Katharine McPhee Watch

Kat Speaks!  She posted a letter to her fans in her fan forum, Katharinefans.com.  Here is an excerpt:

“It has come to my attention that there has been some concern about a photo shoot and my presence being missing from the tour. I want you all to know first before I get into this that I had no control over the fact that I couldn’t be on tour for the next couple of weeks. My doctor shut me down. I was absolutely devasted. I feel horrible for the fans that missed me and would love to make up to you all some how. But first and foremost I must get better so that I can have a great and long carreer. I want to be able to see you all your faces [sic] one day on my very own tour. There have been many rumors circulating as to what I’m doing with all this down time. I have heard a rumor that I will be missing the entire tour, I can assure you that that is completely false. I am looking to join the tour around the 21st. That is the doctors orders, not mine.”

Maybe the rumor mill will finally grind to a halt?  Nah!  Heh.