Spoiler Update

Spoiler Update

Not much to update.  Elliott Yamin’s camp is keeping quiet this week.  No clues.  Elliott’s girlfriend, who posts at the americanidol.com official forums wants to be surprised this week.  She’s asked Elliott not to tell her his song choice.  However, Elliott’s mom did a an interview with Richmond.com, and apparently, Elliott’s brother knows his song choice:

“We’re a very close-knit family. I speak to his brother every day. His brother’s in pharmacy school working on a master’s degree in North Carolina. He’s not crazy about the song he’s singing next week. We’re real honest to each other. We’re going to say what we feel.”

That’s the best clue we’re gonna get this week regarding Elliott, I think. Heh.

A family friend of Chris Daughtry’s dropped by the americanidol.com official forums to drop some clues about Chris’s song choice this week:  The song was released in 1990-1993 and features a “very sexy” video.  The video doesn’t feature a group.  The beach, or beach scenes also figure in the video somehow.  Fans think the song might be Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”, which fits the clues more or less.  But I’m sure there are other songs that fit as well…

Finally, Taylor Hicks’s song choice is rumored to be a 5-word title.  Wow, that really narrows the possibilities, doesn’t it?  Hee.

The past two weeks, the Idol producers have leaked song choices to the media. Queen week, the song choices were printed in a USA today article.  Last week, a Fox News affiliate leaked them a few hours before the show.  So maybe this is a trend?  We’ll see.