2016 US Presidential Election Live Blog and Stream (UPDATED)

Our long national nightmare will soon be over. By tomorrow morning, jeebus be willing, the United States will have elected a new president. Either the Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump will be sworn in as the new president next January.

Election results are online! So, I thought I’d post a few streams here for folks who want to follow along. And of course, DISCUSSION!!! But please be polite. I’ll update this post stats and results as they come in.

Slate is posting real time exit polling HERE. I have no idea how good the methodology is.

Also, the New York Times has a well put together overview of not only their own polling, but numbers from 538 as well. Check it out. The New York Post and Washington Post have lifted their paywalls for the election.

All the polling aggregators believe in some measure of degree, that Hillary Clinton will win. She’s leading in early polling in both Nevada and Florida, two states that Trump desperately needs to win.

ETA: What just happened? Has our country’s obsession with reality shows been taken to its logical extreme? Trump wins the presidency, confounding all the pollsters. Nate Silver was getting a ton of flak for being so bullish on Trump. All the aggregators missed, but out of all of them, 538 was the most accurate. Ultimately, the site gave Trump a 30% chance to win.

The big surprises were Wisconsin and Michigan. Did Clinton even bother to campaign in Wisconsin? Obviously, her internal polling picked up trouble in Michigan, as the campaign made last minute stops in the state. Pennsylvania fell to Trump as well. The Philadelphia suburbs could not carry the rest of the state–rural folks and displaced manufacturing workers.

Also, like the 2000 presidential election when George W. Bush beat Al Gore, Clinton appears to be on track to win the popular vote.


Most unsettling to me is that a presidential campaign full of so much hate and bile could prevail. What is this country that I live in? I don’t know it.

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech begins live at 10:30 ET. Watch it here.


President Obama’s Post Election Remarks

The guy is a class act. Can’t say as much for the man taking over his job in January. Can you imagine if the tables were turned and Hillary won but barely? Trump would scream “fix” and refuse to concede.


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