Katharine McPhee to miss another week of shows

Katharine McPhee to miss another week of shows

Katharine McPhee posted a letter to her fans last week in her fan forum Katharinefans.com.  The letter was widely reported in the mainstream media this week.  Kat predicted that she’d join her fellow Idols on tour this Friday in Rochester, NY.

The latest, according to Katharinefans.com, is that Kat will be out for one more week:

Kat’s doctor is holding her out one more week.  Her vocal chords are still not fully healed.  She will not be on the View tomorrow and she will not be able to perform at the next few concerts.  She is very disappointed but her doctor feels it is best to be safe than sorry.

She said she would be on the View next week for sure.

To the skeptical: The webmaster of Katharinefans.com communicates with Kat’s family on a regular basis.  This is good information rather than rumor.   The fact that mainstream media has had to turn to a fansite for news on Kat’s status is telling.  Idol management has released very little information on Kat’s condition since the tour began.