Song Spoilers Last Minute Rumors

Song Spoilers: Last Minute Rumors

Ok, I can’t really confirm any of this for sure. If there is anybody out there who can back up these rumors, please send me an email…

ETA:  All of these songs were apparently spoiled by Fox News.

Katharine McPhee – “The Way You Look Tonight”  –  According to the Dallas Morning News and a radio report.  Although, Rod is singing this same tune tomorrow night…

Taylor Hicks –  “You Send Me” – According to a Fox news station in Fort Lauderdale (this is being reported at the official forums)

Paris Bennett – “These Foolish Things” – Also according to the same Fox news station in Fort Lauderdale.

Ace Young – “That’s All” – The only source for this is the official forums. 

Kellie Pickler – “Bewitched” – Assuming this is “Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered”

ETA: For those of you with short memories like mine, the Spoilers we knew already:

Elliott Yamin – “It Had to Be You”

Chris Daughtry – “Night and Day”


Performance Order:

Chris Daughtry is performing last tonight (Pimp Spot!) according to reports on the official forums.

Elliott Yamin is performing either 1st or 2nd.

Ace Young is performing 6th.

And, Jess post your dress rehearsal report! I won’t yell, I promise… Thank You!

A couple of hours ’til show time?  We’ll see how things shake out…