on E!,  and serve as managing editor and lead anchor for E! News.   That’s in addition to his morning Radio  Show, Syndicated Top 40 Countdown and Idol.   Plus, he’s pretty much taken over for Dick Clark as the host of “New Year’s Rockin Eve.”  Wow.  

More Spoiler Stuff:

Hopefully, when the show finally starts next week and we find out who’s REALLY in the Top 24, I won’t look like a total TOOL. :).   But I’ll take my chances and soldier on.   Here’s some more potential spoiler information.  

Up for discussion today–two contestants I previously mentioned  on January 3rd.   The first is Taylor Hicks,  who everybody seems to think is this guy.   I scoffed  at the idea in my previous post.   Seriously, this dude looks like he’s 40 years old.   Additionally, he has NOT taken down his site, is currently touring to support a new CD (has dates this weekend) and seems way too seasoned a performer for Idol.   Does anybody have any information on the mysterious  Taylor Hicks who’s name was registered as taylorhicksofficial.com by NETNAMES on December 9?  My curiosity is piqued.    

A picture named walsh.jpg    

More likely to be a potential contestant is April Walsh (left).   I found this picture on Idolforums.com.    Spoilerai, who says she’s been to  four of the auditions  and has met many of the contestants posted the following  on idolforums:

YEP! That is her. <confirming the picture>  I met her in Denver and her hair is red now but that is definitely her. She’s like this little bubbly/chubby insane burst of energy and enthusiasm.

I auditioned in Denver, Vegas, San Fran and Austin and met many many folks. April is one I cannot forget from Denver. I talked to her during round 2. She was wearing a flowered dress I think, had a flower in her red hair and reminded me of a young Bette Midler doing her 40s thang. April told me she sang a Bjork song for her audition and I remember thinking they put her through to the judges for entertainment but I guess she really must be good.  

I did some further research, and found some comments in this high school’s  guest book  and memory page  by a former student named  April Walsh. (I’m starting to scare myself ;) )

Guest book excerpt:

… I’m in California. But I’m considering moving back east or to Chicago in the fall (so sick of non-smoking bars). I’ve done improv at Second City, been an extra in lots of TV shows (I think my elbow was once heavily featured on STRONG MEDICINE), and have written two novels. The one that doesn’t suck is being considered by Harlequin. Pray for its success. I’m running out of creative ways to avoid having a normal job. Have a blog at apeygirl.diaryland.com Nothing fancy, but good for a laugh.

Sounds like somebody who might try out for American Idol.   So I followed the link to her blog  (which April has wisely made private) and her profile says:

April has an unhealthy relationship with Diet Coke, chocolate, Marlboro, and a tumultuous affair with Colin Firth (but that last one’s in her head). April watches more TV than is probably good– for like even TV reviewing people. April was not popular in high school. April’s hopes of fame probably stem from that. April hopes to someday have a small cult following (like they dress like her and have conventions for her. It would be like trekkies but sooooo much sexier).

And, besides The Beatles, Tori Amos, and Bob Dylan,  apeygirl aka  April Walsh  LOVES Bjork.   I think we have a winnah!   Spoilerai, if you’re out there, comments please? :).