Taylor Single to Benefit Red Cross

American Red Cross to Benefit From Sales of Taylor Hicks’s single “Do I Make You Proud”

A portion of the proceeds of Taylor Hicks’s upcoming single release, “Do I Make You Proud” will be donated to the Red Cross.  For every CD sold, $0.25 will go to the American Red Cross, as well as $0.15 for every digital download sold, and $0.20 for every ringtone and ringback.

The single will be available for purchase Tuesday, June 13.

A possible Taylor Hicks endorsement deal?

“A report set to be published in Life & Style claims the soulful singer is seriously considering an offer from Procter & Gamble’s – you guessed it – Head & Shoulders shampoo.

The magazine will report that just days after he won American Idol he was asked to star in TV and magazine ads for the product. 

“Taylor’s know for his hair almost as much as he’s known for his voice, ” a show insider told the weekly magazine.

The report details that he has yet sign the deal – but he’s considering it.”

What?  Taylor has dandruff?  Heh.

Taylor Hicks Interview

Heres an interview with Taylor from a Philippines website. 

Some interesting quotes:

  • About “Georgia on my Mind”,  “…after a certain point, and having the theme weeks given by the producers the song didn’t fit. I tried [to clear] “Try a Little Tenderness” during the love song week and that didn’t fit, either. I might sing “Georgia” on tour.”
  • When did he feel he could win?, “I would say that about three weeks ago I started really feeling comfortable with the audience and the songs. Then I knew that there was a good chance I would win this thing.”
  • Post-Idol Highlight, “The Tonight Show (with Jay Leno)...As a musician and struggling performer, I used to watch The Tonight Show and all the entertainers that come on it. For me to actually be interviewed on The Tonight Show was a moment that I’ll never forget in my career.”
  • About the Mainstream Music Scene, “I think it’s getting pretty good. John Legend and people like that, it has such a soulful feel. I like hip-hop and rap, and there’s all kinds of feelings that’s associated with that. Music is not in a bad place right now, in my opinion.”