It’s official.  Live will perform on the American Idol finale this Wednesday.  From the Fans of Live WebsiteThanks Carla…

“Live will be performing their new US single, “Mystery”, on the American Idol season finale on Wednesday (May 24th). This episode will air live from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California at 8 pm ET on the FOX network. More details will be released along with the official announcement sometime in the next couple of days”


Bits and Pieces

KFox TV video Clips

The peeps in comments have been talking about these clips from the KFox News, El Paso TX website.

In this clip, Randy says he thinks Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks are “kind of even”, but he “gives the edge to Taylor.”  Simon thinks Taylor will win because he’s from the South.  Simon says, “The South are going to get behind him, he’ll take Elliott’s votes–he’ll walk it…”  Then Randy gets all “Yeah yeah yeah, I’m from the South baby!”  Calm down Randy.

Note to Kat fans:  Remember that Simon’s prognostic abilities have been pretty terrible this year.  He predicted a Chris/Taylor/Kellie final three awhile back…

When the duo are asked about Chris Daughtry’s surprise elimination, Simon says, “Well, you’d think it was us who voted him off…the public didn’t put him through.  The public, they control the show. If we had our way, we’d bring him back and then we’d say to one of the finalists next week, ‘It’s a joke.  You’re not in the final…good news bad news…the bad news is you’re not here, the good news is, you’ve got a seat in the audience'” 

Simon’s got his tongue in his cheek here and I’ll bet he’s perfectly aware that he’s riling up the fan bases.  Just more fuel for the Idol controversy fire.  Having said that, it appears to me that they’ve got a final two that they didn’t want or expect…

In this clip the interviewer asks them to comment on Katharine’s remarks that the judges have been hard on her.  Simon says, “Let me give Katharine a reality check.  Six months ago, she would have been singing in front of 60 people.  Now you are singing in front of 35 million people. So that’s the rules.  You take a bit of criticism.”  Randy adds, “And guess what, we are what on the show? What do judges do? Judge and critique? Hello, hello reality, reality..”

They could have toned down the sarcasm, but they have a point, if I’m being honest.  thanks to my gals at the hh for hooking me up…


Paula Abdul on Larry King Live

Here is a transcript from Paula Abdul’s interview on Larry King Live last night. 

  • Paula on Katharine, “Katharine is born to be a singer. She — you know we look at footage when she was a little girl singing in a hairbrush and looking in the mirror and checking out her looks. Her mother is a professional singer and a coach. She’s got beautiful range. I understand why she’s one of the finalists. Every little girl aspires to be her.”
  • Paula on Taylor, “Every cell of his body oozes a born entertainer…He’s born to be on that stage. He’s most comfortable when he’s on that stage. He’s one of the only contestants I know that is a completely different person off stage…He’s very focused and it’s almost like he’s walking back and forth. The second he hits the stage he’s a performer, you know, and he is living life.”
  • Paula on Elliott Yamin, “Yes, I’m not going to deny it. I wanted Chris Daughtry to win. I wanted Taylor to win. I wanted Elliott to win, you know. And I believe Katharine deserves to be there as well, all of these kids — and Paris…Listen to me, you’re getting me all — but there’s something about Elliott Yamin I will say that’s different and touched me emotionally more than anyone else and that is a kid who’s overcome adversity. He’s overcome tremendous hurdles, has a sense of family, is not afraid to show it. He’s one of the nicest contestants we’ve ever had in the history of the show.”
  • Paula Chris Daughtry, “Well, I think that he was so far ahead and people were saying ‘You’re going to win, ‘ including myself, and Katharine had a bad week that week and what I love about America is they help people who need the help and the vote split and Katharine — you can’t count out the fact that little teenage girls are in this to be calling and calling over and over again