New American Idol Website

Check out   The new American Idol website has debuted.   They’ve archived the old sites for each season, but much of the content for Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are gone.    Ahhh, the jaded journalist’s interview with JPL, gone forevah :(  .   However, there are photo galleries on the new site  for each season  that feature some new photos.

And the Message Forum, while archived and still readable,  has been replaced with software that’s even crappier and lamer than the original.   And since nothing transfered from the original board, members will have to sign up again.   And those poor  fans with thousands and thousands of posts who viewed that as some sort of badge of honor?   Too bad, you have to start over!   Think Contantantine Maroulis’ fans can manage a million more posts for their guy? Heh.

Taking a look at the front page–look–there’s a poll!   Who is your favorite Idol runner up?   I’m so glad the Claymates have been given yet another  opportunity to spam yet another lame internet poll.   Of course, Clay Aiken takes the lead by a whopping 64%

There  are also video interviews with the judges.   Highlights:

  • All three indulge in the usual “OMG  this is the Best Season Evah!”  spin. Simon qualifies by stating  that he’s “quietly optimistic”.   Which means he  probably really thinks it  sucks. :).  
  • While both Paula and Randy  insist the talent is divided evenly between boys and girls, Simon  says the boys are better and that a boy could win.
  • Simon predicts the winner will again be Southern, like all the winners so far.
  • According to Simon, Greensboro, NC had the least-talented contestants.
  • According to Simon,  the really young contestants are the most talented.  
  • Paula blathered on for 3 minutes straight, making absolutely no sense whatsoever.   I’m realy glad she got that prescription filled first.

So, a young  guy from the South will win this thing?   I’m a little bummed they aren’t shaking things up more.   I think last year really benefited from the talents of older contestants like Bo Bice and Constantine Maroulis.   The younger talents are almost ALWAYS inferior, and I don’t expect that has changed.    Also, for cripes sake, when will a contestant from either coast have a chance to really compete?   And maybe somebody who isn’t a Christian?   I have nothing against the Christian contestants–my favorite was actually a missionary at one point.   But honestly, my research for this blog has led me to more Christian websites–so many of these contestants are deeply religious–I really believe it’s lopsided compared to the general population.   And I keep harping on this–but, 4 years and never a Jew in the Top 12?   What’s wrong, there aren’t any Jews in showbiz? ;)

A picture named singer.jpg


There is a “sneak peak audition” video that’s worth a view.     Who is this guy?   Cute!   He looks like Ace Young, but I don’t think that’s him.







A picture named guy.jpg


And it looks like the Jaded Journalist, besides not covering his face anymore, has a new Robin-like side-kick.   He looks really geeky.   Not that there’s anything wrong with that. :).







More potential Top 24 contestant news.   And, at this point, I must put the emphasis on the word potential, cause it turns out that there are more than 12 girls names that have been registered by NETNAMES of UK on December 9 yada yada yada and so on.   In other words, the producers  may be registering contestants beyond the Top 24.   Or there may be some method to the  their madness that we don’t understand at this point.   Keep in mind, some of the Hollywood contestants have been registered, and some have NOT, so there is some significance to being registered.   I think it’s safe to assume the registered contestants are potential  Top 24.   So I’ll continue to use that phrase until we know for sure :).


Speaking of Deeply Christian Contestants.   I found some information on another Potential Top 24 Contestant, Brooke Barrettsmith, as usual–on the AI Forums at Survivor Sucks.

A picture named HarvestFest3a.jpg


Brooke  looks like a rocker-girl here, but she isn’t, really.   She’s a member of the Christian rock band Two4one.   Her sister, Leah, is featured in the band as well.    Check out the song clips on the band’s website.   The music is  typical Christian Pop-rock, with the emphasis definitely on Pop.   This doesn’t appear to be cross-over material.   If that’s Brooke singing lead, her voice is nice, but unremarkable.




A picture named barrettsmith.jpg


Here’s a  picture from 2002 with her sister Leah, who I think is the one on the left







A picture named brooke9a.jpgA picture named brooke6a.jpg


Some candid photos from a gig.   More pictures here.






A picture named torah.jpg


Another Rumor.   There is speculation that somebody who was originally in the Top 24 got disqualified and had to be replaced.   Spoilerai, who has attended many of the auditions and has posted in my comments section here, posted the following at Sucks:

I just read on another forum that a radio station interviewed a “friend of tora” who spilled the beans about a twist and said, quote, “Tora was not in the original 24” I guess we can speculate what the “friend” might have meant by that.

Tora (left)  was just recently registered by NETNAMES of UK as   Hmmm. Another Idol Shocker? ;).

UPDATE:   According to WHOIS, Tora was registered by somebody in Tuscon Arizona, not by the Idol producers…

Last Bit.   Contestant Lisa Tucker was registered by NETNAMES of UK on December 9 as