Last Night’s “Shocking” Boot

A few thoughts after last night’s boot

The producers finally got their shocking boot.  I’ve been keeping track of the ratings, and I expect Chris’s elimination to result in a ratings spike next week.  Chris’s unexpected boot is generating so much buzz, that in the end the producers may view losing their front runner worth the gain in press and water cooler talk. 19Entertainment may even decide to sign Chris anyway.  They have that option, ya know.

But hopefully, Chris will wind up able to take a better offer than the winner’s left-overs.  Apparently,  a “major” rock band will appear on Extra tonight to offer Chris the job of lead singer:

 “Chris Daughtry will get an offer tonight to front a famous band. It will unfold on the television show ‘EXTRA.’ Members of the band will appear on the ‘EXTRA’ set to make the offer.  In a stunning turn of events, Daughtry, who was the odds-on favorite to win the ‘American Idol’ competition, was booted last night. Daughtry will appear on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM radio show in Los Angeles this morning, where the ‘A.I.’ host, who is in on the secret, will urge the singer to watch ‘EXTRA’ tonight.”

It’s probably Fuel, who are still looking for a front man, and reportedly offered Chris the job after he performed their tune “Hemorrhage” in the semis.  They’ll offer Chris the spot, and then he’ll politely turn them down due to prior contractual obligations.  The End.

Despite the fact that this bit screams “publicity stunt”,   I’ll be around later to post a full recap…