More Spoilers

More Spoilers

Here’s the latest:

I’ve been following this one since last night, and it looks like it’s been confirmed by folks in Chris’s camp. 

Chris Daughtry – “Night and Day”.

This is a classic Cole Porter tune recorded by, amongst others,  Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.  U2 recorded a version of “Night and Day” in 1990.  Not that it matters–Chris will not be able to rock this tune up.  The kids are required to stick to traditional arrangements of the songs.  The arrangements will include a string section.

Here’s another little tidbit for you while we wait for more:

I’m hearing that Elliott Yamin was originally going to perform “I’m In the Mood for Love”, before he changed to “It Had to Be You”. I have no information on why he switched.  But I am hearing that several Idols are rehearsing tunes that aren’t their original choices.

Apparently, some of these songs are not being cleared.  Rumor has it that Paris Bennett finally had her 5th song cleared yesterday with less than 24 hours to prepare.