Los Angeles Update

From all accounts, there was MAGIC made at the Viper Room last night when Taylor Hicks and the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra took the stage.  Elliott Yamin and Bucky Covington were there too. 

Those of you relaxing with your coffee and Sunday paper this morning–put that paper down and make haste to the Comments section of the Sunday Daily Chat Post below.  You will find some terrific recaps there.  I hope to be posting them on the blog throughout the day.

But first, here are Lassie’s impressions of the show last night.  This lucky Chris Daughtry fan not only attended the Meet and Greet before the show, but attended the LiMBO show afterward.  Even though she didn’t get the chance to meet her fav (Chris could not attend the M&G) she still had a great time…

Oh, and the big news to come out of last night?  When one of the bloggers asked Elliott Yamin  if he was signed, he said “Oh yeah, totally.”  Whoo Elliott!

UPDATE:  Even More Recaps

  • CarieB, another Chris fan, finally sees and hears her fav live.  She’s happy.  Read her recap here.
  • Spigot was one of the lucky ones at the Viper Room last night.  Read her detailed recap of the excitement here.  She is the blogger who asked Elliott whether he was signed or not…
  • Jane Reaction was awed by Taylor’s exuberance and passion.  Read her impressions of the Viper Room show here.
  • Carey’s wasn’t wowed by Elliott during the Idol season, but she came away from the Viper room with a different attitude.  Read her recap of the Idol and Viper room shows here.
  • Soulpatroller couldn’t wait to get to the Viper room after the Idol show.  Check out her recap of Taylor and company hereETA: I just added her recap of the Idols show…
  • Phantom brings her awesome powers of description to her detailed recap of Taylor and LiMBO at the Viper Room here.
  • Here’s a recap and pictures from the blog Girls Talking Smack.