Simon on the Tonight Show


Simon Cowell will guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno later tonight at 11:35/10:35c.  I’ve got my DVR set…  thanks chuck


Final 3 on the cover of TV Guide

Look!  It’s the Final 3 on the cover of next week’s TVGuide magazine!  Whoo hoo!  The issue will appear on newsstands Thursday, May 18.

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Ratings News

I couldn’t find any preliminary ratings information online for last week’s shows.  But I did find final numbers for the Top 5 and added them to the chart I’m keeping.

Season 5 Ratings Chart (numbers represent millions of viewers)

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The ratings have stayed about the same for the Top 9-5 performance shows.  But notice the results shows–those numbers started creeping up after the Top 8.  Top 5 Results (Paris eliminated) actually had higher ratings than the performance show.  That was one week after Kellie Pickler’s boot.  It will be interesting to see if that trend continues for the Top 4.

Here is Season 4 Top 12 ratings for comparison:

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Almost the same trend here.  The results show ratings Season 4 started climbing after the Top 7.  Top 5 results show ratings exceeded the performance show’s ratings Season 4 too–one week after Constantine Maroulis was booted.

Information presented here is compiled from’s weekly ratings charts. TVweek’s data is compiled from Nielsen Media Research.