Tidbits from Extra TV

Tidbits from ExtraTV

Thanks to naja for posting this link. The TV show Extra interviewed Simon Cowel and Ken Warwick.  A couple of interesting items from the interview:

  • Future Guest Appearances: “Rod Stewart, ” Ken said. “Andrea Bocelli, we’re trying to get. That should be interesting.”
  • According to Extra, one of the contestants will attempt to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody.”
  • Simon’s reaction to this news: “Well, I am dying to know who’s going to sing that one, ” Simon said. “Because it will make you or break you.”

Simon doesn’t know at this point what songs the Idols are rehearsing?


More on Mandisa and Beth Moore

From the gossip site,  TMZ.com, for what it’s worth:

 “America’s shocking decision to vote Mandisa off ‘American Idol’ Wednesday night was not a shock at all to those backstage. Sources connected with ‘Idol’ tell TMZ the buzz behind the scenes last night was Mandisa getting the boot had nothing to do with her performance — it was all about her openly anti-gay affiliations. 

According to TMZ sources, lots of Hollywood types were backstage, including agents, PR flacks, managers and special guests. And the sentiment was clear; as one person put it, “Once you don’t have the gays – forget about it.”
Advocate.com Q&A
Mandisa did a brief Q&A with the advocate.com, the gay and lesbian newspaper that broke the Beth Moore story. Her answers are brief, but very telling.
The Advocate asks Mandisa “Is there a conflict between being religious and being gay?” She answers, “I know my value system, based on that, that on the word [of the Bible], that it does speak of that. I do know I have no place to judge anybody. I know that at the end of time we all face the judge and his name is not going to be Mandisa, so I cannot place any judgment on anyone.”  Fair enough.
The Advocate asks, “Would you be comfortable performing or singing at a gay event?”  Mandisa’s answer, “I would not, no.”  The Advocate presses further,  “Would it conflict with your religious beliefs?” And Mandisa answers, “Based on what I believe, I’m not an advocate for [being gay], so it’s nothing I would take part in.”  Mandisa’s answers here would have been enough to alienate gay viewers and their supporters–apart from her affiliation with Beth Moore. 
When asked, “Do you think gay people can turn straight?” she answers, “I don’t really know. I honestly don’t know much about it. I wouldn’t be very knowledgeable to speak on that subject.” In my opinion, that’s a legalese non-answer.  Maybe she’s never really thought about it.  However, a “yes” answer would have been very controversial, and could have resulted in protests by gay and lesbian groups who have been at odds with the Idol producers since the season began.  I’m guessing Idol allowed Mandisa to talk to the Advocate,  but made sure a PR flack was very close at hand.  
Unsubstantiated Gossip Dead Ahead
Found at bitterwaitress.com: In their gossip section, an LA waitress tattles on Kellie Pickler:
“Okay, this girl was with 5 other people, a couple of which I recognized as American Idol contestants and the others I didn’t recognize. She was mouthy and condescending and just all around bitchy. She bitched at me because we didn’t have the right bottled water, and then she sent her food back. On top of that, a crappy tip. ” 
Everyone’s always pickin’ on Pickler!  Har.  It’s a good thing Kellie didn’t leave her Chanel sunglasses at this restaurant.    item found at TWOP


A Little More on Taylor Hicks

Thanks to pat for providing an exact quote from the band member who spoke to Fox6 news about Taylor’s song choice:

 “I know he had one that he wanted to do. That, you know, they didn’t allow him to do. I think that it wasn’t the song that he wanted to do and he didn’t put his soul into it. You know, Taylor has soul, but if he doesn’t like the song I don’t see how he can put his full soul into it. Taylor did his best with the song THEY chose and next week he’s going to knock them dead with Queen.”

Reading the exact quote, I still think this band member is spinning lame and unnecessary excuses on Taylor’s behalf here. It would have been enough just to mention that “Country Roads” wasn’t Taylor’s first song choice without the additional commentary.

The rumored first song choice (thanks MaryS) was a Hank Williams Jr. tune.   That actually sounds more like it. 



Thanks to MaryS for pointing out that Taylor’s correct song choice from Tuesday was “Country Roads” rather than “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” as I posted in yesterday’s article.  I need an editor, especially at 2 am.  That was a big blunder.   And yes, it may have been wishful thinking on my part!