Chris Daughtry Homecoming

Chris Daughtry Homecoming

Nice video here of Chris Daughtry performing at his homecoming.  There’s plenty of footage of him up on stage.  Here’s another shorter video hereThank you Lisa.

Finally a Kind Word

In preparation for Tay Day tomorrow, I give you Simon Cowell saying some nice things about Taylor Hicks in the media!  Rodney Ho of listened in on a press conference with Simon Cowell.  He was promoting his new show America’s Got TalentThank you Manny

“He’s obviously talented. If you make a great record, people will buy it. If you make a record people don’t like, like Fantasia, they won’t buy it. It’s now how good his record sounds. He’s got a really good shot. I like him. I like him as a person actually…[about his looks] I think they helped him win. If he was 6 foot 2 with dark hair and didn’t dance like that, he wouldn’t have won. It was part of the package.”

Katharine as…Wonderwoman?

Here’s a fun gossip tidbit about Katharine McPhee.  This blog reports that Katharine took a meeting with Josh Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Killer fame:  Thank you xocys

“Joss Whedon (’Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Firefly’), who will direct a big screen adaptation of Wonder Woman has been auditioning potential leading ladies to wrangle the golden lasso. Insiders have long speculated that Kate Beckinsale was the leading candidate to land the role. However, there’s a new woman on the scene: Katharine McPhee. That’s right, the American Idol runner-up has taken a meeting with Whedon’s people and is said to have done a screen test for the role (which would presumably be filmed after her current Idol Tour obligations). Initial word is that Ms. McPhee was very strong in her screen test. The plot thickens.”

Elliott Knows Basketball

A little blurb from, a TV station out of Dallas-Fort Worth about Elliott’s appearance to sing the National Anthem before Game 2 of the NBA Finals last night.  Though she wasn’t a big fan of his rendition of the anthem, the reporter said, “While Clarkson would have been a more exciting and logical choice, Yamin charmed me with his wit and basketball knowledge…”  Thank you mrs trep

A little Past-Idols News

Look for Carmen Rasmusen S2 and Anthony Fedorov S4 on this week’s edition of Fear Factor, NBC,  Tuesday, June 13 8/7c.  The reality show themed episode will then be continued on June 20 and 27. Carmen and Anthony paired up to compete in a demolition derby and skull hunt against other teams made up of fellow reality show stars.

Yeesh.  I wonder if they  had to eat something gross…