More Elliott Yamin

More Elliott Yamin

Here’s a brand spanking-new article from the Richmond Times Dispatch.  It’s about Elliott Yamin, but it does contain a very interesting piece of information about the comings and goings of the Idols in the next couple of weeks:

“On June 30, the top 10 finalists will fly to Manchester, N.H., for a few days of fine-tuning before the tour launches there July 5.”  MJ marks her calendar.  Ahem.

On to Elliott…

  • Remember that rumor from about The Firm wooing Elliott Yamin with a trip to Las Vegas and tickets to see Prince and Madonna?  Well, the article confirms his Vegas trip, “In the 10 days since “Idol” ended, Yamin got to watch Madonna perform from the second row at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (“It’s a great show, a little intense. But the whole technical side…she’s a hell of a performer”), walked a Vegas block to the Empire Ballroom to catch Prince’s show…”
  • About making that record, “There is a strong possibility I’ll be out in L.A. for a good while…I’ll be in the studio, utilizing the opportunity to record music. The studio is my haven. It’s any artist’s haven. You get to put forth all of your creative efforts. Everyone who comes in contact with me says they can’t wait to buy my CD. It’s almost inevitable that’s going to happen.”
  • About Dancing, “I have rhythm. I can move, I can dance…That’s one of the things I did all the time here, go out and cut the rug up. But it’s like someone who can play the piano but can’t sing at the same time. It’s a very meticulous process. It’s hard for me to keep track of everything…Chris, he didn’t want to dance at all. We would both dread it together and just make fun of it…”

Thank you ME

Even More

Also from the Richmond Times Dispatch–Melissa Ruggieri’s blog–she conducted a phone interview with Elliott last Thursday.  Basketball in LA:

“A lifelong L.A. Lakers fan, he attended four games at the Staples Center, including round three of the playoffs against the Phoenix Suns.  ‘Every game I went to, I sat either in the second or fourth row and got to hang out in [owner] Jerry Buss’ suite. I got in good with his assistant and when I get back, I want to try to get to the training facility so I can thank them in person.’  Elliott said he only got to play basketball twice during the “Idol” run–‘I played with [season four contestant] Anthony Federov. We played on Easter Sunday; we were granted the day off … it was our third and last day off.”   Thank You anon