Interview with Idol Producer Ken Warwick

Interview with Idol Producer Ken Warwick

Thanks to mila who posted this article in the comment section.  It’s from Rodney Ho’s AI blog in

Ken Warwick did a big phone press conference today, and here are a few notable comments:

  • An Elvis Presley theme is forthcoming in a couple of weeks.
  • Ken said, It “breaks his heart” that he can’t get the Beatles catalogue cleared.  And he can’t convince the Eagles to do a theme week.
  • Each of the 6 contestants will have two phone lines this week.
  • According to Ken, they never spoke directly with Prince reps about Prince doing the show.  It never got very far. But Nigel said they “almost had Prince?” Which is true?
  • Ken said he will reject any big star who won’t work with the contestants.
  • Ken said the performance order is decided on a number of factors. He prefers “upbeat” songs to open or close the show.
  • Also, according to Ken, contestants will not open or close the show two weeks in a row.
  • Ken said it’s unlikely Idol would film a Kellie/Dad reunion as Dad is released from prison, because it would be unfair to the other contestants. How about that it would be completely and utterly tasteless?  But he would consider it for the finale (if Kellie is still around) after the votes are in and if Kellie is game. Ugh. NO.
  • Greensboro was his favorite audition city. That fact will influence which cities are chosen for future auditions. Expect even more Southerners.
  • Ken claims that Dialidol doesn’t bother him because only he, Nigel Lythgoe and Fox Standards and Practices know who are in the Bottom 3.
  • Ken noted that the finalists get paid a standard AFSTRA weekly fee.
  • Ken also noted that finalists cannot release a CD until 3 months after the winner’s CD is released.  Other things are allowed, but need to be approved by the producers.

Other media outlets were present at the conference.  I’ll post those articles as they come along.

There’s gonna be an Elvis theme in a few weeks?  Oh yeah, it’s the year of the Boy alright.  Heh.