Mandisa’s Goodbye Interviews

Mandisa’s Goodbye Interviews

The interview addresses the Beth Moore controversy directly:

  • When asked if she was aware that Beth Moore believed Gays should “reform their ways”, “I was not aware, but I respect her so much. She has put into my life like no one else. I have the utmost respect for her and she’s been a valuable resource for me.” 
  • On her “Lifestyle” comment before “Praise You”, “I just heard about that, and it broke my heart because I really do try to live my life according to the value system that you treat others the way you want to be treated. I absolutely hate nobody.” 
  • What she actually meant by “Lifestyle”, “I’ve given in to every food indulgence I have ever had, so that was just me saying that God is freeing me of [that particular lifestyle].”
  • Is there a story behind her deep spirituality, “Not anything in particular, just the fact that I was lost and did not know where I was going, and he absolutely saved me and I’ll be living with him in eternity now”
  • Did your increasing spirituality on the show hurt your votes, “I really have not become more spiritual. I think I had a platform to sing a song that means a lot to me [which was Mary Mary’s “Shackles (Praise You)” last week], and I had to take that opportunity. It’s absolutely my testimony, and I have no regrets there.”
  • On why she was eliminated, “I don’t know what ultimately cost me the competition. It could have something to do with my song choice, it could have something to do with my stance on my faith, it could be people thinking I was safe and not voting. I was surprised. I think being plus-sized could have played a factor. My platform immediately had to do with my weight because of Simon’s comments. … All of the women on that stage are absolutely beautiful, and that could have been a disadvantage to me also.” 
  • On being in the Bottom 3, “When we were the six standing up there, the first thing that come to my mind was season three, when the three divas were up there and everyone was shocked. As soon as we went to commercial break, I turned to them and said, ‘I just want to remind you about season three and we can’t assume what we think is going to happen, ‘ and I was right. I didn’t realize until today, but it was three of the soul/R&B singers, so that makes me think it could have been the country theme.”
  • On being a role model for plus-sized women, “It’s so humbling. I did not set out to be a role model. I was just being me. I think what I stand for is that you can be beautiful at any size. At the same time, I’m also very vocal that I realize my weight is something that I have to deal with, and I am dealing with it. If that makes me a role model, I think that’s great. Anybody that’s my size, I would love for people to realize that you can be confident in who are but at the same time be working to better yourself.”
  • She has a crush on Ruben Studdard, “I’m not calling him. He needs to call me!”

A couple of things:  Mandisa worked in Beth Moore’s ministry, but never read any of her books?  That’s surprising.  And as far as competing with the other beautiful women–when Mandisa was styled well, she was absolutely gorgeous.

Some Mandisa quotes from this interview:

  • About the groups, “I definitely knew that Kellie’s group was good.”
  • Were the R&B singers disadvantaged, “Country was apparently hard for some people. I don’t think country is that different from R&B, though. You take the twang out and you have an R&B song.”
  • Favorite performance on the show, “‘I’m Every Woman.’ Up until that time I’d done a rock song and a country song. I was just trying to prove I wasn’t one to be put into a box. The other songs I was just trying to show my style, but that’s my kind of music.”
  • Is she mad at God? “Oh, no. Not at all. I know He knows what He’s doing. My life is in His hands, not Simon’s.”
  • The Goodbye Dinner, “It’s called the ”Kiss-Off Dinner.” It’s been really interesting — all of my roommates have left. Everyone started calling me the Black Widow. But now the curse has been turned on myself. I didn’t know who would leave this week, I guess, because it was me. I was so humbled and honored by what everyone had to say. All the contestants got up and spoke. It was almost too much.”
  • What did the Idols say about her? “Overwhelmingly, I didn’t realize they all looked up to me. They said I brought a balance and they really admired my relationship with the Lord. They said they saw God in me. That made this whole journey worthwhile for me.”
  • Her Queen song choice, “‘Who Wants to Live Forever?” I knew it from the movie and series Highlander. Paula had said she wanted me to show something more vulnerable. It’s a ballad. It was absolutely incredible rehearsing. We were on stage, all the lights were there. It was me and Bryan May, the guitarist, who wrote that song. He was at the piano and I was at the mic. I just turned the mic and faced him. He got pretty emotional at the end.”
  • On meeting Jennifer Hudson AI3, “I actually spoke to her a little while ago. This person who was doing my makeup is friends with her and said she wanted to speak to me. I was able to tell her how much I admire her. She’s so sweet.”

A surprising fact:  According to the Idol stylist, Mandisa got more free clothing than any Idol contestant ever.


Other News

Kellie Pickler’s $300 hair stylist steps up to defend her

“Cutrona, who charges $300 for a cut, started working with Pickler of Albemarle in 2004 when she was Miss Stanly County. ‘I absolutely fell in love with her, ‘  he says. ‘She’s got such great energy.’

Cutrona and Pickler, formerly a waitress at Sonic, struck a deal: In exchange for free cuts, she would be one of his hair models. ‘She’s not tall, which isn’t what we’re looking for anyway, ‘ he says. ‘But she’s got beautiful, thick hair.’

“The ‘wholesome gal from the country’ thing isn’t an act, he says. That’s who she is. Cutrona says her family and friends are ‘real people and good Christian people.'”

Cutrona goes on to describe how he cut her hair:

 “…Later [after the show] he went to dinner with Pickler and her posse at a Beverly Hills home. ‘I did a quick prep haircut there, ‘ he says. Cutrona and the Albemarle ‘Idol’ cruised the Web and checked out what people were writing about her. ‘Most of it’s not true, ‘ he says of tabloid speculation about Pickler. ‘One magazine says she and Simon (Cowell) are involved. Not true.’

On Wednesday morning, Cutrona did a full cut when Pickler came to his room at the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel, where the decor includes gingham wallpaper, denim comforters and farm equipment (a milk pail serves as a trash can)….Cutrona’s “vision” for Pickler’s hair isn’t quite finished. Carmen! Carmen! colorist Dee Lashley headed to L.A. Thursday to bump up Pickler’s blond locks. “Expect her color to be even stronger next week.”

Cutrona says that Kellie’s main competition is Chris Daughtry.  Fortunately, he doesn’t have any hair.

Paula Files Assault Charges

Paula Abdul is in the news again.  According to police, Paula filed charges claiming that a man at a private party she attended over the weekend, “grabbed her by the arm and threw her against a wall.” According to the report,  Paula claims she, “sustained a concussion and spinal injuries.”

She made it back to work in two days after sustaining a concussion and spinal injuries?  Wow that’s some stash Pauler’s got.