The Tour!

The Tour!

Finally some news about the tour, courtesy of

What to expect:

  • Bucky Covington and Kellie Pickler will duet on a song from “Grease”
  • Paris Bennett and Lisa Tucker will duet
  • As will Mandisa and Ace Young
  • Says Taylor Hicks– “Expect some vintage rock and roll. I’ll probably do some Beatles, some obscure Beatles…and Kat, I love singing with her. I’ll do some stuff with other people. Harmonica, of course. I’ll be playing a lot of guitar. On the show I wasn’t allowed to be an instrumentalist. Now I’m free as an artist, and I’m very excited about that.”
  • Bucky, and maybe even Ace (Bucky is giving him lessons) will play guitar.
  • Lisa will play piano
  • Says Paris–“I get to shake one more time, but this time I get to do it in full-fledge, and it’s not just a minute…And if I wear my hair the same for every song, people are going to be like, ‘No, that’s not her.’ So trust me, I’ve got some tricks under my sleeves.”

The Tour opens in Manchester, New Hampshire next Wednesday, July 5.  I’ll be there for the opening show.  Season 5 will be my third Idol tour.   I really loved the Season 3 show–it was good cheesy fun with tons of duets and group songs.  Season 4 highlighted individual Idol performances over group performances.  I preferred the cheesy goodness myself–but it sounds like we might get the best of both worlds this year.  And with Taylor’s promise that he’ll be doing some “raw and edgy covers”, this year’s show could be the best yet.  My expectations are very high.  Can’t wait…

Randy Jackson talks of Record Deals

From Westwood One Randy Jackson’s Hit List. Play “June 16, 2006 Randy’s Idol Insider” to hear the following:

 “…and I think we’ve got a couple of other Idols about to be inked now too…Miss Kellie Pickler, and Chris Daughtry for all of you out there wondering and also, last but not least Miss Paris Bennett…a lot of the Idols are doing it big right now man, they’re all getting…crazy record deal offers…and I think Elliott Yamin has a deal on the table too, so that’s why we’re saying, me and Paula…that’s why we say this season was the best ever so far, six out of the Top 10 have record deals…”

Listen to “June 24, 2006 Randy’s Email Q & A” and hear Randy say:

 “…I hear that Chris is making an album, Kellie Pickler’s making an album, I hear that my boy Elliott Yamin is making an album.  So there you go, you’ve got 5 Idols off this year’s show…everybody’s got a solo record out of this.”

Is this just major hype and spin from Randy–to prove that this year’s show was the Hottest Idol Season yet?  Or is Randy actually sharing some inside scoop?  Hmmmm.  And apparently, Bucky Covington has a deal as well…   for Mrs Trep and y’all…

Gray Charles Taylor Hicks Interview

Don’t miss the last parts of the Gray Charles interview with Taylor Hicks.  To quote a cliche…It’s Taylor like you’ve never seen him before…Hee.  No, seriously, it’s a wonderfully candid interview.  Gray outdid himself, if you ask me.  Make sure to check it out.