Constantine the Greek

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Constantine the Greek

I spent my Sunday at the Greek Independence Day parade today in Boston.  Constantine Maroulis was one of the Honorary Grand Marshalls.  Con was kind enough to pose for a picture (right).  The weather was brisk but sunny.  The parade featured lots of floats with cute kids dressed in traditional Greek costumes.  Constantine posed for a ton of fan pictures and signed autographs.

No major scoopage to report, unfortunately. 

Cute story.  There was an elderly Greek man standing next to me who pointed to Constantine and wanted to know, “Who’s that man and why is he signing autographs?”  When I told him he was a contestant on “American Idol, ” he still looked confused.  I had to explain that  “American Idol ” was a very popular TV show and then explain the concept to him.  “He is a singer, then?”  “Yes!” I answered.  “Does he sing Greek or American Music?”  Hee.  “American”  “Is he any good?”  HA.  “It depends on who you ask, ” I almost said.  But then I then answered, “Yes.”  Heh.  Then he wanted to know why Constantine was at the parade.  “Well, he’s Greek!” I said.  “What’s his name?” the man asked.  “Constantine Maroulis.”  The man considered this–probably trying to figure out if he knew any of his people.  “Hmmm”  He finally said. 

Explaining “American Idol ” to somebody who has never heard of it?  That was a first.