Chris Daughtry

More Chris Daughtry homecoming media coverage 

  • About being recognized,  “‘I’ve tried everything but a wig, ‘ Daughtry says with a sheepish grin, rubbing his trademark shaved head and sculpted goatee and recounting a family shopping excursion to a local Gap that ended with a mob scene. ‘I’ve shaved my whole face, I can wear stupid hats I’d never wear before and still get recognized’.”
  • About what he’ll sing on the tour,   “‘I’m sure we’ll do some interesting group numbers, ‘ he says, lip twitching ever so slightly. Asked whether the show’s mandatory smorgasbord of musical styles–which ranged from Elton John and Stevie Wonder to Burt Bacharach and Barry Manilow–has him revisiting his own portfolio, he laughs. ‘I don’t think I’ll be doing any standards, let’s put it that way.'”
  • About LA, “‘L.A. ain’t home, ‘ he says, recalling the Idol finalists’ trip to Elvis’ homeland for a recording session in mid-season. ‘First taste I got back in the South was when I came to Graceland, and that was a relief, especially the food. L.A.’s too high speed–it’s fun for about a minute’.”