A Little More

A Little More

According to Youngblood, who posts reliable spoilers at aceyoung.net, Ace Young will be performing 6th tonight.  There is no mention of his song choice yet.

ETA:  Rod Stewart on Entertainment Tonight

Here’s an online interview with Rod Stewart from ET.com

  • The best standards singer? “For that category I think KATHARINE is best. [She has a] voice born to sing standards.”
  • Advice to the finalists,  “There was a little bit of oversinging…[You] can’t do that with these songs … I told them to back up a little bit.”
  • On the Idols singing standards, “I was really impressed…I thought, ‘These kids aren’t going to be able to sing these songs because they are a bit young.’ But I was really surprised. They came over and sung these songs with such emotion.”
  • What he’ll be performing on tomorrow night’s results show, “The Way You Look Tonight”